Old Photos, the Real Scene of Titanic

By Philip Perez,2015-01-14 22:31
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Old Photos, the Real Scene of Titanic

On April 10, 1912, the ocean dock at Southampton harbor, the Titanic began its journey.

Oh February 3, 1912, the Titanic finished the decoration, and the first voyage was set for March 20. But the Olympic in September 1911 that fatal collision (collided with the Royal Navy cruiser Hawk) delayed the last work of the titanic. Her first voyage was scheduled for April 10th. Prior to this, in April 1st also entered the sea trial, and arrived at the destination on the three, everything is satisfactory. 

The docks were crowded with passengers, family members, porters, and customs inspectors.

The photos below are famous first-class stairs. But it's not found in the wreckage of the ship When the house sinks, it is pulled out of the ship by buoyancy.

Captain Edward Smith divided the passengers into three classes. Third-class seats are the cheapest in the lower part of the ship, two cabins and general room decoration, in fact, have the first-class cabin with those of other ships as the general level; the first class is the most expensive part of the whole ships, was the world's richest celebrities in this journey.

Captain John Edward Smith, Born on January 27, 1850, in the town of Hanley in stoke city, one of the world's most seasoned captains. One of the world's most seasoned captains. On April 10, 1912, Captain Smith piloted the Titanic as captain. Smith was one of the victims after the ship sank, and his body was never found.

Mate Murdoch, who put down 10 lifeboats at the time, had nearly 75 percent of the survivors. He was eventually seen trying to put down the folding boat A, and no one ever saw him again. He committed suicide in the movie, but it wasn't confirmed. In fact, when the film was finished, the crew went to his hometown and apologized for the incident.

The picture is believed to be an iceberg. The cold night in April 1912, the Titanic and the iceberg in the kiss of death: the ship's starboard side friction and collision at the bottom of the iceberg, the front of the starboard draft offline is zoned to wipe out an 93 - meter - long gulp, all cargo and No. six boiler room began to pour into the sea.

The Carpathian, a passenger ship at canard, first arrived at the scene of the accident. The crew of the crew of the Carpathian discovered the first lifeboat in the light of the north Atlantic dawn. Rescue efforts continued into the morning, and the 12th lifeboat was tied to a rescue cable.

In May 17, 1912, journalists interviewed Titanic survivors.

The owner of a department store in America, Isidro and his wife, Ida, are the real passengers in the Rose suite in the movie. That suite is actually the most luxurious room on the ship. They were all killed when the ship sank.

The Titanic was filmed on the ocean floor in 1999.

In August 2008, this picture was taken in a warehouse in Atlanta, where the image shows the part of the Titanic collection -- the cash currency. To mark the 100th anniversary of the famous shipwreck, the biggest owner of the Titanic has plans to package all the relevant collectibles.