Friendship Between men and Women

By Philip Perez,2015-03-29 22:00
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Friendship Between men and Women

Friendship between men and women is a noble feeling, is an emotion between love and friendship.

This feeling is not a lover, but beyond the general friends, this feeling will make you heart, but not passionate; pure and sweet, plain and stable.

There is a sentence that can explain this emotion. That is: stand in the right place to appreciate each other.

This feeling is the spirit of understanding, two hearts are very close, but the body is "far away", this is a kind of spirit level of "Plato". Only rational people can do it, only reason people can get.

When two people together, has a spiritual tacit understanding, have the unity of the soul, they can talk about love, about marriage, talk about the problem you can talk about the future of all, the empathy of two people, support each other, respect each other.

Feel like a lover, but not ambiguous; feel like brother and sister, but not that solemn.

Casual but serious, intimate but rational, two people who have this feeling don't think they're heterosexual. They can shake hands tightly, or they may embrace each other, but that has nothing to do with sex. It is love, it is appreciation, not desire, not possession.

They would appreciate Nietzsche and talk about Byron, but never send flowers to each other.

They can go on an outing together, go drinking together, when they get to the station, say "Bye" and go home alone.

That feeling is wonderful, the taste is difficult to express.

Of course, the attraction of the opposite sex does not deny, occasionally to each other tempted, such as handshake moment. But when they look at each other, they will know that some things are more durable and desirable than love.

If you have this feeling, it will be painful or helpless, but it will also be fun and enjoyable.

Because of this relationship exists between heterosexual men and women, is not love, but to love more can go beyond the love this feeling variable is very big, the most difficult to grasp, hold is mutual restraint and respect. The last line of defense is to defend. Because of this feeling, emotion people have wisdom, people will be extremely intelligent people have.

They understand that love is luxury, like glass bottles, beautiful but fragile, if you want to have this feeling, and you must stay away from love and sex.

Only rational men and intelligent women deserve it. I believe that such feelings are rare and require great care. This is a wonderful feeling, frank and natural, is the highest realm of friendship.