Teach you how to match clothes, very practical, men and women must

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Teach you how to match clothes, very practical, men and women must

Teach you how to match clothes, very practical, men and women must! The basic principles of clothing matching

Generally speaking, the upper color is deep, the lower color is light is not desirable, this will give people the feeling of top-heavy. If the blouse is plaid or striped, the skirt should preferably not be the same design, but a single colour.Conversely, if the skirt is flowery, then the top should be fitted with a plain blouse.

A colorful shirt should not be worn inside a coat, especially a gay man. It would be much better to wear a floral shirt directly outside. If the outside is more formal and solemn clothes, the inside shirt is best light color, plain color.

The quality of the upper and lower garments should be closer together. If the upper part of the body is straight wool and the lower part is a cloth trousers without trousers, it will certainly appear nondescript. The style of the upper and lower parts should also tend to be the same. If a Chinese women's coat is worn over a suit skirt, it is obviously inappropriate.

Wear a straight-tube blouse or wide-hem blouse without a large skirt. If you wear a sweatshirt, it is best to wear a suit, shoes should also be worn on the feet, so that the spirit and coordination. Do not wear a uniform, wear a pair of sweatpants below. Trousers should not use horizontal stripe fabric.

If you wear a sweater, then the bottom of the pants or skirt should also be heavy material, so that to match. Sweaters inside the best set of silk clothes, one is easy to break the silk clothes, and the other is not in harmony with the texture of the sweater, people feel very uncomfortable.

The easiest way to match the color of your socks is to match the color of your socks to your complexion. If you wear small, slim heels, it's best not to wear thick socks.

15 Tips for Mastering Dress and Color Tricks

1. White complexion-wear yellow color

I propose genetic color, is to use skin color to distinguish their own color. White people, the use of yellow flavored colors, such as orange, goose yellow, Turkish blue, olive green and so on. color more ruddy, healthy-wear a blue color

More ruddy, healthy skin color, suitable for the use of blue color, such as chili red, lake green, ocean green, water blue, lemon yellow and so on.

3.the basic color of clothing recommended no.1-khaki or camel

Khaki is very suitable for people in the East whose skin tone is yellow, especially since this color easily blends with other colors.

4.the basic color of clothing recommended no.2-gray

Grey is a non-error-prone color, and also very suitable when the main color of clothing, neutral gray, with a lot of elongation.

5.the basic color of clothing recommended no.3-dark blue

Dark blue is the color of choice for many men, but it is suitable for people with reddish complexion.

6.the basic color of clothing recommended no.4-dark coffee

Dark coffee is an honest and steady color that, like khaki, suits people whose skin tone is yellow.

7.khaki color color color for the main color suggestion

Upper body-goose yellow, rice white, coffee, champagne, orange, apricot yellow, apple green.

8.gray color color suggestions

Pair with chili red, pure pink, sapphire blue, aqua blue, grape purple.

9.Body Size and Body Size

Skinny body-wear color high, more bright colors. Tall people-wear simple lines, plain color, stress waist clothes.

10. Dress Color Matching

Wear khaki for the lower body, pink orange or apricot for emotional orientation for the upper body, or gray for the lower body and pink or peach with green apple for the upper body.

11.Color matching for work

Wear dark coffee with red, dark brown safe and steady, the lower body represents the power of action, red represents ambition, suitable for business personnel. Or brown pants, with olive green jacket, can convey stability and loyalty. In addition, light gray with wine red, chocolate, or aqua, dark blue sweater is also quite good.

12.Color matching for casual wear

Wear light gray with pink, mint green, aquamarine, cream white or pure white on the bottom, or wear khaki drawstring pants, cotton wider discount pants, with light yellow, light green, green apple green, or beige, to choose colors that can relax.

13.easy to use recommended accessories

A mid-sized scarf that can be worn with colors such as red, purple, gray, beige, blue, dark green, and a variety of hats.

14.Coffee or brown belt

Be prepared to be one wide and one narrow, especially not to confuse jeans with the waistband of a suit.

15.Good texture white shirt

White can set off the texture and color of pattern accessories. Smart collocation of clothing colors can only show one style. Smart collocation of different colors can transform thousands of extraordinary styles. Therefore, how to make smart collocation of clothing colors has a significant impact on a person's image and temperament.

▲The matching principle of white clothes

White can be paired with any color, but it takes a lot of thought to match it subtly. A striped light yellow top under white is the best combination of soft colors; ivory trousers on the bottom, a light purple suit with a pure white shirt, a successful color match to fully display one's personality; ivory trousers and a light casual shirt are a successful combination; White pleated skirt with light pink sweater, gives a gentle and elegant feeling. The red and white collocation is a bold combination. The upper body wears a white casual shirt, under wearing a red narrow skirt, appears warm and chic. In strong contrast, the heavier the white weight, the softer it looks.

▲The matching principle of blue clothes

Of all the colors, blue is the easiest to match with other colors. Whether it is similar to black blue or dark blue, it is easier to match, and blue has the effect of tight figure, extremely attractive 592.

