Scrambled to burst VR handset: Can unlock the next generation of national switch wave

By Philip Perez,2018-01-30 13:30:00
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Scrambled to burst VR handset: Can unlock the next generation of national switch wave

The current handset manufacturers, in order to enhance sales, can be described as the Eight Immortals across the sea, each show.

Camera from one into two, and now superimposed to three, even if the whole into three eyes, still difficult to have "Erlangshen" 72-like changes in the magic ;

Mobile phone screen "out of the cabinet" into a curved curved surface screen, can still be difficult in the user's mind to form a flood of power ;

Cell phone color is also like the flower market, Qiqidou Yan, appearance like Sichuan Opera face still did not win too much applause.

There is no doubt that under the stock market, the entire mobile phone market has reached a situation where landlords have no spare left. Competing for a few cakes in the stock market ultimately fails to realize the vision of standing to make money, so how to make a cake big is the ultimate revolutionary program. The premise for making a big cake is a revolutionary technological or industrial change, like the advent of the iPhones, leading the advent of the full screen computer to the full screen, leading the function.

At present, the mobile phone color of the Sichuan opera the screen of the cabinet Erlangshen like the camera head, like a very fancy basketball, from the final sales point of view, hi turn small theater fair, but it is difficult to set off the Olympic wave. Since the advent of VR, the subversion of the immersive experience, set off a piece of user awareness of the virgin land, its shock feeling like the iPhone full screen, Android system, then the VR handset this fuzzy correct can help the mobile phone industry set off the "Olympic Games" like the wave of replacement that?

Pile into VR: Radical style or intolerant innovation?

VR shock experience, for the weak mobile phone brand, is undoubtedly a long drought, ignited a blazing fire.

There are two main types of gestures that mobile phone manufacturers use to make a VR device, such as a helmet or glasses, that is not overly affectionate with the phone, so to speak. The other is more straightforward, with less foreplay, to place the VR technology in the phone, temporarily calling it Mad Pie.

Gentleman: look far and don't play dirty

In November 2015, Lenovo and Ant TV launched VR eyeglasses;

in December 2015, LeEco released its first VR product, cell-phone VR helmet COOL1, which is used with music 1 and music 1 Pro, and is sold for 149 yuan in conjunction with the mobile VR content app LeEye ;

On April 15, 2016, Huawei released the first generation of VR equipment at the launch of the P9, with 20ms delay, 0-700 degrees of myopia available, support for 360-degree vision, voice synchronization outside the first call function, can realize virtual simulation and reality one-click switching, the date of sale and the price unknown ;

On May 24, 2016, one plus mobile phone CEO Liu Zuohu posted a photo of one plus VR glasses on Weibo, announcing that one plus will launch VR glasses recently, and on June 15, one plus held a press conference to officially release Loop VR.

On May 27, 2016, ZTE announced its official entry into the VR market with the release of its business flagship AXON Tianji 7 and the official launch of ZTE VR, a supporting virtual reality device, in conjunction with the 5.5-inch AMOLED 2K display of the Tianji 7 ;

On June 5, 2016, Hammersmith Technologies CEO Luo Yonghao mentioned VR products on his Weibo account. In fact, Hammersmith Technologies started recruiting VR talent as early as last November, though the products were slow to come to market.

On August 4, 2016, "Xiaomi VR" officially unveiled a toy version of Xiaomi VR's first product,Xiaomi VRglasses, many days after it was preheated via Weibo.

These are just incomplete statistics. The normally relatively active mobile phone manufacturers on the market basically extend to the VR industry. The collective callout of mobile phone manufacturers, while injecting new vitality into the entire VR industry, also accelerates the perfection and maturation of the content ecology; as various kinds of content and applications begin to emerge, VR will gradually penetrate into more fields and mobile VR will usher in its better times.

