Amazing!!The Girl Used a Pose to Record Journey.

By Philip Perez,2012-01-15 21:36
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Amazing!!The Girl Used a Pose to Record Journey.

"Beauty is a gift from heaven, and our ability to live is better and better.

Emile , an Australian girl who loves photography, loves to travel, and meets a boyfriend with the same interests, then starts a journey.

Traveling and taking pictures are like a pair of lovers. Some people like to take pictures because of traveling, and some people love to travel because of taking pictures.

For Emile , she just wanted to walk the whole world, simply record herself in the landscape and scenery.

Back is a very delicate thing, it cleverly avoid complex, but also recorded that she had been to the city.

The girl is running freely on the road.

The beautiful posture of the lake, the silent contemplation of ice and snow.

So Emilia use the same posture, quiet and warm to show us all the beauty scenery of the world.

The quiet sea, clear and beautiful, makes people want to stay from sunrise to sunset.

The Balinese evening will be coming, with a deep thought, and suddenly forget the sorrow in the heart, and fill it with the coming night.

Tasmania mount Wellington. Over the years, listen to the story of the past, read it silently, and pray in your heart.

Kyoto the shrine. All the sights that you dream of, one day will be in front of you, the wish you expect, will come true.

The Eiffel Tower holds eternal ice, like a flower that will never fade. The eternal cultural heritage of New Zealand is a gift of history. Just watch quietly.

The pyramids of Giza are beautiful, the scenery is pleasant, and the tea garden leaves are green and green, waiting for your arrival.

The evening glow of Atherton heights dyed the water red, spread the hair and caressed the skin, and everything in the world turned red in this moment.

The distance from the Dead Sea, touching the golden yellow of the harvest, sighed the wonders of the world and turned the seeds into fruit.

Lake Wanaka. Take a person's back and bring the story to the scene. Simple and quiet, this is the way Emile expresses emotions.

Life is about walking the road you like and doing what you love. In this way, Emile travels around the world with her boyfriend.

She uses a back shadow to tell everyone that, apart from photographers and photo poses, the whole outfit is the focal point of the trip. She uses this action to tell people that simply telling the story in the photo, calmly presenting the scene, is the most natural travel photo.

If you love the world, go for it! Believe that the world will live up to your expectations. You look at the world religiously, and the world will be gentle. Feel the world with your heart. Dressed in beautiful clothes, walking on the grass, walking in strange streets, walking by the sea, walking in a busy city, beautiful and quiet.