Rise Posture: Teach you to use the computer remote control multiple mobile phone! Finally can hang mobile phone!

By Philip Perez,2018-01-11 19:54:00
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Rise Posture: Teach you to use the computer remote control multiple mobile phone! Finally can hang mobile phone!

Do you always put your mobile phone on your desk every time you sit in front of your computer?Whether it's video or information, it's going to be fiddling with two phones at a time?If you're a working family, is it because the leader scolded or squinted?……

Well, don't you think it's annoying? Small series today to introduce a method so that you can use the computer to hang mobile phone!

he key is the process is super simple, do not ROOT what, download a software directly with! Small white also can operate!

Here we need to use a computer end software, small size, said the back in detail!

The basic principle is: the computer terminal installation, USB or WIFI connection on the phone, mobile phone screen map to the computer terminal, the computer through the click operation can directly master a mobile phone, other mobile phone linkage operation to perform the same steps.

Through it, we can achieve:

The phone screen is mapped to the computer desktop- Sharpness can reach up to 1080p, I test the use of wireless router connection, the new picture to clear the need for some time.- Watch real-time synchronization with a delay of no more than 0.1 seconds, possibly due to router problems, and feel a delay of about 0.5 seconds.

A computer controls a single or multiple cell phones (and supports multiple cell phone connections!).

- Mouse simulation finger sliding and click, part of the page click failure, such as the odd UC fun, the other temporarily did not find.- Keyboard typing input, support shortcut keys, cell phone screen capture, recording screen, etc.

unction is not powerful! This software is called "The Little Bell Control Machine master" And computer side installation, no phone ROOT, no need to install APK to the phone, just need to open the phone USB debug mode, no other configuration.

OK! The dry goods begin! The tutorial offers!

1. Download the software on the website and install it on the computer side.

2. operate on the phone, enter the settings, find the "developer option" on your phone, turn on USB debugging.

As shown

3. The USB cable connects the phone to the computer and starts the software, at which point the phone's screen maps to the Little Rob window, which can control your real phone by clicking on it4. If you want to control more than one cell phone, then use the USB cable to connect the second mobile phone, the effect of the following image (note that the USB link to the phone at this time just to allow the software to identify, after the control of the mobile phone is through WiFi, do not link the data line)

5. Unplug the data cable, click the WIFI connection button to confirm that the phone IP address is not wrong, you can connect to the phone through the wifi!

Here, the small part of the suggestion that you set the mobile phone as fixed IP so easy to use!To be able to control a mobile phone with a computer, or even control multiple phones, what can be done? There are simply too many things that can be done!Hang micro-letter, QQ, look at mobile phone app information, text messages, etc.Other functions of children to play their own imagination!

In short, do not have to do before the head of the computer table clan!

The most important thing is:

No need for cell phone root!!! No installation of APK software!!!PC controls multiple phones at the same time (free version supports up to 5 phones)Come and worship the little weave!

To supplement the tutorial to write a relatively simple connection operation of the knowledge.There are two connection modes, you can use wireless mode and wired mode, the first connection requires the use of wired mode connection authorization once before you can use wireless mode.

Wired mode connection: the need to turn on USB debugging, and agreed to call the software, this is mainly to remember to turn on the USB debugging mode, other problems are not big.

Wireless mode connection: the need to enter the corresponding mobile phone IP with the system identification, the system identification default is C00001, generally do not need to change, if not on the computer can be viewed on the about. Wireless mode input IP only support intranet communication, so with the remote connection or a difference, Also note! Use wireless connection If the computer does not operate, the phone is not any exception, because the connection itself does not require APP, so the wireless connection, the computer does not operate, the phone is very difficult to find over there, so you need to pay attention.