Magic Solar Battery: Automatically Follow the Sun

By Philip Perez,2011-12-26 21:29
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Magic Solar Battery: Automatically Follow the Sun

There was a popular question about sunflowers on the Internet some time ago? "The sunflowers follow the sun in the daytime, from the east to the west, but how return to the east in the morning? Throw the head? The final answer is that when the sun sets, the flowers will slowly return to their place.

The sunflowers worked so hard to absorb more sunlight, then how artificial solar battery work?

For improve the efficiency of solar panels, solar power plants have installed motors and computers to calculate the angle of rotation every day.

But it is too troublesome, and turn the huge solar panel itself also needs to be dynamic, scientists at the University of Michigan invented a more simple solution, one of the most basic principle is paper-cut art.

Matthew Shlian is the University of Michigan College of art and design a teaching teacher, he was also a paper-cut artist, at the same time he is solar panel team of consultants. It was he who showed them a paper cut -- a parallel, sheared incision on a piece of paper.

In the graph, the difference between the directions of the warped can be realized by the difference of the stress level.

When you stretch the piece of paper hard, the incision will open, and the paper will be turned up in one direction. The strength of the pull also determines the Angle of the paper. If scientists are able to put it to use on the solar panels, and effectively computing efforts, so don't need complicated power equipment, solar panels can also be the purpose of the implementation to absorb more sunlight.

And PhD student Aaron Lamoureux and assistant professor Max Shtein rediscovered the paper cut with the Caputon film and attached it to the solar panels. This enables automatic tracking of solar panels without the need for complex power.