But there is no denying that this simple VR equipment, essentially the same as headphones, charging treasure, if the mobile phone is compared to an IP, then VR equipment is a derivative, quite significant for income generation, just like the millet, the phone itself is not very profitable, but millet bracelet, charging treasure and other products sold by the collection of armpit, on the overall profit has played a significant contribution.

However, VR equipment and headphones and other derivatives are different, headphones, charging treasure is a replenishment product, smart machine reinvention is also difficult to replace the headphones, charging treasure, and VR equipment is different, VR equipment can not only be used as a supply of mobile phones, but also can be built into the smart phone, thus being replaced, VR equipment like cameras, MP4, players, although they can exist alone, but also in line with the ultimate in the crowd of inertia of the final use of mobile phone or even more in line with the base.

han Xiaomi, Huawei cameras. So VR equipment is ultimately produced by professional VR companies, the current simple entry of VR equipment manufacturers are more of a kind of face playing nature, Xiaomi, hammer device is more than a kind of VR device. Don't underestimate this situation, sometimes is extremely important, take the recent controversial hundred degrees, the moral level is indeed a bit ha-ha, but the most fundamental or O2O wave of inaction, not only did not take a hand in the card, but this O2O battle in the root is not how to play cards, there is no big card is the issue of ability, not nakedly card can be the attitude of the campaign.

This wave of VR, if any technology companies did not follow, and then unfortunately sales decline, then VR technology conservatism is bound to become a stain, unfortunately, want to become a stain witnesses have little chance, can only whisper: time is not right.

You see, even Hammer understands this truth, also in the recruitment of VR talent...

Mobile phone manufacturers to launch VR equipment, on the other hand, is to convey the signal to users: VR technology I have, my black technology will not write the concept on the black PPT, but the implementation of specific products.Mobile phone manufacturers to introduce VR equipment, the typical advanced half step well versed in the advanced become a forerunner, neither venture nor lag, but not afraid to miss a new round, but a bit of the card.

In short, mobile phone manufacturers through VR to attract users of their own mobile phone attention is more significant than the actual application of VR handsets.Mobile phone manufacturers to introduce VR glasses, mainly combined with mobile phones, VR glasses in the entire VR product line is a primary product, want to achieve new business growth through VR glasses, is unlikely.But as VR goes hot, many users hope to experience VR through "VR glasses + phones," launching custom-made VR glasses, but can boost users' liking for smartphones.

The Wild: Bringing innovation to the finish

The world's first VR handset developed and produced by the company is expected to be launched in batches and stages in November 2016, according to an announcement by Bao Qianli, which specialises in night vision products for cars. It is understood it could be the first VR handset on the market if it is officially launched in November.

After Google launched the Daydream VR platform, Huawei announced that it would add the Daydream VR platform, integrate the KyLin-based and Qualcomm processors, and plan to launch Daydream phones by the end of 2016.

On June 13, 2016, Xiaomi VR General Manager Tang Mu revealed at the Shanghai Film Festival that Xiaomi VR will also release a phone that supports Daydream when it is released, although the timing of the launch is not disclosed.

Samsung, one of the world's biggest smartphone makers, naturally doesn't want to miss out on the VR wave, which has been deployed in the VR space for two years with products ranging from VR helmets to 360-degree cameras to 360-degree video platforms. Industry insiders point out that Samsung's launch of a VR handset is just around the corner.

LeEco, more needless to say, has completed many layouts in the field of VR, in August this year, LeEco Chenggong acquired the domestic mobile phone maker Coldplay, the launch of VR mobile phone is more likely.

As can be seen from the two lists, VR handset makers, without exception, have all launched VR devices, while VR device companies have not all launched or announced the launch of VR handsets. According to Zhigang, the wave of Pin to VR, simply following up the device manufacturers appear to be some kind of chicken thief, but it is very likely that the authorities are too smart to mislead the lives of Qingqing.

