Some unbeknown knowledge about cars!

By Philip Perez,2011-10-27 18:47
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Some unbeknown knowledge about cars!

The taste of a new car is made up of more than 50 kinds of organic compounds. Oh, and many of them don't even know the source of the car itself. Are you scared?

The wiring of each car is at least nine hundred meters long. If you change it into a runway, it will be about two laps.

Do you know Hitler? But do you know that the Volkswagen Beetle was designed by him? Hitler had painted out 11 "German national car" sketch, one day after we see the "Beatles" have been very close, can be said to the public by the Beatles did not succeed in coming to the 80s.

In order to celebrate the Ferrari factory in 40th anniversary, in the last century at the end of the 80s production of the F40, said that the promotion of Limited sales of 300 units, and also a dead set a lot of restrictions on the purchase threshold. Results in an American F40 owner’s party, Japanese told Americans that Japan has more than 100 F40, the Americans said don't brag! The whole world is only 300, I have more than 200, Japanese honestly help them statistical data, the results at the time it has delivered more than 800 cars this car! Finally, nearly total production of 1331 cars. Then the Americans took Ferrari to court!

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Not as large as the rearview mirror? In fact is really not as big as the car left, the left rearview mirror on the right side of the relatively greater. Because the mirror outside the car after all is convex (convex), so the driver side of the mirror, small curvature, and on the other side of the mirror is small, but large curvature, so the driver at the left and right view will remain the same, observe the situation after the car to facilitate driving.

It is said that the world's longest distance car is a red Volvo P1800, the current mileage of more than 5 million km (from Beijing to Barcelona, Spain, probably nine thousand kilometers), you can imagine. For the last 50 years, the owner has replaced more than 100 tires, machine filters, and countless oil filters. (Really rich)

If one day, you unfortunately encountered a mob, do not learn the movie Car bullets are fake! In fact, auto body is a very thin layer of tin, small stones can hit a hole, it is also impossible to try after all door or very thick.