Crazy Passed Online: the Internet Rules! Have You Seen it?

By Philip Perez,2016-03-19 11:57
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Crazy Passed Online: the Internet Rules! Have You Seen it?

 History is not a mirror, history is sperm, sacrifice hundreds of millions have a live today; Life is not a story, life is sophisticated, fought to not live up to the name of the dust; The world is not struggling, the world is far away. The future is not the age, is a mystery, reading a million books to see bright moon stars; success is not fate, success is meteor, burning must have a shining sky. To those Internet companies have been dead.

In fact, you are equivalent to an overview: 16 areas, thousands of companies in the “Internet plus” exploration in the failure through the five [Internet & rules] what is spreading widely.

Including that medical, beauty, marriage, real estate, home, travel, car, tourism, education, catering, community, retail, finance, service providers and the others.

 As for it is a lie or not, you can judge yourself.

——Internet + rules——

Chosing industry based on the time difference

The extent to which different industries are affected by the Internet is not the same, which means that the challenges and opportunities faced by O2O projects in different industries are not the same. Entrepreneurs should be good at using time difference of industry, to find those who have not yet been valued but have a certain potential of the industry. When others are doing catering industry, you can do housework, when others are doing housework, you can do massage.

Making production based on pain point

O2O is only formality, and ultimately to return to the user needs themselves. To solve the problem is not the user just need? Is the user willing to pay for it? Is not the high frequency of consumption? These questions will determine the vitality of the O2O project. Entrepreneurs to put aside the so-called O2O coat, to find the nature of the industry and the user's pain points.

Doing the spreading work based on the content

The effect of "everyone's media" in the Internet age has greatly enhanced the efficiency of media communication, and the importance of the content itself has been highlighted. Quality content, the event is the key to brand communication. Called a duck, goose drops of God this project became popular, and a good name has a great relationship. Entrepreneurship projects to do the importance of communication must pay attention to the importance of content operations.

Doing product potential energy based on the its speed

For the entrepreneur, sometimes, the speed is better than everything. Must be formed in a short period of time in the field of brand awareness, and then to integrate financial resources, continue to build brand potential energy. If you can’t use this time window, then it is likely to be big companies discovering, the consequences are likely that the market you out.

Avoiding the platform black hole selectively

Various types of O2O projects, on the Internet will face the "platform black hole" effect, some large platforms carrying users and data possession of the entrance resources, will make a lot of new venture projects involved in the "black hole." Entrepreneurs in their own resources and capacity does not have the ability to quickly start the potential, we should pay attention to avoid the platform black hole, do not go with these large platform fight flow, the best choice for serious vertical market segments, do deep through.