The arrival of VR, like a national taste buds upgrade race, the simple introduction of equipment manufacturers, is no doubt the hotel mechanical added a new dish, the typical walking kidney does not go away, but a mobile phone industry [ foreign affairs ] and VR cell phone is a change of recipe-style innovation, whether customers eat or not, Huawei, LeTV VR mobile phone manufacturers are like a revolution in the mobile phone industry is worthy of respect.

VR phone: half sea water, half flames

If the VR cell phone is compared to a revolution, it is undoubtedly an uprising by one party to overthrow another. Since it is a revolution without bloodshed, its difficulties are bound to be numerous.

As VR becomes more demanding in terms of screen resolution, refresh rate, latency rate, and computing power, mobile VR solutions also face challenges in graphics processing power, battery life, content, and price.At the same time, users are increasingly demanding lightweight products, so structural design is also a major challenge, such as thinking about how to achieve optimal performance in the smallest of spaces.

Therefore, the early stage of the VR mobile phone is bound to be caught in the dilemma of antinomy, on the one hand, the sense of VR experience, but at the same time it is inevitable that the weight of the VR mobile phone, thickness, the greater the sense of experience, the thickness of the mobile phone, weight can not meet the current user demand for the appearance of the phone, to meet the sexy appearance, But the VR experience is bound to fold, as with previous cell phone batteries. Before the technology was fully mature, the price of body sexiness was a reduction in battery life. Generally speaking, technology matures as a prerequisite for miniaturization.For example, the performance of the PC to a certain extent, cutting performance after the notebook is appropriate, if the performance of the PC itself is slag, shrink into a notebook is even more useless.

In the final analysis, technology is the biggest hurdle. It's a common problem in the early days of any tech industry. But it's a bit of a no-brainer to back off because of a technical problem, after Google launched Daydream at the O / I Developers Conference a few months ago. Google plans to build Android R into the latest version of Android VR.

As we all know, Android has always been the most popular system apart from IOS, although Huawei, Xiaomi, LeTV, Samsung and other manufacturers have their own systems, but more embroidered. Because of this Google push Daydream,

VR mobile phone is the underlying architecture, smart phone manufacturers only need to do a good job of hardware technology can reduce the difficulty of VR into the handset, in addition, the introduction of Google Day Dream system platform is a shot for the market a strong heart, the platform optimized VR algorithm, can effectively reduce delay, reduce vertigo. It can support smartphones and reduce performance to less than 20ms, and, to keep users entertained, Google will team up with developers to build a long-term, highly interactive, and easy-to-learn entertainment platform for users.

On the content front, as a number of panoramic camera devices such as Nokia's OZO VR camera enter the market this year, the difficulty and cost of producing VR video will be greatly reduced, which will bring about a rapid increase in VR content, thus greatly alleviating the shortage of VR content.At the same time, many software application developers are actively engaged in VR content development, and a large number of game applications are expected to market in 2017.

That is to say, smart phone manufacturers launched VR mobile phone is not a person in the battle, the operating system has, VR content has, are constantly enriching and improving, smart phone manufacturers need to do is only the hardware part, concentrate on the best hardware precision, VR mobile phone more perfect sense of experience is only a matter of time.

There is a widespread story in the world of science and technology. Centuries ago, the United States enlisted a group of scientists to predict the future of science and technology a hundred years from now, but their predictions have been fulfilled in thirty years, and the scientists are largely conservative in their analysis based on current trends in technology. At the same time, there were a group of science fiction writers who were making predictions that seemed far-fetched at the time, and scientists scoffed at them, but the result was that the predictions of seemingly illusory little science fiction speakers were even more plausible, because their wild imaginations stemmed from the value of technology: technology makes life better.

As Clark, author of Space Odyssey, one of the three great science fiction writers of the twentieth century, famously put it: The only thing that we can be sure of is that it will be brilliant.

Despite the small challenges facing mobile phone VR, technology improvement is a matter of time, VR is a superb upgrade version of the Internet, when VR mobile phone extremely shocking sense of subversion, will most likely detonate the [ Olympic Games for all ] like the wave of replacement.

