The way you hold your phone betrays your character

By Philip Perez,2017-12-28 14:44:00
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The way you hold your phone betrays your character

It is said that the way you hold your phone betrays your character!

First, see how you hold your phone

Have you chosen?

Answer A: One hand support, the same hand thumb control

External character: no one can be reached, intuitive, incredibly sexy, strong memory, difficult to give up loved, a bit mysterious. Working hard, dedicated, full of ideals, flexible and alert. Talented, creative, special charm, make friends vast.

Inner character: you are not at all casual, you know who is good to you who is not good to you, you know how to hold a pinch, also love hate clear. If you can do without pretense, you do not want to wear a thorn, you just hope that someone can let you rely on, so that you do not have to continue to disguise what. Sometimes you just mouth faster, the heart does not mean, you sincerely hope that the world is a good, everyone happy.

Love Character: Do not betray your trust, if you trust each other, it is unreserved faith. You have a strong desire for self-protection, if you were hurt once, it is absolutely not allowed to suffer the same injury, it is difficult to believe. You attach great importance to the feelings, as long as love, will sacrifice themselves warmly at all costs, is a very rare dedicated a good lover.

Answer B: One hand support, the other thumb control

External personality: Sensitive, imaginative, intuitive, helpful, insecure, compassionate, enthusiastic, high-spirited, informal, a little edgy, energetic. Inquisitive, adventurous, funny, funny, self-deprecating.  

Intrinsic Character: Eager to be protected, eager to be treated sincerely, like to be recognized and accepted. Sometimes you are too nice, tough not up, often taken advantage of, you want very simple, as long as the other side to pay sincere emotion. You are not at all casual, you know who is good to you who is not good to you, you know how to pinch, also love hate. 

Love Character: You are not good at expressing, if the other party can feel you love him three points, in fact there will be five, if you can feel five, in fact there will be seven points. You will not be frank, will play down the expression of feelings, will suppress their emotions. You are not unruly, is to love to lower their temper. You habitually good to others, never know what is selfish.

Answer C: Two hands support, thumb alternate control

External personality: broad. Generous, smart, confident and compelling, special charm, slightly higher self-esteem, heavy power. Work hard, dedicated, full of ideals, flexible and alert. 

Intrinsic Character: Fragile at heart, but eager to do so but afraid of injury, high expectations but afraid of loss, need warm encouragement. What you really want is not much, as long as you meet a person who really knows himself, really do not care about and like the real you, enough. If you can not be pretentious, you do not want to take thorns, you just hope that someone can let you continue to rely on what you, no longer camouflage. 

Marital Character: Fantasy, excessive memories of the past is hard to let go. You are always hesitant, eager to have someone to accompany, but their own bones ask themselves not to do so. Because love each other too much, do not want to let each other hate, so, want to let each other feel that they do not care, pretend to be very indifferent. Then when you really lost. Then, a person silently suffer a lot, but still do not care about those who do not care about.

Answer D: One hand support, the other hand index finger control

External character: strong creativity, witty, quick thinking, witty words, emotional reaction, quick response. Practical, beauty and art loving, understanding, sometimes too much concern, full of sensibility. Smart thinking, special charm, advocating harmony, good at manipulation.

Inner character: A lot of times you just choose to be silent, but that's your tenderness. You'd rather sacrifice dedication than anyone get hurt. Sometimes you just have a quick mouth and don't mean that. You really want the world to be good and everyone to be happy. You're actually not hard to understand at all, just desperate for some resilience, longing for some dreams, and someone who understands you, that's enough. 

Matchmaking Personality: You don't really like the hustle and bustle. For you, the comfortable, accustomed place is the good place, and for the feelings as well. Your greatest weakness is the softness of heart. Even if you are hit and hurt by any big blow, as long as the other side lowered his head and said sorry, pious apology, you will be unable to resist saying it doesn't matter.

The last thing you see is someone crying, and the one who cries can't help feeling sorry or forgiving.

After reading the dare to tell everyone, you are what kind of?