Psychological tests

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Psychological tests

---Pick the three bottles you like and check out the relative character explanations---

The answer...……

0.Spiritual Rescue Bottle

You are a mysterious person, connected to heaven. You may have a strong sixth sense or psychic ability. Tarot cards representing this bottle are "fools", representing a quality of innocence and trust that you can be in chaos and chaos.Your difficulties and challenges: You are in a state of anger and confusion. You want to find an outlet for your life, but there is nothing you can do about it.

Now you, like in the deepest night. Crisis is turning, turn around, the greatest calm is hidden behind you.Your future potential: to be an emotionally balanced person who seeks spiritual truth.1.Body Rescue Bottle

You are a versatile and creative person, but you are used to hiding the rainbow within yourself.

The tarot card that represents this bottle is "magician," representing that you are a communicative, creative person.Your difficulties and challenges: You are used to hiding your own light, although you have rich connotations, but you can't share them with others.

Conceal for a long time, cause you to have habitual melancholy.Your future potential: Know his or her dreams and be able to fulfill them.2.Peace Bottle

You are a peace-loving person, but also have a strong intuitive power. Your presence can soothe the hearts of those around you.

This bottle is like an ocean, so it implies that you like to be close to it, and that the ocean can always bring you peace and relaxation. The tarot that represents this bottle is a "priestess", representing that you feel very keenly, that you can perceive very subtle things, that you can connect with heaven.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you have words to say? Do you have too many words to hide in your heart?

You can't get inner peace because there are too many things that haven't been said.Your future potential: Love peace, live in harmony with yourself, commit to peace.

Use your throat related creativity (like speaking) to support others.3.Cardiovascular Bottle

Called the heart chakra bottle, is also a Pisces bottle, so you have to live with your heart and feelings.

Your heart is very soft, very loving, very able to stand on the other side of the position to think.

On behalf of this bottle of Tarot card is the "Queen", on behalf of your habit of caring for others, with maternal love characteristics.

Your difficulties and challenges: Do you feel unable to breathe? Feel that there is no extra space in the chest for fresh air to enter.

Have you recently felt a broken heart? Or have you felt for a long time that your heart has not been cared for or cared for?

The second bottle to choose this bottle of you, really should be a good connection to your heart, so that the hearts of sadness released.Your future potential: Intuitive. Able to help others find their way. Ability to be an artist, teacher, and therapist.4.Sun bottle

Number 4 is called Sun Bottle and nicknamed Smart Bottle. So you are a very sunny and intelligent person.

You are very creative and like to make something by yourself.

The most important part of your body is your stomach, which controls your confidence, strength and desire.

The tarot for this bottle is the Emperor, and you are a leader.Your difficulties and challenges: You are an over-rational person, your reason has killed your feelings.

You value the goal and ignore the process, which makes your life seem hopeful, but the pursuit of desire makes your life like a sunny desert. The compact pace of life makes your stomach and intestine often alarm you.Your future potential: authority and talent in management and organization, combined with intelligence.

Be able to know knowledge from previous lives and be able to make use of that knowledge.5.Sunrise... sunset

Leo 5 is the bottle of Leo. It means you are a leader and a king.

You know how to make the most of your energy, you bring sunshine and enthusiasm to those around you, and you know how to get what you want.The tarot card representing this bottle is the "pope," representing that you are intelligent and learn through experience, not through the knowledge of books waiting to die.Your difficulties and challenges: Are you afraid you won't survive? Do you lack self-confidence? Or do you hide your fear of survival and low self-esteem, so you try to take control of your life, your friends, your lovers, your subordinates. To survive, you often have a nervous stomach ache.Your future potential: having a lot of energy and being able to express that energy. Energetic and personal.6.Energy Bottle

No. 6 is called the Energy Bottle, also the Taurus Bottle, so you are practical, pragmatic, value material life, and have a lot of energy.

The Tarot card representing this bottle is "lover", which means "love" is an important subject in your life.

You can learn that trueloveis not only sexual, but also includes your heart and spiritual love.Your difficulties and challenges: Frustration is the theme of your life now.

You feel that there is a lot of anger and helplessness in your heart that makes you lack vitality.