First crab benefit: High risk is bound to bring high returns

VR technology can be said to be a reshuffle of the pattern of the mobile phone industry. Each reshuffle represents a reshuffle of seats, territory, wealth. The first person to eat crabs is very risky, but wealthy and adventurous, and the chestnuts taken in the fire are also the most delicious and precious.

In Yizhigang's view, VR technology will be a major opportunity for other smartphones to match or even surpass Apple.

First of all, we look at Apple, Apple's attitude towards VR, very conservative. Although Apple is also actively research VR, AR technology, but Apple's attitude towards VR clearly belongs to the [ gentleman ] mentioned above, hair cloth products will not be easy to put into the phone, more like the Apple Watch resupply products, Apple VR phone after all, the risk is too big, Apple released a few new models every year, and each time before the launch of new Apple propaganda, the media help publicity, under the limelight, rather conservative, can not venture, otherwise the small storm is also very likely to set off a huge wave, VR technology has yet to be improved, so Apple will not take such a big risk.

Every release of Apple's new machine is a gamble, a bet, and even with VR technology, Apple doesn't take much risk, taking a bit of a risk each year, such as this year's Apple 7 removing the headphone interface to run out of this year's Adventure Quota.

Even if the VR technology clearance, Apple 8 still dare not rush to launch VR mobile phone, after all, not only to solve the technical problems, but also a combination of mobile phone power problems, mobile phone design, cell phone thickness, as well as operating systems, ios to upgrade to support VR technology system just go, this is a system strategy, it is not easy to launch.

In other words, Apple is under so much pressure that it is hard to easily launch VR phones, which can't be blamed on Apple's incompetence. After all, this is the common embarrassment of all giants, easy revolution, its own subversive reform is difficult, unlike other manufacturers, barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes.

And what excites the smartphone industry is that VR technology, unlike modular, curved screens, is only locally innovative and hard to create big shockwaves, a talisman that Apple has been able to sell well for years, but VR is not the same, and its shock wobble to dilute Apple's aura is not out of the question.

Apple's conservative approach to new technology will leave other smartphone manufacturers a time lag, the release of many other smartphones a year, the launch of a new series like TV series, one level after another, this machine messed up, the experience is not so perfect, but can soon launch the next, and VR mobile phone this new concept, the user is relatively inclusive.

Also, for so many years, other smartphones have been chasing Apple, but for so many years, it hasn't been catching up. The most fundamental reason is that the current handset makers are basically running on the same track as Apple, naturally running but the same dimension is difficult to surpass, like beating Twitter is not the next Twitter, it may be a new form of media. In the case of Nokia, even Kodak, what overtook them was not to make the race better, but to change the track. Nokia fell into the system, Kodak folded its halberds in the technical update. The giants were stranded in the gap between changing tracks, rather than being overrun on the same track.

Analysts predict Apple's new machine, each generation of new products are singing bad, take the recent IPhone7, before coming out negative, after the release was not bright or negative, but eventually the first batch of sold out, solid hit, (interested readers, you can go to see the media on the pre-IPO Apple 7, as well as the first batch of post-sale report turn).

The industry is too rational, but consumers are not rational, this is the most fundamental reason, they only want the best mobile phone on the market, 100 points, Apple scored only 80 points, but other manufacturers only 60 points, the only rival Samsung also test cheating (zha ji) was awarded 0 points, even if 100 points, but 80 is the highest score Apple is undoubtedly the best 7.

Only test more than 80 points, more than Apple, this powerful force field to counter consumer inertia Caixing. At present, VR technology is this [ additional problem ]. In addition to Apple's treatment of VR is conservative, innovative embarrassment, so the first VR mobile phone manufacturers, it is likely to become subversive force, this change of the track of intelligent machine campaign, who will be the leader, even beyond Apple sincerely look forward to.