One Tip to Clean the Hairs on Your Clothes

By Philip Perez,2015-06-15 20:46
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One Tip to Clean the Hairs on Your Clothes

In the winter, the cloth of woolen that is worn, the clothes of this kind material, the easiest way to get ash, the adhesive tape general feeling can hurt clothes, still can be very waste material not? The sticky roller can't be cleaned up completely, even if the down jacket has its own dust, is it nerve-racking?

Here are three ways to solve your problems instantaneously, dealing with the sticky hairs and dust on different fabrics.

1. Rubber gloves

You know the kind of granular rubber gloves you're wearing, and that's the perfect thing to do. The first thing is to put on the gloves, and the granular side slides down the woolen, and the particles have friction, which will naturally handle the sticky hair. No matter what kind of wool fabrics, it is very practical.

2. Nylon socks

Use old nylon socks or pantyhose depilate. Like wearing gloves, stick your hand into nylon socks or pantyhose, and hold your fingertips against the top of your stocking. Touch the face with the hand, and the hair will naturally stick to the sock.

3. Hot and humid towel

Clothes down jacket fabrics on a wet towel, you could just not humidity is too big, hot wet towel will more effectively, even have stains, only in dirty place a few drops of neutral detergent, after 5 minutes with a wet hot towel dry can remove.

P.S. After you wash your clothes which are easily stick hairs, you must clean the inside of the washing machine. This prevents the hair from sticking to the rest of the laundry.