You really need to find an outlet for your inner energy to release. It may be anger that has been unaccepted for a long time, it may be frustration at work, it may have been repressed for a long time.....................Your future potential: A brave person who is ready to love in the face of adversity.7.The garden where Jesus was betrayed and arrested

You are a person who knows exactly what you want and at the same time has the ability to get what you want.

You are also a balanced person and it is not easy to go to extremes in everything.

Tarot cards representing this bottle are "chariots", representing that your male energy is well balanced with your female energy and that you are powerful enough to make things happen.Your difficulties and challenges: Have you been worrying about money lately? You may be wondering if you have the ability to make money.

You may lack self-confidence, be suspicious of yourself, and have a stomachache from nervousness and anxiety.Your future potential: Pioneer of a new era, an idealist and philosopher who understands the suffering and needs of humanity.8.The Canine Head of Egypt

Bottle 8 is called Anubis, the Egyptian canine god who guards the door to the unconscious world.

So your soul is intrinsically connected to Egypt. You often use a ruler in your heart to measure the outside world and others, and you also value balance.

It also makes you think about what is true value and balance. Tarot, which represents the bottle, or your own ability to balance.Your difficulties and challenges: Balance is the most important issue in your life right now.

Anything too much can cause problems. Maybe you have been feeling blue and excited recently, but you still can't find true inner peace.

Maybe you have a backlog of things you haven't expressed, or maybe you haven't spoken to anyone for a long time.

Your future: a good sense of time, balance, justice; organized, with a special identity for equality (for all people, for all religious traditions, etc.).9.Crystal Cave... Heart Inside

You are a person who likes to be close to nature, the mountains and the sea are where you wander.

You are used to being alone and living your own life. You are also a very "heart energy" person, you can connect your heart, you can also express through your heart, so your words have the power to move people.Your difficulties and challenges: Can you express your feelings freely? I guess not. This causes you to often have chest tightness and poor cardiopulmonary function.

How long has it been since you had a good talk with a friend? How long has it been since you let go of your heart and expression? Is your heart bound by a serious mind and make you forget how to play?Your future potential: An unselfish person who connects with your subconscious and inner voice. Discover the hidden secrets of life and be able to interpret them.10.Go hug a tree

You have a good heart, very loving, very soft, very compassionate. Being with you can be relaxing and stress-free.

You like nature and like simplicity. The tarot card representing this bottle is the Wheel of Destiny, representing that you are a free, flowing person who can change along with the flow of life.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you often have inexplicable heart palpitations? Do you have unfounded fears?

If you listen carefully to your heart, you will find that your heart is telling you: I am so sad!

You have accumulated too many feelings in your heart, and you have not been to look after the feelings of the heart.

Your future potential: Someone who leads without controlling the other person, giving others room to grow.

Caring about human problems from the bottom of your heart, recognizing what needs to be done and getting it done.11.A bunch of flowers

No. 11 is the bottle of Virgo, so you are a pure, simple, clean person, like a virgin, like a pure little angel.

The tarot representing this bottle is "Eros", representing how much love and passion you have for life.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you often feel lack of love, lack of warmth?

Do you have difficulties in intimate relationships?

Have you ever thought that you can love yourself more? You may be a perfectionist, very demanding of yourself, or very demanding of others. Because of the constraints of the past, you have a lot of expectations of yourself or others.Your future potential: a strong, powerful person who radiates warmth, tenderness, and intense empathy; someone who truly knows how to love.12.Peace in the New Era

The tarot card that represents the bottle is the "upside down hanger", which means that you are a very resilient person and can always use it as an opportunity to grow in the face of life's challenges and tribulations.

You are water-like, resilient and inclusive.Your difficulties and challenges: The tarot card that represents this bottle is "upside down", meaning "to grow through suffering," so do you ever feel like your life is always going awry?

Perhaps your current life is like being in the deep sea, a little melancholy, lack of sunshine, like you can't find a way out.Your future potential: Someone who is peaceful and reacts with a sense of "heart." There is a deep connection with personal feelings and instinctive intelligence.13.Change in the New Era

No. 13 is the bottle of Cancer, so you are a family, lovesick person. You are very emotional, like the feeling of a group of people together.