Vivid blue with red makes one look charming and pretty, but one should pay attention to the proper proportion of blue and red. A black fitted coat with a white shirt, tie a tie and attend some formal occasions will make one look mysterious and romantic. A curvy blue coat and knee-length blue skirt match, adorned with a white shirt, white socks and white shoes, will reveal a kind of light and charming charm.

Dressed in a blue coat and a blue vest, the underbody is elegantly styled with pinstriped grey trousers, as the popular pinstripes add elegance to the contrast between soft blue and grey.

The blue jacket with the grey pleated skirt is a slightly conservative combination, but this combination, combined with a wine-coloured shirt and plaid socks, reveals a personality that brightens up.

The combination of blue and lavender gives a subtle feel. A long blue skirt with a white shirt is a very common look. A small elegant lavender jacket adds a touch of urban sophistication. Wearing a lavender sweater on the top and a narrow dark blue skirt on the bottom exudes a ripeness in nature, even without a florid pattern.

A dark green sweater with a blue dress on the top and a long winter look on the bottom; a brown Scottish tweed jacket with dark brown trousers and a hazel sweater with rugged rustic hues, both raw and natural. Brown sweaters are elegant, light with beige leggings, and round skirts on the bottom. Dark brown trousers with a pure white shirt look dignified and handsome; a generous light beige coat on the upper body fully expresses self-identity. A natural amber blouse with camel-coloured trousers can combine colour differences in the same colour line to create a complex emoji that reflects nature and chic. Camel scarves with cocoa coloured sweaters and pale brown skirts, which can be worn as an attractive formal brown dress.

Collocation of brown and white gives a sense of purity. The golden-brown and knee-length circular skirt, paired with a turtleneck shirt, reflects the charm of a short skirt and adds elegance. The jacket is made of a conservative and elegant chestnut fabric with a red sweater and a red scarf. It is vivid and beautiful. Brown sweater with brown plaid trousers, can reflect the elegance and maturity. Brown thick sweater with brown cotton skirt, through the texture of the difference between the two, showing the unique personality of the wearer.

▲The matching principle of black clothes

Black clothing is suitable for all kinds of occasions. However, there is a lot of knowledge about how to match other colors of clothing. It is generally believed that white is the best color for black, mainly black, with white as a supplement.

Talk about how colors fit together. Clothing colors in a wardrobe: basic colors and neutral colors

Neutral colours form the basis of a wardrobe. Neutral colours match any colour and are not annoying to wear over and over again. Dark (dark) neutral colours are used for winter clothing and light neutral colours for summer clothing. Black and white grey predominate.

Neutral colors: black, navy, gray, green-brown, camel, dark brown, brown, tan; white, light gray, light beige, light rose, light blue, light earth yellow, golden yellow, cream white, red gray, fleshy etc.

Light and dark colors in the adjacent areas will affect each other, making dark darker, lighter. So short people should not wear, underwear color contrast is too large clothing, so as not to undermine the sense of unity and harmony, not very large body is divided into two parts, lose balance. If you are short and not very bloated, you may wish to choose bright, strong sense of expansion to help you restore self-confidence.

Warm colours such as red, yellow and orange give a warm, confident, friendly and hearty feeling. They help to make friends, enhance self-confidence and thus expand social circles. They are suitable for jobs that require constant contact with people and special emphasis on interpersonal relationships.

Cold-coloured and dark-coloured clothing, such as black, dark brown and dark blue, can create a serious atmosphere, giving a sense of coldness and mystery. Clothing of this colour is suitable for attending important meetings, especially those held by superiors to subordinates, and for issuing policies, thus increasing momentum.

Clothes in neutral colours, including brown, beige and light grey, can reduce tension and achieve a balanced effect.

Contrast Color Matching: Two colors far apart, such as: yellow and purple, red and turquoise, this color matching is more intense. The combination of two opposite colors, such as: red and green, green and orange, black and white, complement color matching can form a sharp contrast, sometimes will receive better results. A black and white match is a timeless classic. Approximate colors match two closely related colors, such as red with orange or purple, yellow with grass green or orange. Not everyone can wear green to look good, green and yellow collocation, give a very spring feeling, the overall feeling is very simple and elegant. Professional women wearing professional women's activities in the office, low color can make the people at work dedicated, calm handling of various issues, create a calm atmosphere.

White Collocation: White can go with any color, but it takes a bit of effort to match it subtly. Red and white collocation is a bold combination. Wearing a white casual shirt on top and a narrow red skirt on the bottom makes it look warm and chic. In contrast, the heavier the white weight, the softer the joke.

Black collocation: Black is a versatile color, no matter with what color put together, will have a different amorous feelings, and beige collocation is no exception!

Brown Pairing: Pairing with white gives a sense of purity. The brown sweater with the brown plaid trousers is elegant and mature. The thick brown sweater with the brown cotton skirt shows the unique personality of the wearer.

Beige Matching: Rigorous flavours can also be worn in beige. A light beige turtleneck short-sleeved sweater, paired with a fine pair of black trousers and shiny black pointy midheel shoes, gives a professional woman the right professional feel. Beige is a popular color among fashion beauties in soft or warm colors.

