Could you do these 9 gestures?

By Philip Perez,2014-12-19 06:23
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Could you do these 9 gestures?

The 10 fingers of the human are different in flexibility, and the flexibility of the fingers varies greatly between people. There are 9 kinds of finger posture, most people cannot do like that.

Please note that! The following 9 gestures are difficult to move, to remind users not to imitate freely.

A Red Heart

At first glance, like rock

I can't see it anymore. I can't do it at all

A type of Kung Fu that lost years?

I never understood how it was done.

Practice yoga with your fingers?

This action makes me admire.

My fingers were breaking fast in the process of trying.

Never be afraid of breaking again

It is said that these 9 gestures, normal people cannot do, so do not try hard, be careful!