A Pink Lake in Australia

By Philip Perez,2015-05-01 11:12
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A Pink Lake in Australia

In the west of Australia, there is a famous pink Lake, Lake Hurley, which has an unusually bright pink color. The algae in the lake produce a lot of beta-carotene, which makes it pink.

Hurley Lake is located in West Australia's Gerald Dayton - Green. Norfolk and Karl Barry, from Karl Bali to Lake Hill is only 55 km, about half an hour by car, the number of tourists per year up to one million. The best season to Lake Hurley is the spring and summer. You can feel the sea breeze and Hurley Lake strong romantic atmosphere. The specific addresses are: Middle Island, Esperance, WA 6450.

Lake Hurley is often called the pink lake pink rose lake because of its special pink color.

The algae in the lake produce rich beta-carotene, which makes the lake more salty and slightly bright pink.

Herr lake is a salt water lake with a width of about 600 meters, and the lake is shallow, only one meter deep and the coast is covered with white salt.

The lake is surrounded by dark green eucalyptus and forest, a narrow white sand belt outside the forest, separating the lake from the dark blue water.

Overlooking the island from the sky blue, deep blue, dark green, pink and white, the lake is more eye-catching.