What Should I Do If the Toenails Grow to the Meat?

By Philip Perez,2016-11-22 04:35
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What Should I Do If the Toenails Grow to the Meat?

Ingrown nail is one of the common foot disease, mostly due to the edge of nails trimmed too deep, too low, of course, if you wear shoes with pointed and thinness of extrusion toes can also lead to ingrown nail phenomenon.

The symptoms of ingrown nail

Ingrown nail early symptom is touch with pain, at that time, if not timely care, may become paronychia, toenails at this time there is not only red, fever, but also accompanied by severe pain, wait to fester, local there will be outflow purulent secretion.

Remember the 2 key points in treatment of paronychia

Most people to cure paronychia are choosing to go to the hospital to pull it, but this method is not only pain, healing time is too long, and grow new nails will continue along the direction of growth before, and then again into the meat , induce paronychia, so this method is not suitable for choice, we bear in mind that these two points, one is attention to diminish inflammation sterilization, two is to remember the edge of the toenail growth after correction, is a priority among priorities.

The specific method for the treatment of paronychia

First, soak the foot of the paronychia in vinegar and hot water for 5 to 10 minutes until the nail is soft.

When the nail is soft, use a clean nail clipper to cut the nails from the meal.

Apply 3 percent of iodine to the affected area, remember to apply it on both sides of the toenail, and then rinse it with alcohol for 5 to 7 minutes.

Use toothpicks or other tools to plug alcohol-based medical cotton into a ditch of the nail. Prevent nail and meat contact, and remember to change each day.

Repeat step 4 until the growth of the disease nail is corrected, and generally 1 ~ 3 months can be cured.