Blue Match: Of all the colors, blue clothing is the easiest to match with other colors. Whether it is similar to black blue or dark blue, it is easier to match, and blue has the effect of tight figure, extremely attractive. Vivid blue with red makes one look charming and pretty, but one should pay attention to the appropriate blue-red proportion. Wearing a blue coat and blue vest, the lower body with pinstriped grey trousers presents a refined style. Because the popular pinstripe adds elegance to the strong contrast between soft blue and gray. Blue and lavender cover gives one a subtle feeling.

The expression "no more than three colours in the whole body" is not comprehensive. You can wear more than a hundred colours if you wish, as long as you are good at bringing them together. This can not be understood as using only one color, one fabric or one style, but the whole body of all the different colors, fabrics, styles, styles skillfully combined together, so that there is a clear correlation between them, so that it produces a sense of concentration. This requires the wearer not to lose sight of the choice of details, including the scattering of incongruity between the colours of shoes, hats, ornaments, school bags, watches, coats, socks, etc., and the incongruity caused by up-and-down loading. Only a clearly themed, focused picture is comfortable, harmonious, and beautiful. Remove the black from your body, as they do not count as a color, and see how many of the remaining colors are related to each other (with special attention to bags, shoes, hair accessories, jewelry, scarves, hats, etc.), or whether they fit together. If they do not, then your clothing mix is not a theme. The basic colors (black, white, grey, beige) do not always match each other.

If you think you are too short and completely lose confidence, don't give up and see what other people wear and what experts say.

1.jacket + knee-length skirt or shorts

Skirts are shorter and shorter. The best length is knee-length or knee-length. Shorts, cropped trousers, cropped trousers and flared trousers all make short legs slender.

Mini Catalog:

A, yellow and green sweater crisp and chic,

B, chest jacquard design will attract attention to the upper body, ignoring the original short you.

C, retro bat sleeves are back to the tide! Short sweater, vertical stripes, really short girl's gospel.

D, orange sweater bright eye-catching, will certainly attract people's attention to the upper body.

2.the most important thing is whether the skirt or pants and shoes match

Spiked heels, both the first trend, but also to make up for the defects of the body shape, fit trousers with high heels to make the legs more slender. Ultra long skirts should not match too slender shoes, super long skirts with a little sense of the weight of the shoes the most sense of balance. is appropriate to choose a small and cute design, and design as far as possible in the upper body

Bold eye-catching pattern is definitely not suitable for the petite you, small and cute pattern perfect. Small and delicate pattern and small and cute you complement each other.

4.Move the focus up with accessories

Neck or head scarves, ornaments, etc. can be moved up the line of sight of others, the chest has the same effect as the dress of the text pattern.

5.sleeveless top most suitable

As long as your arms aren't the fattest, a sleeveless top can make your body narrow, especially a sleeveless top that encloses your shoulders, and tight trousers that make your legs look perfectly slender. is appropriate to choose a clear and distinct color system

Dark clothing can make a person look thin, but it can also make a person smaller, bright, simple clothing is best for short girls. Like dark, plain color of the short girl, you can pick a steady and there is no lack of vibrant dark green clothes.

7, vertical stripe clothing is also the law of short people wearing clothes

Vertical stripes, whether wide or narrow, will help elongate the body. Short people should avoid horizontal stripes. Full-bodied people should not wear heavy material clothing, such as thick sweaters will make people look bloated. Do not choose too loose style, with a thin fit of clothing appropriate. In addition, the top should choose pointed neckline and long over the buttocks style, the lower body is the best choice of straight pants.

Lean people are not suitable to wear vertical stripes clothing, you can choose horizontal stripes, or light-colored clothing. The style of clothing to a blouse with a hundred pleated skirts or eight skirts, trousers, etc. for the best, and strive to create a curvy beauty, rather than look like a bamboo pole.

The petite should not wear large plaid pattern and loose long skirt, because large plaid pattern and loose long skirt will widen the human body and make people appear lower. It is best to choose floret pattern or monochrome fit clothing, narrow skirt, thin trousers, can make the figure appear slender.

Thicker legs, people must not choose thin trousers or elastic pants, so as to avoid exposing shortcomings. Long skirts, fat leg pants plus half-heeled or high-heeled shoes, can increase the length of the legs, reduce the leg type of exposure. Shorter legs should be blouse with vest skirt, correction length, and try to use high-waist design style, it is best not to choose pants. Men's correction is to choose a long blouse, narrow leg pants, as far as possible to cover the waist and buttocks position.

Fat people who want to hide the slightly convex fat belly, should use a dark color series of clothing matching, such as shirts, sweaters, belts, trousers, outerwear are dark, while the collar can choose a bright tie, decorative knots and bright silk scarves, etc., in order to attract the visual focus of others.

Hips wide and plump, should choose long shirt, loose long coat and long windbreaker, avoid emphasizing the curve of the buttocks. Women should not choose short jacket, thin leg pants. In short, lengthening the length of the coat, hide the buttocks, form a long and complete line is the best solution.