Tips for home improvement

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Tips for home improvement

Reasonable use of a variety of skills in the home, often can achieve unexpected results; and in some details, the appropriate use of skills, more so that your decoration handy. This chapter will introduce in the home decoration process, some can make people more effective experience and skills.

First,Tips for creating a comfortable home

Home is the harbor of people's hearts, how to use our hands, our hearts, for themselves and their families to create a comfortable?

Color selection

Experiments have shown that excessive use of a single color in home decoration can have adverse effects on the body. For example, too much dark blue at home, over time, can lead to a somber, negative feeling; too much purple can easily lead to a feeling of rogue ;pink paint is "annoying" color, easily make people feel irritable, thus causing quarrels; too much green(not natural color, but artificial),it can also be demoralizing; too much red can burden the eyes; too much yellow can worry the mind; too much orange can bore the heart.

Experts believe that the best residential color for the milky white, ivory, white three, because they are most suitable for the human visual nerve. From a psychological point of view, because the sun is a white series, on behalf of the light, the use of white can be reconciled with the human eye and heart. There are some turned that the original wood color is easy inspiration and wisdom, is the best tone, especially the study part, the best choice of wood.

Near the magnetic field

The Taoist view is that the human body is a universe, there is a magnetic field, head and feet is the North and South Poles. When people sleep, it is best to take the North and South (and the Earth's magnetic field line in the same direction), so that people can sleep in the state to re-adjust the magnetic field due to a day of fatigue and become very good for health.When choosing a residential building, try to pick a house that is heading south or east or west, so that you can stay in bed close to the direction of north or south or east or west.

Wonderful use of horticultural plants

In addition to purifying the air, horticultural plants have other unexpected functions. For example, white flowers promote interpersonal relationships; yellow flowers stimulate upward energy; blue flowers bring thought and cool judgment; red flowers activate the human spirit ;green is good for your health; purple is good for your art; if your host is easily restless and depressed, you can have green, white and purple flowers.

Home Paintings

The character and preferences of the owner of the house can be understood indirectly from the home hanging pictures. In general, soft landscape paintings, such as sunrise, lake scenery and peony blossoms, can make people feel relaxed, comfortable and healthy. Immortal and Buddha pictures are also used in the home, but it is advisable to have a friendly face and a peaceful expression.

Second,How to decorate low housing?

Judging from the current construction pattern of Chinese houses, a considerable portion of the net height is below 2.7M, making the room appear low once renovated. Here are a few ways for readers to resolve the contradiction between having to decorate the house and not wanting the room to look too low.

Skillfully made wall decoration articles

Decorate the wall, it is advisable to choose vertical lines rather than horizontal lines of the wall decoration, or the best choice of small and delicate patterns to complete from the ceiling to the ground decoration. This will give a three-dimensional farsighted effect, in order to enhance the room's sense of space.Can also take "around the ceiling, the middle of the lamp pool" approach, the practice of the ceiling can be made of wood splint molding, and then designed into various shapes, and then with spotlights and downlights, in the middle part of the ceiling with a more innovative ceiling lamp, space to "increase" the effect of a larger living room will be better.

Room "Sky" smart decoration

The ceiling as the "sky" of the room, it is best not to use the hanging ceiling, but to use the decorative ceiling.Materials selected gypsum can be, because the gypsum ceiling modeling exquisite, beautiful and diverse, and low prices, construction convenience. In the shape of fine compact, but also the entire canopy can be divided into several parts, giving a patchwork of the sense of space, to avoid the entire canopy design caused by excessive pressure.

To give color a sense of space and depth

Colors with high lightness make people feel closer in space, while colors with low lightness are farther away. Warm colors with high lightness give people a feeling of expansion, and cool colors with low lightness give people a feeling of backwardness and expansion.Therefore, low housing wall and ceiling color should be used low brightness of the cold color (expansion color), such as blue, blue, purple and other colors, and try to minimize the use of red, orange, yellow and other warm colors.

Handle the indoor light

The indoor light effect is the first impression of the interior space image. A room with insufficient light makes people feel depressed, while a room with bright light makes people feel open and bright.Therefore, in the layout of low-rise rooms, should try to use transparent materials, as far as possible to expand the area of doors and windows, in order to increase indoor brightness.

Use of suitable furniture

Because in the visual space, the proportion and size between objects are relative, so reasonable selection and layout of furniture, can change the sense of space.Low-rise housing in the selection of furniture, first of all should choose fresh and elegant colors, such as milky white, light yellow or light purple, such as good, so that people feel bright, spacious, if the choice of dark blue furniture will give people dull, narrow feeling; second to reasonable layout of furniture, in order to maximize the use of space, you can consider the use of combination of cabinets or wall cabinets, which will greatly reduce the size of the room.

Consider adding a long, narrow look when decorating a pendant

You can use "lengthened" decorations to make a low-rise room look "spacious" by taking advantage of human visual differences. For example, the curtains should be as long as possible, the calligraphy and painting should be in the form of vertical banners, and you should avoid hanging banners in the room as much as possible.

