What a Kind of Experience the Spacecraft Cockpit of Tesla Model3 Will Give Us?

By Philip Perez,2014-12-21 06:53
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What a Kind of Experience the Spacecraft Cockpit of Tesla Model3 Will Give Us?

A steering wheel & a large PAD, this is what musk will give us? This is the Model3. The potential users and the keyboard man began fierce discuss, most of them do not look good on this.

But on 2016 April 4, Tesla CEO Musk wrote in FACE BOOK that Model 3's "real driving control system" feels "like a spacecraft." He said that the lack of traditional dashboard and center console will show on the second Model 3 conference after a reasonable explanation, then, Model 3 will be closer to the production version.

In this, according to Tesla`s style, combined with the current level of human science and technology tree, we can make the following judgments, whether it will be like this, let`s look at the future announced.

1, the disappeared dashboard——>PAD screen replacement? NO, full HUD head show windshield.

Technology tree based on projection technology, transparent LCD screen

When you see the piece of oversized tablet, more people will think it like this: all the vehicle-driving parameters data will display in this large, flat screen computer. If you are serious, you may look down Tesla excessively. After all, if you have a little bit of car knowledge, legal system brand Citroen has long been in their car using the technology. For example, in 2009, the C4 car, it has canceled the dashboard. Instead, a monochrome transparent display in the center of the console, it is used to display the current speed and car speed. Recently released a variety of car brands, the new control in the same display can display the various parameters of the car. If Tesla only showing the information on the large tablet. This method have already used by other manufacturers, using an old technology is clearly not consistent with Tesla's consistent research and development of science and technology. So that I guess, his so-called spacecraft driving experience is not in the control screen only. We can boldly guess, MODEL3 in front of the windshield must exist black technology onMODEL3.

Then this piece of windshield will achieve what kind of effects? From Internet industry, practitioners often have to participate in corporate interview staff evaluation. In order to examine the ability to innovate, we often ask some strange questions. Old gun favorite question is if the phone screen becomes transparent, that the future of the phone will be what form?

Usually we will get many answers, but the most common answer is, the phone will become very cool, but if the night to play the phone accidentally fell asleep, then next day will be hardly to find its position in the blanket!

The author believes that if the phone screen becomes transparent, it will completely subvert the form of mobile phones. Perhaps the phone's screen will no longer exist. A button on your clothes, or a ring on your hand, may even be in the hands of your keys, glasses in front of you. It will be a mobile phone or a smart computer. So where is the screen? The answer is - any transparent things are likely to become mobile phone image display terminal, such as a window glass in Bedroom, or a mirror in bathroom and even a shopping mall corridor of a vase may become a mobile phone screen. This is not fantasy, after all, now has a transparent LCD technology and short distance projection technology. Such as South Korea's Samsung, LG has released the OLED based transparent LCD screen in 2012.

While the ultra-short focal projector in the home, commercial areas have been close to cabbage`s prices. The front windshield on Model3 is likely to be the display terminal for driving data. And this is also suited the style of Mask who madman technology tree research and development, better match the release of the spacecraft-like ride experience this raving! If so, then MODEL3 will be completely making the driver from time to time bow "pain" free. It seems like Android system pull down the “F5” eliminated, technology products madman will never lose the ability to looking for the user pain points, and quickly hit it crash, finally changes your habits.

Some people will say that many car shave HUD, this isn`t new technology. However, what does the HUD look like?

The HUD effect of the Mazda 3 listed in 2014

One less than the palm of the "projection" "slice", showing the 1110 comparable to NOKIA like text and image. If this is musk, he must be crazy. Look at MODEL3 goes neatly on the console surface, for this reason, it should be able to find out the effect of HUD on Model3. The significance of this large HUD is not just that.

2、More practical than autopilot ——> HUD display information enhancement system.

Technology tree based on ACC automatic cruise, Lane departure assist system, night vision system, OCR technology, etc.

If this HUD in addition to display navigation speeds, it is too Low. What would Masque do in it? This still needs to find the answer from the pain point from the user. Do you have any experience like this? In a long travel, and whether you have to watch the traffic signs on the roadside time after time. When you are driving to pick up someone, whether you will watch left then right to find the people? This is the user's pain points. Do the spacecraft need you so staring at every star look? So based on the current human technology tree we have reason to imagine. MODEL3 is equipped with reality augmentation HUD system.

So what is HUD road information support system? Driving automatically? NO, in my mind, it should be such a system.

Benefit from the windshield of this oversized display, the car can detect the road by the front radar. If the object is easy to identify, through a more clear number The form is displayed on the windshield glass, if the object cannot be identified, then through the windshield to the original image of the high-definition rendering, so that can be users knowing and feeling.

We can imagine a scene like this. You are driving on the highway. While in the distance 300m a carton left on the fast lane, MODEL3 use the radar to identify the object, but cannot judge from the database. Then, the optical camera for high-definition Capture, or long distance shooting, and the car will see a gradually enlarged small form appears in the windshield on the corresponding direction with the carton, the form of an exclamation point at the same time. It clearly shows that away from you the Carton, and then you Turn the steering wheel smartly, and safely go through the carton from the side. Followed by, want to ease the tension you need to find a service area and have a smoke, at this time, the windshield in the upper right corner shows a service area of ​​the entrance card, the original distance of 500 meters there is a service area, Just by the reality to enhance the camera to capture. While you driving in to the service area. The child is also the way between the shuttles, but your windscreen is just in a corner to show a parking character, and the running child is also marked with red mark in the wind, you carefully move toward the location of the windshield display, found that there really has a parking place, turn off, smoke, chic!

Not only the road information, as long as the radar, optical camera, large screen display device will been built in a windshield, the face recognition, shopping mall name recognition ,all of them become possible.

If you feel that can replace by a GPS, well, please adjust your time for 9:00 pm and then repeat the above text.

3、Real Car Network ——> Car-based Internet of Things and Automotive Social Platform

Technology tree based on WIFI, car interconnection, 4GOR5G high-speed mobile network, social platform,

A car with Wi-Fi and GPRS traffic is common, but these innovative display technology used to enhance the practical technology, it really has the eager to practical.

Open the car Internet system, landing a net car app, and then you see through the windshield of the traffic, from time to time there is a nickname and avatar head car sped past, perhaps after a string of traffic congestion by complaining expression of anger. And you click lightly on a car you see and send a "go to Music Festival"?" Waiting for the news he heard a conversant voice "fate ah, go together ah, I don't know how to get there" The latter, a girl asked using a mechanically voice “would you like accept the other team's invitation?" You said "OK" and you will see the car`s windscreen showing an arrow, the models, current speed, throttle, brake travel and even state are displayed on ,the two guys friend happily stepping on the tiring journey.

That is driving. That's car social! This is the car networking; this is like driving experience like a spacecraft.

Written at the end

If you think, I am talking rot. Please look at each of the envisaged technology tree. Whether or not have been achieved, I can make sure that in addition to a transparent liquid crystal display technology is not yet popular, other technologies are already cabbage prices , Now we only need a madman, who dare to imagine the launch of the rocket from the sea on the ship landing back to the technology madman will they integrate.

Dare to think! Dare to do it! This is the Mask, and perhaps this is his mind a driver of the car. Can it come true? Let us wait and see. Even if MODEL3 failed to achieve, I think also the idea must be in the next 10-15 years come true! This is my expectations! And it is must be your expectations!