When I Saw These Pictures of India, I Felt that I Could not Live a Normal Life

By Philip Perez,2013-07-16 13:38
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When I Saw These Pictures of India, I Felt that I Could not Live a Normal Life

Is this a slowdown on the sidewalk? It looks like they're really afraid of "pedestrians speeding."

What's wrong with this clock?

OMG!!Is this the road? Can the car run normally?

An aerial view of India's Supreme Court. Eh...... don't take this the wrong way.

Like a riddles of stairs, you can't get up or down.

What happened to the tree? Well, maybe Indians are very conscious of the conservation of nature and don't cut down trees!

Wait... It's too dangerous .The trees on the rails should be cut off.

It seems that they insist on not cutting a tree.

It’s too funny!!

I just want to wash my hands. It will force you to take a shower!

I can only say that this toilet compartment is exquisite...

Does this motor fan work properly?

What is the matter of the urinals ... It’s like a rock climbing field! What does that mean?

I cannot climb out again, if the chair is broken...

This toilet design is amazing... I can only sit on one side!

Is the railroad track really being ok...?

Do not doubt that this is the toilet. Is it odd to someone to use it?

There is a design unreasonable ceiling fan.

As long as your face is not visible, If other parts are seen, it does not matter ...

The location of this faucet......

A lot of people wait in line for business and the staff are playing games, be careful to be reported.

The boss touched his ass and then made the ice cream...