The India Migrant Work Hard, But Will Use All the Earns on the Girls in One Night

By Philip Perez,2012-12-23 13:56
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The India Migrant Work Hard, But Will Use All the Earns on the Girls in One Night

The nation of India is divided according to the caste of nobility, those low caste people can’t accept education, can only do some dirty, tired and dangerous work. And these people simply took all their money for prostitutes.

These people are waiting to ride to work site, although hard every day to do some dirty and dangerous work, but their wages are very low, even the law does not protect them, they can smoothly get salary also depends on the boss's mood.

Under the sun, the migrant workers sat in the drain of the sewers, preparing to go into the sewers.

A dozen Indian migrant workers are crammed into a small room to sleep.

These migrant workers who work on the elevated shelves don't have any safety precautions. No one care if you're in danger. Because India's population is huge, in order to survive, even if the work is very dangerous, but also a lot of people do it.

An Indian migrant worker's wife had just received the death of her husband and she burst into tears because her husband was dead, and it meant that the house was over.

The Indian migrant worker is carrying a heavy sand to go back, this tired and dirty work, a month can only earn 4,000 rupees, the equivalent of 62 US dollars.

These migrant workers are tired and tired of working every day, but most of them are spent on prostitutes.

These migrant workers are sitting on a simple lift with wooden boards for aerial work. From the figure we can see that the lives of these migrant workers are simply not guaranteed, so the mortality rate of migrant workers in India is very high.