The Tie of the Bow Illustrated, the Tie of the Beautiful Bow

By Philip Perez,2018-02-11 18:44:00
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The Tie of the Bow Illustrated, the Tie of the Beautiful Bow

Classical knot

Neutral colored towels, paired with a classic sling cheongsam, give you a more elegant and graceful femininity. This style of play is best used for more formal occasions. Remember, the color of the scarf is best not to use too bright patterns, otherwise it will damage the overall sense of harmony.

The knot, which can be tied on either side of the chest, gives a sharper impression than the bow. Ideal for banquets with ladylike costumes, it is better to tie the scarves slightly diagonally. The flowers are smaller and look slimmer. The ends of the flowers and scarves are placed in front and the color of the face is better.

Step1: Fold the napkin in half and fold it in half again to an appropriate width.

Step2: Tie a knot around your neck and make the short side ring in the opposite direction.

Step3: Then turn the other side around the ring and pull the middle part of this side of the scarf through the top and tie it into a bow. Spread one side of the bow into a flower.

Step4: The other side is also arranged in the shape of a flower. Carefully arrange the two flowers into a beautiful shape. Then move the knot to the side of the neck and put one end of the long silk scarf behind the shoulder.

Stewardess Knot

This type of tie is recommended if you want your neck to be the focus of attention right away. A bright silk scarf brings your dignified smile to life right away. A flower opening in your neck gives you a warm and genial feeling even in the cold of winter. Colorful silk scarves are not childish at all and are more stylish and elegant.

The key to this knot is the second step, the one-sided bow flower-like formation tips: with both hands to hold the ends of the knot, one end into the hole at the other end, and then carefully arranged into a flower-like, and finally the short silk scarf corner pulled down a little tight (pull the hand to hold the flower center), the flower is not easy to loose.

Step1: Fold the large square towel into the right width and tie a sling around your neck.

Step2: Make a single bow and turn to the side of the neck. Organize the single bow into flowers.

Step3: Tighten the corner of the short end of the scarf into a cambric shape, which is wound under the flower in a clockwise direction (counterclockwise when playing to others).

Step4: The end just fits in the knot of the bow. Finish the shape.

Color U-knot

This style of tie is natural and smooth, and can improve your fashion index. Because the scarf is tied behind your back, so that your figure is also slim and moving. The hard silk scarf material, coupled with colorful geometric patterns, highlights the softness and rigidity of the era of the new female characteristics.

This type of tie is paired with a low-necked sling to embellish an empty neck and trim a neck that is too slender for warmth and elegance. If paired with a high collar, it serves as a decorative embellishment. Do not wrap it too tightly. Suitable for post-work dating for white-collar women. People with square and round faces should not try it and cannot match it with large round collars and U collars.

Step1: Fold the napkin in half, then in half to the appropriate width.

Step2: Adjust both ends to the same length, around the neck and cross at the front end twice. Then go around the back of the neck.

Step3: Fasten the ends with a slit at the back of the neck and adjust the front to a perfect cross shape.

Jasmine Knot

White is the most common color for urban women to wear at work. Almost all office workers can dress this way, but how can they be better than others? To wear elegant taste, the style between the necks is necessary, a little embellishment can be a fresh pie beauty, in the OFFICE in the distribution of light jasmine incense.

The use of beautiful silk towels to form a flower tied to the neck side, not only to add color to the face, the shape is more three-dimensional, to achieve the effect of drawing dragon and polish. It is recommended that the best use of soft texture light color tone silk towels, the silk towels will be a little more skewed


Step1: Fold the silk scarf in half so that the ends overlap and then twist into a flax-like shape.

Step2: Wrap around your neck and slightly separate the ends of the silk scarf.

Step3: After knotting the ends of the silk scarf separately, go through the ring at the other end.

Step4: Adjust the angle and expand the corner of the silk scarf into a beautiful shape.

Wide tie knot

Wide tie knots give the V-neckband a more classy look. In the UK, gentlemen gathered at the racetrack like it, usually by putting the scarf inside a suit or shirt. If it is a small square scarf, it will look more stylish to show one end of the scarf on the outside of the shirt. This style of dress, free from the constraints of office hours, is relaxed and untacky, and can be paired with a suit for a fashion professional such as a magazine editor or journalist.

The V-neck is the collar that best matches the characteristics of a wide tie. To avoid looking too stiff overall, try to avoid matching it with a silk scarf with a straight stripe pattern. The key to a nice tie is to tie the collar smaller. A person with a short neck can tie the knot at the lower part of the scarf to make the scarf tie appear more V-shaped and can stretch the length of the neck.

Step1: Fold the scarf diagonally to the center point in half, then in half to the appropriate width.

Step2: Wrap around your neck, with the left and right sides one long and the long side pressing against the short side.

Step3: Tie the long side up from the bottom of the short side and tie a knot.

Handsome tie knot

This style of tie gives a sense of rigor and solidity. It goes with the traditional style of shirt, giving a neat, neat feeling. The combination of circular and square blocks on the silk scarf and tie breaks the dull monotony of the white shirt, coupled with the fitted trousers, gives a professional and capable image. If paired with a narrow black skirt, neutral and capable can also bring out a little feminine charm.

Tie the tie down a bit and match it with low-collar clothes for a more harmonious look. If it's a high-collar dress, with pants and heels, it looks crisp and neat for a more handsome outfit. The left and right balance of the scarf determines the effect of the tie. If you want the tie knot to look slightly smaller overall, adjust the length ratio at both ends of the scarf to 2:1.

Step1: Fold the large square towel diagonally toward the center point in half, and then in half.

Step2: Finally fold in long strips around the neck, with the long end pressing down on the short end.

Step3: Bypass from the short end from left to right from below to wrap the long end to form a knot.

Step4: Then the long end from below around the front of the neck ring, wear out, adjust the length can be.

100% Flower   

It is better to choose a silk scarf full of tension, which can guarantee the beautiful shape of the tie after the tie. With a silk scarf with trimmed edge, it can highlight the rich layers of silk scarf pleats peculiar to this kind of tie. With a long skirt with similar lace color, it is more delicate and sweet.   

Fold the width of the scarf can be determined according to the neck proportion, if too wide, resulting in loss of balance of the entire scarf. When matching round collar, can be with casual style collar interpretation of more beautiful. With square collar, will make you look full of feminine. Pairing with the best selection of slightly larger size of the scarf, look more coordinated, so that the two ends of the scarf hanging in front, increase the drape feeling of the scarf pleats. This is less suitable for the neck is too short or pear face.

Step1: Fold the square towel into a long, organically pleated band around the neck.

Step2: Tie the loose knot twice, that is, into a flat knot. Or you can fix both ends with a pin.

Step3: Tune the flat knots to the proper position and organize them into a flower shape.

Baroque Bow      

Beautiful bows complement feminine beauty. Bow ties are most widely used in styling. They have a different appeal in neck, neckline or chest. When paired with a white two-piece knitwear and long skirt, the knots that fall naturally are more elegant. They can also be paired with a shirt collar. The first button is unbuttoned and the effect is better. Available soft silk scarves material, more three-dimensional sense, let you more elegant and nimble feeling.

This type of tie is recommended if you want your neck to be the center of attention right away. The ends of the scarf should be as long as possible around your neck, so that the colors on both ends are symmetrical, like the colorful wings of a butterfly. But remember, never pair with a square collar or a U collar.

Step1: Fold the long silk scarf in half.

Step2: Fold in half again, about 5cm wide.

Step3: Wrap it around your neck.

Step4: Just tie a bow at the V-neckline on your chest.