No. 13 is called "the change in the new era", so when facing the situation of change and separation, you can really link to your heart.

The tarot card representing this bottle is "death", on behalf of your work like a clean slash.Your difficulties and challenges: Are you afraid of parting?

Are you afraid of change? Are you afraid of loss?

Do you really let go of past experiences of parting, death, change and loss? Or do you still have feelings of sadness and attachment to the past?Because you can't let go, you keep in your heart the little note your friend gave you ten years ago, the old clothes you used to wear when you were a child, the pictures of your ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, the words your elementary school teacher told you...14.Intelligence in the New Era

The tarot card that represents this bottle is "art" and represents your ability to integrate different things together and to face extreme situations.

Your soul is essentially of the quality of intelligence that belongs to the new age, not the old traditions and ideas, so you may have different insights and intelligence than the average person.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you know the difference between intelligence? Which comes from outside, such as books, knowledge, advice from others, and intelligence, which comes from within and from your own life experience. You may be smart but lack intelligence.Your future potential: a person who has been inspired in a new era, a very important pioneer, and who combines with his inner intelligence to spread the idea of harmony and balance and to feel the joy of depth.15.Healing in the New Era

You are a person of healing talent. Healing is spiritual healing. You are intuitive and sensitive to the moods and energies of those around you. Tarot cards representing this bottle are "demons" and represent you as a person who can face reality, be practical, face the limitations of real life, and be humorous.Your difficulties and challenges: have you recently encountered anything that makes you sad?

Or have you ever encountered something that makes you sad before? These deep in your heart of sorrow, let you feel life empty, dazed.Your future potential: to be a strong and authoritative person (positive) with spiritual power. Stick to your beliefs even in the most adverse circumstances.16.PurpleYou are predestined for spirituality, religion, and spiritual practice. You may have strong intuitive and psychic abilities that can heal other people's bodies and minds.

The tarot card that represents this bottle is the "tower", which represents your ability to release old patterns and habits of self.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you want to stay in your body? I mean: Do you want to stay on earth?

Perhaps you often feel like an alien, your thoughts, feelings, acting style, outlook on life... are different from the average person.Your future potential: to be a person in alignment with the Divine Plan and to base your life on this concept, often acquiring spontaneous "enlightenment experiences."17.Lyricist, Hope

The bottle is called "Lyric Poet Man", so you have a poetic and romantic quality in your soul.

You have a creative talent, and the source of creation is your heart and inspiration from heaven.

When you create, you feel the energy coming to you. It is the energy that is creating, not you. The tarot card that represents the bottle is the "star" that represents you.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you often feel disappointed, desperate recently?

Do you feel chest tightness, bad breathing, a feeling of almost suffocating? Deeper to feel, do you have some sadness left inside you, this sadness, let you close your heart, so that you do not need to feel.Your Future Potential: Be interested in spirituality and the mysteries hidden in life and experience joy through loving people and helping them connect with their spirituality.18.Egyptian bottle, change of tide

This is an Egyptian bottle, so would you feel interested in Egypt? Or connected to Egypt?

This bottle has the quality of a king. Have you ever found that the essence of your soul has the quality of king and dignity?The tarot card representing this bottle is the "moon," representing that you give a sense of mystery, of the unknown, of how you really are.Your difficulties and challenges: you are always in pursuit of desire, material, emotional, spiritual... all kinds of desire, you try to make yourself full of hope, full of sunshine feeling.Your future potential: People who organize their lives according to their dreams, have the courage to change, and enjoy the fulfillment of their purpose.19.Living in the physical world

This is Capricorn's bottle, so you are a practical, pragmatic, rational, steady, down-to-earth and responsible person.

You value achievement and often climb to a higher position. You have good social skills, can build relationships with many people, and keep in touch. The tarot card that represents this bottle is the "sun", so you are a person who values partnership and can change your relationship.Your difficulties and challenges: You have two extreme sides, one part of you practical, rational; the other part of you spiritual, emotional. This creates a split in your heart that makes you feel conflicted.Your future potential: Live in harmony with yourself and pass this feeling on to others. With a lot of energy, including psychic energy, others will feel drawn to you like a magnet.20.Star Child

This is a Gemini bottle, so your trait is like change, swinging in both extremes, quick thinking, good at handling information, good at communicating.

