How was the Treadmill Invented?

By Philip Perez,2011-10-22 04:45
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How was the Treadmill Invented?

Now, the treadmill is a very popular fitness device. More and more families purchase a treadmill for fitness. My family also has three treadmills. But you certainly do not know how the treadmill was born. And the story behind his birth will certainly make you stunned. Because this goods is not simply for what physical fitness but an ancient punishment!

In the early Victorian prison in England, in 1818 the British engineer William found that the prisoners were too lazy, so invented a device that used man to run the wheel to drive the steamed grain, and evolved into the current treadmill. That is, the treadmill was originally a machine for punishing prisoners. Later, of course, people gradually discovered that this was also a way of exercising the body easily.

In 1965, the world's first household treadmill was born in the small Nordic country of Finland; the basic design idea is to use the principle of conveyor belt. This treadmill was born on behalf of the modern history of the first real home treadmill, Western countries have gradually began to accept the practice of running at home fitness way.

However, that era of treadmill can only go fast in the above, after all, it was limited to the computer technology of the time, and it was very uncomfortable if you ran fast.