Correct use of lines and textures

Line can reflect the sense of space, so in decorating the wall should try to reflect vertical lines, so that the room appears high and spacious. For example, hanging on the wall of the sea or forest landscape painting. Because of vertical lines, the room space has been "increased."

Focus on ground handling

If laying a wooden floor, it is best to choose the one without keel, as setting the keel will lose some effective space. To enhance the aesthetic feeling of the floor, consideration may be given to decorating it with carpets on the unpatterned ground for the purpose of diverting people's attention and ignoring the lack of space. The basic color of the ground is as close to the four-wall color as possible, or slightly darker.

Third, Multi-angle type how to integrate the corner space?

In the design and layout of home space, seemingly fragmented corner space through people's clever use, often can achieve unexpected results.

Utilize the plane to maximize the value of space utilization

Clever use of the corner of the wall space, can make the room to maximize the use of value. Use the plane to form a triangle, you can plan to accommodate more items of storage space.For example, the combination of furniture tailored to the specific circumstances of the room, can be a good solution to the problem of how to make rational use of corner and small area, such as the corner of the wall cabinet designed to 360 rotation angle of the high cabinet, or the sliding door or sliding drawer designed to comply with the use of unique furniture, etc., are good choices.

Vertical design to get rid of horizontal area constraints

In real life, how to deal with the horizontal area is limited but the vertical scale of larger space?

1.The most common way

The rooms are partitioned and connected by a staircase or escalator with a larger slope in the middle. This has the advantage of multiplying the effective use area and making the space more varied.

2. Ways to enrich space

According to the article function vertical design bookshelves, writing desks, computer tables, lockers, etc., it is free to put, make full use of space. Can also be suspended from the roof of the hanging cabinets, hammocks, to enrich the space.

3. Flexible ways

Using wood, bamboo, stainless steel, synthetic fiber and so made can be rolled up soft hanging wall. This kind of soft hanging wall can be pulled up and down according to the need, so that the indoor space with the needs of the owner can be divided into smaller and larger, convenient furniture life.

4) Using shelves to make up the shortage of space efficiently

The shelf makes up for the lack of space utilization in its varied form, scientific combination and easy installation. The shelf setup can effectively exploit the edge space such as corners, making the storage space more flexible, more accessible, and more visually varied.

Reshape the polygonal space and use the fragmentary space skillfully

Experts suggest that the remaining triangular or polygonal special-shaped space can be planned as an adjunct to its adjacent main space, for example, the special-shaped space next to the living room can be used as a simple living or study room, and the bedroom can be changed to a dressing room.Experts suggest that the remaining triangular or polygonal special-shaped space can be planned as an adjunct to its adjacent main space, for example, the special-shaped space next to the living room can be used as a simple living or study room, and the bedroom can be changed to a dressing room.

Fourth.Renovating the old house, how to use the corner space?

In the 20th century, the eighties and nineties in the decoration of the house how to use the corner space, in order to achieve satisfactory results?

Refrigerator on the balcony

Lights and sockets are pulled on the balcony, and the refrigerator is placed in the corner of the balcony, which can not only save indoor space, but also reduce the noise impact of the refrigerator.

Roof corner hanging wall cabinets

Placing a hanger on the wall will save some space by including the bedding and clothes that are not needed for the time being.

Kitchen radiator into bedroom

It is worth mentioning that the property sector must first obtain permission before transformation. After obtaining permission, the kitchen radiator is moved to the shaded bedroom. This saves kitchen space and ensures the temperature of the shaded bedroom.

Use of radiator space

When wrapping the radiator, make the place next to the radiator into a closet, install some clothes that are not afraid of squeezing, make a shelf next to the radiator riser, and display home accessories.

Mini wardrobe as a supplement

Usually wear clothes afraid of pressure, tall wooden wardrobe light and accounted for the place, the most affordable mini wardrobe.

Fifth.How can storage make small spaces bigger?

How to change the way of storage, so that the space from small to large?

Use of underbed storage box

People used to add drawers under the bed to store things. Now, with a different style, function of the storage box under the bed can add fresh in the traditional way.For example, rattan with the steel box frame can not only accommodate similar to the winter with thick bedding, pillows and other large objects, the appearance of the bamboo vine can also bring the owner of the atmosphere of the western countryside, so that the bedroom looks different.

Utilize Multi-Purpose Storage Tables

Multi-purpose storage tables can perform different functions in different parts of the room: in the purple bedroom, you can store lingerie, close the lid and become a footstool; in the living room, you can store extra blankets, cushions and other home furnishings, cover the table top and become a chic table.

Using the contents of the sofa

Designed for the sofa bed storage box, can be used in winter sofa cushions, sofa covers, or flat into the winter coat and other wrinkle-prone clothing.

