The Secret of Salt - Most People Do not Know

By Philip Perez,2013-06-06 15:18
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The Secret of Salt - Most People Do not Know

In fact, there are many uses of salt, but most people do not know!

Remove the oil from the pan

Add a layer of salt to the pan, then add a little water and shake it. The salt water will slowly separate the grease and the paste from the pan. Wait 10 seconds and then wipe the sponge. The pan becomes very clean!

Thawing foods 

Put the frozen meat into the water, sprinkle a little salt, you can speed up the thawing speed! Frozen fish, frozen meat, frozen shrimp in brine, can rapid thawing can keep the meat fresh.

Clean the oil on the dishcloth

Add some salt in the water, stirring dissolved. Put the dish into the salt water, soak for a few minutes, and take out a twist, just like the new one!

Clean the ceramic

White tiles or tubs have brown rust stains on them, which can be mixed the amount of salt in vinegar and then wiped.

Clean up the hair

If the drain is blocked by the hair, do not spend money to repair, just the same amount of baking soda and salt mixed. Slightly shaken and then poured into the drain. Then prepare half a cup of white vinegar, the same poured into. 15 minutes later, pour a pot of boiling water, solve the problem.

Clean the irons

If the electric iron is used regularly, it is easy to grow rust. Just take out a piece of wax paper or a newspaper and sprinkle salt on the surface. Put the hot iron around for about 1 minute. The salt will attach the residue on the ironing board to the paper, and the rust will be swept away so that you don't have to worry about the stain.

To prevent sticky pot

Before frying fish, add a little salt to the cooking oil so that the skin doesn't stick to the bottom of the pot.

Remove the odor of the drain

The salt into the water, stir evenly into clear salt water. Pour into the floor drain to reduce odors.

Clean the chopping board

Fill the bowl with water, put more salt, and then add a little vinegar, shake it, and use it to clean up the board.

keep the flower fresh

Pour some water into the vase, and then put some salt in it, so the flower can be well preserved, usually lasting five to eight days.

Treatment of sore throat and toothache

A little salt water can cure a sore throat and a toothache; if you eat the toxic substances, you can relieve the pain by drinking a bit of salty water first.

Keep the shape of tofu

Before cooking tofu, cut a piece of it and soak it in light brine for half an hour before frying and cooking it.

Make the silver bright

Water in the pan, add a lot of salt, the water is boiling, put into the aluminum foil paper, add the oxidation of black silver, salt and chemical reaction happens, the silver oxide on the surface of the silver will revert, just need a minute, you also bright silver.

Remove the cold and wet

Put the salt in a wet place so that you can remove the wet condition quickly.

Remove bacteria from vegetables and fruits

The fruits and vegetables in salt water soak for 20-30 minutes; you can remove the remaining pesticides, parasite eggs and sterilization.