The Tarot card representing this bottle is "Rebirth", which means you have the ability to put yourself in a higher perspective, that is, through introspection, you can give up the original rigid thinking and accept a newer point of view.Your difficulties and challenges: Can you imagine a child within yourself? In fact, there is a child within everyone, even a 70-year-old man. When we can take care of our inner child, we can grow old, mature, but at the same time have childlike innocence.Your Future Potential: An optimist who can use optimism constructively. Has deep inner peace and is free from fear.21.New Beginnings of Love

You are a mature and well-rounded person, you can patiently wait for the right time to let things happen naturally.

You give a sense of spring, nourish the people around you, and give a sense of business.

The tarot card representing this bottle is the Universe, representing that you are a relaxed and inactive person, and that you have the ability to make things happen naturally.Your difficulties and challenges: Does your heart hurt?

Do you need to be loved? Do you really need to let the wounds of the past heart be healed, otherwise, how do you have room for new love to come in?

Your heart needs love to nourish, but first start with love for yourself.Your future potential: A person with the highest sense of awareness and a truly mature personality, God of Love also loves. A person who gives and receives love and communicates it in a constructive way (e.g. by writing, art, public speaking, but also through the family circle).22.The Bottle of the Reborn, Awakens

You are a sunny and gentle person, you like the sun to give people happy energy, but also give people warm care.

Representative of this bottle of Tarot card is the second round back of the "fool", on behalf of you have afoolnaive and simple quality, but this naivety and simplicity has retained the quality of maturity and experience, rather than giving people a childish feeling.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you feel that you lack self-confidence? Do you feel that you lack the feeling of sunshine in your heart?

Do you feel that you do not know what you want?

Even if you want to get what you want, there is still something in your heart that is not satisfied? Let's go a little deeper, it all comes from your lack of love for yourself.Your future potential: a teacher of a new age, living a spiritual life rooted in the earth.

Connected with divine intelligence, so there is a sense of liberation.23.Love and Light

You are a very soft person with feminine tenderness.

You are kind, tolerant, willing to take care of and considerate of others. Your difficulties and challenges: "I want to love" is the message that this bottle represents.

Why do you crave love so much?

Do you expect a romantic evening with a charming partner who will send you a bunch of flowers and then have a romantic dinner?

If that person hasn't shown up yet, why not love yourself more, send yourself a bunch of beautiful flowers and take yourself to a nice dinner? You might ask, How do you love yourself?

Then I'll tell you: Accept all of yourself, no matter good or bad.。Your future potential: the urge to know yourself and realize your self-awareness (e.g. through therapy, meditation, etc.), to accept your destiny in a positive and pragmatic manner.24.New Messages

This bottle is closely related to the energy of Venus, so your soul is deeply connected with the energy of love and beauty.

This bottle also suggests that you have the gift of being a matchmaker and that you can help those around you find their soul mates.

This bottle shows that you are a romantic person who likes beautiful, elegant, and enjoyable feelings.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you have headaches, sleeplessness, and distracted thoughts?

Think about it. Do you have a backlog of words and feelings you haven't expressed lately?

If not, it may be that you have been used to repressing your feelings, which can lead to tightness in your chest.Your future potential: a person who can teach others with insight, who can awaken others' self-love, with extraordinary personal qualities, integrity and maturity, and who can focus his mind on joy.25.The bottle of recovery, Nightingale

This bottle, called Nightingale, shows that you are born with the talent to take care of others.

It means that you are a warm person with light, and you are used to hiding your light.Your difficulties and challenges: You are used to hiding yourself, you close your rich connotation, afraid to be seen.

Why? What are you afraid of? What will happen when you are seen and noticed as a child?

Because you are used to hiding yourself, you tend to accumulate a lot of energy within yourself. This energy can make you feel irritated all the time, constantly on your mind, sad, headache, insomnia, and may even make others think you are very secretive and difficult to get close to.

Your future potential: A healer with a lot of energy to give to others, with the ability to look inward. Able to complete a planned task.26.Scare bottle

You are a person who likes games and fun. You often giggle like a child, and your laughter also infects those around you.