Easy combination with wardrobe

Gloves, socks and other small things can be packed into drawer cabinets and wardrobe lockers. Open storage compositions make things clear at a glance, eliminating the need to find time.

Sixth.How to make the small bedroom look bigger?

How can you make a tiny bedroom look more spacious and modern? Here are some specific ways to do this:

Less things to put.

Too much things to put it will reduce the limited space, people have a sense of limitation. And too much items in the bedroom is not conducive to cleaning and finishing.

Choose simple lines of wood or steel frame structure of the bed

You can visually form a clean, simple, tidy effect. Bed placed in the middle of the house is better, for people with a lot of scattered things, it is best to put a bedside table on both sides of the bed, clutter all in the chest drawer.

Better if you have a closet

Choose a set of wardrobes if you don't have one, and sort through enough drawers to find what you need in the shortest possible time.

Placing a storage box under the bed is a good way to save space.

For people who don't like to clean the house often, it can also save the trouble of cleaning the bottom of the bed.

Seventh.What kind of furniture can you buy to expand your home space?

Generally speaking, furniture is the largest space occupied in the bedroom items. In the limited space in the room, how should we choose furniture to be able to meet the needs of the home, but also to expand the home space?

Pick Size, Shape

Small furniture is preferred when space is limited. For example, a small living room should choose a low-rise sofa. Depending on the size of the living room, a three-person, two-person or 1 + 1 sofa, together with a small round table or mini-TV cabinet, can make the space "bigger".

Do not recommend the use of angular furniture, this type of furniture space is very fragmented, is a small space significantly more messy, should try to choose arc furniture.

Pick texture, shape

Lightweight furniture creates a sense of spatial amplification.

For example, glass is permeable and has a cool feel. Furniture made entirely of glass extends the line of sight infinitely and is the most expansive piece of furniture. Rattan furniture looks very casual and comfortable and is easy to move, contributing to changes in indoor space. Soft, light wood furniture can make the space more simple and flexible.

In the case of space is not wide, armless chairs, small sofas can greatly save space.

Function and function

Some furniture can be changed according to the needs of the space shape, very small room in line with the needs of folding tables, tables and chairs with wheels, can be combined into a multi-use sofa bed, can greatly save room space.

4) Pick a color, match

Small space should be used light color, warm color system. For example, yellow, orange, red or pink, etc., can be "amplified" space. Small space decoration, to use the same color paint, from deep to shallow gradient, the space linked together to make it larger. It is important to note that the interior of the small space with mixed colors, the same color system with each other, feel better echo.

Eighth.How does heat preservation wall crack do?

A lot of new houses are equipped with new-type insulation walls. This kind of wall in the decoration, it is easy to appear emulsion paint cracking problem, there is no way to deal with these cracks?

According to the decoration company's experts, the remedy should be chosen on the basis of the actual situation and the renovation budget:

The treatment of the wall floor clean

Affixed to the wall a layer of really good cloth, kraft paper or newspaper, the use of fiber tension to ensure the integrity of the latex paint film. This method is relatively simple and easy to do, but the effect is average.

Remove the moisturizing plate from the surface of the wall

Or remove the cement wall surface. Install a layer of gypsum board or "five-mile board" outside the moisturizing layer and then do the emulsion paint on it. This method can remove all the irregular cracks, but it is more expensive and difficult to construct.

The use ofelasticdecorative materials.

At present, in the treatment of the wall floor, there is a "elastic putty" to a certain extent to make up for the problem of cracks in the wall. The "three-in-one" Libang paint can also play a role in the micro-cover wall cracks. But these materials themselves, "elastic" is small, in the cracks are very strong on the wall will not work.

Ninth.What are the tips for home decoration?

Bedroom dcor is a way to express your personal style; it doesn't have to be expensive materials, elegant equipment, and here are some tips:

Space for ingenuity

Residential floor height should not be used to decorate such as ceiling; floor height of about 3m residential space can be used as much as possible advantage, in the ceiling of the installation of a row of hanging cabinets, both affordable and beautiful.

Decoration with frescoes

In order to expand the space, you can decorate the wall with beautiful scenery and far-reaching picture murals.

Substitute objects for walls

Bedroom with brick wall (non-load-bearing wall) separation is relatively old practice, if the screen, more valuable or curtain separation, it is both elegant and generous.

Using a wall mirror to "fake"

A glass mirror covering the whole wall can create the illusion that there is a room across the room and thus enlarge the space. The color of the mirror should be determined according to one's hobbies and how well the room is lit.

Make good use of waste materials

Some used items can also come in handy when decorating a room. For example, an old hanger can be folded and made into a beautiful curtain.

Make good use of home deformation

"Movable" furniture is better than the previous fixed, occupied space, rigid wardrobe, combined cabinets. For example, with folding, push and pull method made of sofas, tables, partitions and so on, can save a lot of space area, and make the space rich changes.

Using a variety of lights

In color, shape, light and other aspects of organic with wall lamp, ceiling lamp, gallery lamp, can add color for the room.