Ten Small Recipes, That Still Practical in Life Over 100 Years

By Philip Perez,2015-09-11 01:31
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Ten Small Recipes, That Still Practical in Life Over 100 Years

The progress of science and technology to change everyone's living habits,   have you ever thought about your habits now, 100 years later is also practical? However, the following life skills of these 100 years ago, in today it seems still so practical, OK! Today for everyone to introduce is that 100 years ago was born, but now still practical life tips!

How to cook a broken egg?

Cracked eggs are very hard to cook because the protein is easy to overflow. Don’t worry! Just add some white vinegar in the water, rest assured that the pot!

How to make the dying withered flowers reborn new?

When the flowers to wither withered, the flowers into the hot water into the container, until the hot water cooling, then cut into contact with hot water squid, re-inserted into the vase, you will see a miracle!

How to clean the narrow mouth bottle?

Is there nothing to do with the thin bottle? In fact, if you put the sand into the bottle, and then, get half bottle of water, forced shaking for a while on the OK.

How to separate the cups that stick together?

First in the top of the cup into the cold water, and then put together the cup soaked in hot water, the cup on the separate! Very simple thermal expansion and contraction of the principle had to admire people 100 years ago!

How to deal with the stained with ink, vegetable soup clothes?

Soak the clothes in the milk, and after a while the clothes become clean!

How to remove the tiny pieces of glass that are in the meat?

Find a bottle, put hot water, forced buckle in the injured position, until the bottle of water cooling, unplugging, broken glass slag was sucked into the bottle.

How to judge whether the creamy product is natural cream?

Put the cream on the paper and light the paper. The normal flavor is the natural cream, and the smelly one is the synthetic butter!

How to light a match in a strong wind and keep it light

As shown in the figure, the match head cut into a barbed, easy to ignite, not easy to extinguish, do not ask me why, I do not know the principle.

How to cook soft potatoes?

Add a small amount of salt and sugar in the water, boil the potatoes, then pour the water out, then go on to the stove, keep shaking the cooking pot, and finally look at it.

How to slice a slice of bread easily?

Must the bread be crushed? Soak the knife in hot water or heat it up, then cut the bread. It’s very sharp! Of course, slow down.

Read these, think about the current human life skills, and wonder whether they will be on a media platform 100 years from now