With This Software, No Longer Afraid of The Boss Peeping The Table!

By Philip Perez,2016-10-20 08:33
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With This Software, No Longer Afraid of The Boss Peeping The Table!

Did you watch the live or strange video while you were working, and suddenly BOSS came over and knocked at your desk? What a shame!

Japanese Software Engineer Keras developed a program of "prevent the boss snooping on your computer screen", this system consists of specialized software and camera. When the camera through the portrait, face recognition to capture the boss to close camera will automatically trigger has been set by a user good mechanism. Or by minimizing the empty desktop, or setting the desktop into a specific work interface.

Of course, the principle is simple, but the idea of relying on the camera is really good. Think about it. If you focus your camera on the door of the boss's office, it's pretty tricky.

Of course, the current desire to enjoy this powerful software feature is still not realistic. But there is similar software that can solve the annoying boss. Of course, the software isn't as intelligent as the Japanese, but it works. For example, here's this


Screen-Blur supports user lock screen, hide desktop, and also encrypt lock machine. It almost supports all open windows, desktop icons, widgets, and windows in the taskbar. It's instantly hidden by a single key, and this isn't just minimal. It's hidden in the bottom right corner.

Not only that, it can also lock the screen under the current desktop, and even lock the screen regularly. This avoids every time after the cancellation of computer users feel awkward embarrassment, but also become overtime computer running program weapon!

Usage method:

1. After opening the software, set the password at [Password], and then click the [Set] button to save the settings.

2. Click [Lock screen] to lock the screen

To unlock, just enter the password directly on the screen (no popups for you to enter).

Set time lock automatically

Right click menu [Auto Lock], tick [Enable], you can use the mouse to drag the slider to adjust the time, and finally in the right-click menu, click [Enable Auto Start] to enable automatic locking function.

Of course, there is much similar software, but this is relatively simple and easy to use a lot! Or what do you say we might experience coup, together with the boss!