Your senses are very sensitive, and you value the taste and enjoyment of life.Your difficulties and challenges: You are insecure, may have had a recent or past experience of being scared, and that experience of being scared still affects you today.

Because of your lack of security, you may be overly sensitive, unable to trust others or new circumstances, and unable to truly present everything about you.Your future potential: a very independent person, creative, with deep, intuitive intelligence, who learns by teaching others, who is smart, who is careful not to overdo things, who takes the initiative, who feels deep joy.27.Robin Hood

This bottle is a Sagittarius bottle, so you love freedom and don't like to be bound.

The name of this bottle is Robin Hood, which means you have a good heart, a sense of justice, and a sense of injustice.

You show your heart by your passion for people.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you feel like a woman living in a man's body, or a man living in a woman's body?

This bottle of Robin Hood can help if you're bothered by it. You might suffer from a breakup or divorce settlement.Your future potential: To be a successful person, to work hard, to concentrate, to be energetic, to make decisions.28.Marilyn the Maiden (Robin Hood's Spouse)

You are a seemingly soft person with a good heart, but exudes a firm, inviolable strength from within. Resilient. Green means that you feel comfortable and stress-free.

Your difficulties and challenges: Do you feel like a woman living in a man's body, or a man living in a woman's body? If this bothers you, this bottle of maiden Marilyn can help you.Your future potential: Be a pioneer who always looks at things from a new, fresh point of view.

Also be reliable, happy, and honest with yourself.29.Get up and go

You are a man of action, you can socialize enthusiastically or you can be alone quietly.

The name of the bottle is "Get up and go", so you are a man of action who can lead the people around you to get up and do something.

Your difficulties and challenges: Do you often feel like you are swinging between two extremes?

Sometimes very hot, extroverted, sometimes very calm, introverted. Sometimes like a volcanic eruption, sometimes like in the deep sea.Your future potential: a reformer who wants to change customs.

Give yourself and protect others for peace, hoping to give the best to humanity.30.Bring Heaven to Earth

You seem calm on the outside, but you have a fiery heart.

It is like the boiling lava on the bottom of the sea, not like the violent eruption of a volcano, quietly flooding into the sea with super heat and energy.

This bottle is called "Bring Heaven into the World".Your difficulties and challenges: Do you feel blue? You feel like you're deep under the sea, feeling dark, cold, and lack of sunlight.

You can't find anyone, and probably don't want to find anyone.

Your future potential: turning ideas into action, seeing things clearly, having extraordinary insight.31.Quanyuan

Your greatest asset is your heart, through which you can express your deep intelligence and gold.

The greatest asset in your life is nature, through which you can acquire an endless supply of intelligence.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you lack self-confidence?

You are afraid to let your power fully manifest, perhaps because your power is mixed with a lot of anger. If you want to find the stage in life, start to find your self-worth first.Your future potential: diplomatic skills, empathy, building a good team spirit, accepting responsibility, not as a burden, but as a joy.32.Sofia

Your intuitive power is very strong, sometimes through your intuition, you will say very intelligent words, your thinking is more leap, at first listen to some nonsense, but in fact some mystical existence.Your difficulties and challenges: Sometimes you get caught up in inexplicable anger and confusion, your thoughts are distracted and you can't calm down.

You actually have a keen intuition, but you can't trust your intuition and often use reason and logic to suppress your inner voice.Your future potential: Have personal charm and self-cultivation, give others warmth, support and attention, feel calm yourself, understand the power of nature, live in the moment and be able to communicate clearly with people.33.Dolphin Bottle

This bottle is called a dolphin bottle, so you have the quality of a dolphin: like to play, love to laugh, humor, like to be close to people, at the same time, you have a strong intuitive, but also creative talent.Your difficulties and challenges: Deep down inside you want to play and relax, but you can't play and relax.

Your mind wants you not to express your heart and feelings, your mind makes you very serious, your mind can't allow you to be at ease, your mind kills your imagination and intuition.Your future potential: An artist who works for peace, connected with intuition and inner guidance. Striving to achieve your purpose in life is a reformer who does not allow authority or authority to oppose your goals34.The Birth of Venus

The bottle is called "The Birth of Venus," and Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, so you have a natural sense of beauty, and your appearance, manner, and dress exude beauty.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you feel that no one loves you and knows you?

