American Pickup and Chicken

By Philip Perez,2015-02-02 02:28
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American Pickup and Chicken

Christmas has just passed, many people have not satisfied with each other to send apples, but also follow the trend of eating roast chicken. Yet the custom of eating Christmas turkeys has been more than 300 years old in the American. It has a deep historical background and cultural support!

There's another unknown story! The main character of the story is two completely unrelated things, "pickup"&"chicken""

If you watch American TV shows or go to America, you'll find Americans like to drive pickup trucks.

FORD F-150 pickup

Although the United States has many cars imported from Germany and Japan, the brands of pickup trucks are basically Ford, Chevrolet and other local brands. Such as the famous Ford F-150 share a staggering 35% market, especially in those States to vote for Trump, where the street will be able to see it. To tell you the truth, American cars are sturdy, but the cost is not too high, and the old car doesn't keep the value. Ford pickup has such a magical rate of play, not only because it is high enough in the hearts of the American people, but the popularity of American pickups is also related to chickens.

The story begins after the end of World War II.

In 1950s, post-war Europe devastated, a thousand things wait to be done. If it is only the ordinary citizens, they are in a state where they can barely eat and warm. Poultry meat is very expensive and not in the daily diet of the people. It is almost impossible to eat meat.

But as we all know, the particularity of the scope of World War II caused the American mainland not to be destroyed by war, not only that, but the agricultural technology also developed greatly in order to meet the needs of wartime. As a result, the United States at that time with relatively advanced farming methods to raise cheap chicken, and then exported to Europe. For a while, Europeans were finally able to eat cheap meat, and chicken was also meat...... But the European big chicken factories were unhappy, and ran to the government to make banners riot. The government is under great pressure, and several countries, led by France and West Germany, have had to compromise with local poultry farms to ban chicken imports from the United States.

Americans are not happy. In fact, the company has less exported $about twenty million of chicken, folded into today's dollars only lost more than 200000000, the whole industry is harmless. But this is not about the money, you know, the United States after the war in order to help the European economic recovery plan launched Marshall, from the beginning of 1947, four years on the aid of $13 billion, equivalent to about $130 billion today, not only free, but also to provide talent and technology in Europe. The United States was angry when Europe refused to buy American chicken!

In retaliation, President Lyndon s. Johnson signed a presidential order to impose a 25% tariff on European pickups starting in 1963. When the Volkswagen Beetle and minibus swept the American market, the tax on the car industry reflected the will of Americans.

Originally, this chicken storm occurred between Europe and America. But since the president Kennedy was assassinated by the vice president and replaced by the vice president in 1964, he needed more support in when he wanted to re run the presidency. So he negotiated with the chairman of the American auto industry union to exchange taxes on all overseas pickup makers in exchange for union support. The Japanese automakers dumbfounded: we didn't say we don't eat your chicken?

Lying on another continent has also been accidentally injured, and are there no safe corners on earth? I heard that Christmas in Japan popular eating KFC, I do not know the owner of the car every year when eating chicken in the United States will not be a sigh of heart?

The tariff, which is known as the chicken tax, has continued to this day, causing many overseas manufacturers to have factories built in the United States to escape customs duties, but still can not stop the American domestic pickup from ruling the market. In fact, even the abolition of this protective tariff will not affect the status of the American pick-up truck for a long time. However, such a reasonable and legitimate tariff was a political legacy for future generations. For example, when the United States wants to sell rice to Japan, the Japanese have to cancel the rice tariff, so they can use the "chicken tax" as an exchange weight.

In the world, there are more taxes like chicken tax, rice tax and so on. Of course, all kinds of stories are legendary, funny, serious and cruel.