Top 10 Most Beautiful Starlight Beaches in the World

By Philip Perez,2017-12-13 13:14:00
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Starlight Beaches in the World

Under the starlight of the sky, whether it is the Caribbean's top beaches or ambiguous nude nude beach, are beautiful and breathtaking. These glittering crystal bright beaches, like the stars scattered in the night sky, dazzling. Here, let's follow the United States "Huffington Post" recently reported, take a look at these like from the stars of the beach bar!

1. Isle of Lewis (Scotland, UK)

The Isle of Lewis is a tiny island in the north of the Outer Hebrides, just a short ferry ride from mainland Scotland. It's also a great place to see the Northern Lights.

2. Papuma Beach (Indonesia)

At sunset, a large number of bats fly out of the cave in droves, after which you will have a chance to see the beautiful Milky Way at night.

3. Hitachinaka (Japan)

During the day, visitors may flock to Hitachi Seaside Park, but at night, the rocky beaches of Hitachinaka hide a breathtaking stillness.

4. Kruden Bay (Scotland, UK)

This picturesque seaside village is sparsely populated and teeming with seagulls, and its beaches are perfect for a restful night.

5. Manarola (Italy)

At sunset, the coastal area of the Cinque Terre takes on a breathtaking variety of colours, resembling pearls left on the sea.

6. Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Filled with a ship of starlight, starlight in the colorful song, it is not happy Zai?

7. Copacabana Beach (Brazil)

On New Year's Eve, Copacabana Beach sparkles with crystal, making it the shiniest beach in Rio de Janeiro.

8. Porter Bay Provincial Park (Canada)

Anvil Island under the starlit sky is a fairyland.

9. Lerang Island (Malaysia)

Known for its white sandy beaches and water sports such as snorkeling, Lerang Island Marine Eco Park is a star-studded island that looks even more enchanting!

10. Uttakleiv Beach (Norway)