Research:Which floor is best for people?

By Philip Perez,2014-11-15 06:46
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Research:Which floor is best for people?

The relationship between the health and life span of the city's high-rise residence and its inhabitants is a hot issue that haunts many people.

A recent study by researchers at the university of Bern in Switzerland showed that people who live higher are not only healthy, but also live longer.

Which floor is best for people?

Switzerland's University of Bernard, Reidzelo, Pankzak and others survey of 1.5 million people in Switzerland found that people living on the 8th floor above the probability of early death than the people who live in the low-level low 22%, which died The risk of lung disease is 40% lower and 35% less likely to die from severe heart disease. People who live in lower-rise homes are mostly associated with lung and heart disease

Researchers believe that people who live in high-rise homes are more likely to walk up and down the stairs, and that they have more chance to exercise, and that they stay away from heart disease. According to experts, "climbing the stairs can prolong your life by four seconds." Climbing the stairs is a free and efficient exercise, with a regular speed of 220 calories per 10 minutes, four times more than a walk. People living in low-rise homes may be affected more by air pollution and traffic noise, which is bad for health and life. High-level also make up for low-rise residential easy to wet, narrow vision defects.

"High-rise buildings have been annoying. It may be possible to let people isolated from social environment, triggering unhealthy habits, or even increase the crime rate, but this kind of situation has a huge change in recent years.because now the high-rise building with the last century Different in the 1970s, when the quality of this building is not high, the design is not reasonable, and now more and more high-rise residential comfort, many are also located in prime locations in the high-rise buildings. "Researchers commented.

High-rise housing has many advantages. For example, the field of view is better. Leisure time, standing on the window or balcony overlooking the panoramic view of the city, the breeze blowing, really refreshing; good lighting, indoor light enough, more than 7 floors above the sunshine time is relatively longer; , The air flow speed, the room is easier to form through the wind; summer mosquitoes relatively few; quiet, comfortable, less dust.

Some people feel discomfort in the body of a high-rise residence. In fact, because people living environment and behavior affect the psychological feelings of a phenomenon.

In the mid-1950s, St. Louis, the United States, had built a high-rise residential area of Beirut Igor. This is a 33-storey building, each building has 11-storey residential area, the district known as the excellent modern architecture and won the international award. However people who live in the neighborhood say they often have nightmares, sleeplessness and restlessness.

British military doctor Fanning published "on the high-rise residential residents of the physical health, especially the impact of mental health survey" shows that high-rise residential people suffering from the spirit of the nervous system, the majority of people who feel organ disease is low More than twice the inhabitants. People describe the situation quite consistent, mainly high-level environment too far from the ground, the heart is not practical and produce physical discomfort.

There are advantages and disadvantages to living in tall buildings. High-rise residential accident harm accident more than the lower house, the consequences are much worse, because the high-rise residential in the event of an accident, the occupants difficult to escape, rescue is difficult to rescue, the fire is a typical example. High-rise residential will be stumbling down, elevator failure, water leakage, high floor drop, jumping suicide, elevator failure, door clamp, floor rock, gas pipeline explosion. Among them, the high-rise objects such as hangers, bedding, glass, furniture, flower pots, garbage, debris and other fall often make pedestrians suffer flying accident. While the fall, the elevator failure, suicide and corridor of sexual crimes are mostly hurt the occupants.