Never Touch the Tire When This Appears, It is Very Dangerous!

By Philip Perez,2016-11-25 16:16
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Never Touch the Tire When This Appears, It is Very Dangerous!

Regulating civilized driving helps to ensure personal safety

But sometimes

Even when not in the car, the danger still exists

The danger is the bulge:

What is a tire bulge?

Tyre bulging is the most common phenomenon in tyre damage

There are many causes of bulging

generally speaking

Most of the tire bulging is because of the

The use of unexpected shock

The tires are bulging. Can you handle them yourself?

Absolutely not.

The shock of a tyre explosion distorts the tube in an instant

The tires are bulging,

Never touch it directly!

Never touch it directly!

Never touch it directly!

And notify the auto repair shop immediately, please professional guidance for you to deal with!

Peacetime should also guard against the following points:


Please go to the professional tire shop when installing the tires

Use specialized tyre mounting equipment

And professional installation procedures to operate


Try to avoid running on bad roads for long periods of time

If you can't avoid it, be aware that the slower the better


Check tires regularly

The tyre surface should be examined carefully

Are there cracks, scratches, drums, and excessive wear of the tread?

Potential hazards


In addition to checking tires regularly

Owners also need to develop, check and maintain normal tire pressure

Pay attention to tire warranty

Make sure the "healthy" tires are used to drive the vehicle

Remember! If there's a bulge in the tires

Never touch it directly or indirectly

Otherwise, it will cause serious consequences!

I hope you will obey the traffic rules during the driving

Pay attention to vehicle routine maintenance and guard against accidents