Do you feel alone and often misunderstood? If so, recall carefully, are you used to expressing your own inner feelings and feelings?

Your future potential: A person who is self-sufficient in all aspects of life and does not need outside help, self-reliance, and inner strength.35.Mercy

This bottle is called "Mercy", so your essence is a kind person, willing to tolerate others, broad-minded, do not like to dispute with others.

Your difficulties and challenges: Do you feel that no one loves you?

Do you feel that the world lacks warmth?

Or have you just broken up? This lack of love, in fact, stems from deep sadness inside you.Your future potential: To experience deep satisfaction by helping others, but also to help yourself, with the gift of healing and the ability to treat remotely (meaning to treat someone who is not nearby).36.Fraternity

This bottle is called "Fraternity", so your soul has the quality of fraternity.

You not only love your family and friends, but also graciously give to strangers. Your difficulties and challenges: Do you often daydream? Do people around you often say to you, in fact, don't dream.

Do you often get stuck in a mental jam? It all comes from not loving yourself enough.

You only accept what you think is good in your head. You expect a lot of things from yourself, so you suppress or ignore a lot of what's inside of you.Your Future Potential: Be aware of your purpose in life. Whatever you do, be aware of your inner purpose even when things are not going well.37.Guardian Angels Come to Earth

This bottle is called "Guardian Angels Coming to Earth," so you are connected to the energy of angels, you have some ideals about the world, you want to share those ideals with people, and make those ideals a reality in the world.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you feel cold? I am talking about the coldness in your heart, the melancholy in your life, like a deep ocean under 3000 meters alone; the sadness in your life that you do not want to be touched, makes you feel like floating in the sky, daydreaming, out of reality.Your future potential: Follow your own ideals, practice, inspiration and good intuition, and use your actions to show how successful and efficient life is.38.Lyricist, Insight

The bottle is called "Lyric Poet". It shows that you have a good heart and can express yourself through writing, painting, music, etc. You are also an elegant and poetic person who likes to wander in nature, like a spirit dancing in the mountains.Your difficulties and challenges: How good is your heart? How long have you not listened to your heart?

Do you know how you feel? Are you willing to release your heart?

Your heart may often say to you: I am so sad, I am so disappointed, I am so happy, I am so angry, I want this, I want to go there........Your future potential: having natural majesty and good personal qualities, being connected to your heart and having strong feelings for society.39.Egyptian Bottle, Playboy

This bottle, called the Egyptian Bottle, represents the essence of your soul that is connected to Egypt, so you may have an interest or special desire in ancient Egyptian civilization. You are easily connected to spiritual information and knowledge and have the ability to teach others and may be a spiritual teacher.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you believe in your own intelligence? Not a lot of books, listening to a lot of people say that kind of foreign intelligence, but from your innermost intelligence.Your future potential: having the power to change the world while understanding that this change must begin within a person, finding freedom from action, enjoying the acquisition of knowledge and passing it on to others.40.I'm

This is the Aries bottle, which means you are a passionate, direct, strong and responsible person with the qualities of a leader.

The name of the bottle is "I am", so you are independent and brave to be yourself, which means you are who you are.Your difficulties and challenges: your inability to be yourself, your constant fear of others' opinions, your exposure to others' opinions, stems from your lack of self-confidence and the lack of courage to be yourself.

You may be at the other extreme: controlling for fear, blaming others, and being self-centered.

Your future potential: Deep intelligence within and able to express it. Very close to the moment of awakening, meaning that you have come a long way in your exploration of yourself.41.Smart Bottle

This bottle is called "Smart Bottle", which means you are a very intelligent person who can think independently, not blindly follow, and see the world with a clear vision.Your difficulties and challenges: Are you often bullied? Are your boundaries often intruded upon? Do you feel that you are not valued?

If so, do you value yourself? Do you value yourself? Do you value yourself?Your Future Potential: At every level of your life, be a farmer, meaning to farm, harvest, live in harmony with the rhythms of nature, and see things from a "natural" perspective.42.Harvest

You are a sunny person, often can bring happiness to the people around, just like the sun, melting people's cold heart, you are a smart and rational person, good at logical thinking, you know exactly what you want.Your difficulties and challenges: You value goals over process, you prefer to pursue desires over enjoyment, you are a rational person, you are good at planning, you value logic, but you ignore your feelings, your intuition, your heart.Your future potential: A benevolent, harmonious "sunshine" figure, which can also be reflected in action (perhaps with a talent for dance, for example), following the flow of nature, following the flow of life.43.Creativity

This bottle is an Aquarius bottle that represents a part of you that is rational and free-loving, that values humanitarianism and has a passion for new age issues such as environmental protection.

This bottle is called "creativity" and represents your boundless creativity, whether in art or in life or work.Your difficulties and challenges: your heart wants to sing, but you don't sing to it; your heart wants to dance, but you don't dance to it; your heart wants to play, but you don't play to it; your heart wants to express, but you choke its neck.Your future potential: to be a truth-seeker, to constantly review yourself, to feel in harmony, to show "the scalability of the mind," meaning that you are a resilient person and receptive to new things.44.Guardian Angels

This bottle, called Guardian Angel, represents your connection to the angel energy. You may have had a third kind of contact with an angel or an alien, and your person feels like this bottle: clean and lovely.

You are predestined for spirituality, religion or practice, and if you have contact with meditation, you can easily feel deep peace.Your difficulties and challenges: You have a touch of sadness, a little autism, the total lack of energy to do things, listlessness.

You have some dreams, ideas are always unrealistic. You do not want to contact people, do not want to do anything, but alone but feel lonely, unable to enjoy alone, unable to get calm.Your future potential: a transmuted person who frees himself and frees others, who is charged with the task of peace, who is connected to God and who works in a pragmatic way to transmute God's will and create with God.45.Love Breath

This bottle is called the "Love Breath". Your soul has the quality of connecting the heart with love.

You are easily moved by the little things in life: the smile of a little baby, a good dinner, a little heart from your lover...Your difficulties and challenges: You are used to hiding yourself, you do not like to be seen.

Slowly, you become less and less aware of yourself, what you want to say, what you feel.

Then you begin to find it difficult to express your feelings, to connect to your heart, and to have trouble with intimacy.Your future potential: Reach out to ancient knowledge and know it well, be a sensitive person with a strong intuition and love of all the beautiful things in life.46.DrifterYou are a center, steady, with a Zen-like simplicity and simplicity of quality, but also link your heart and feelings, you are a person at ease, can be the home of the world.Your difficulties and challenges: are you indecisive and often difficult to make decisions?

Can you not find the direction of life, their own stage?

Because, you actually do not know what they want. The underlying reason for this phenomenon is: you are accustomed to hide themselves.Your future potential: to be a faithful person, to live a life centered; to trust in the workings of the whole universe despite its ups and downs, to "work hard and play hard," whatever the task, will be completed perfectly and thoroughly.47.The Old Soul

You are a person who likes to laugh. Your smile is like a lemon. It gives a fresh feeling. You have a strong intuition. You may be able to do things without a teacher. You are rational without losing your sensibility, calm without losing your humor.Your difficulties and challenges: Do you often swing between the poles, sometimes high, sometimes melancholy; sometimes laughing, sometimes suddenly fell into inexplicable anger.Your future potential: a gift for hyper-sensitivity, a connection to the higher self, a knowledge of mysteries, a clear direction in life and leading by example.48.Treated Twin Wings

You are a very clean soul, often like an angel guarding your family and friends.

There is a part of you that is very sensitive and delicate. This sensitivity and delicacy allows you to see the emotions and inner world of others as the name of this bottle, Twin Wings of Healing.Your difficulties and challenges: You are like a mirror of the soul that can truly reflect the state of others. You are like a rainbow of richness within you, you can connect with God and feel joy, you adapt easily to the environment, you can integrate quickly.

In a new environment, there are endless tears hidden within you, either because of recent events or accumulated from past or even childhood experiences.

These hidden tears cause headaches, dizziness, confusion, and lack of concentration.Your future potential: Your career is often associated with psychotherapy, psychology, or psychotherapy.

There is a lot of energy for loving life and communicating with others.

There is a deep belief within that that may be very religious.

Feel "one" with God and being. Be aware of your purpose in life.