Transform your Windows 7 computer into a wireless router

By Philip Perez,2017-12-14 18:21:00
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Transform your Windows 7 computer into a wireless router

In the ordinary course of the Internet, will inevitably encounter some network problems, this time we need to check the status of the network connection, to find the root cause of the problem.

In Windows XP, everyone opens the "Network Connections" window from the Start Menu or Control Panel to check for network problems, but for a Windows 7 novice, finding this window seems a bit difficult, and searching for "Network Connections" in the Control Panel does not find it. At this point, you should think of the "Network and Sharing Center" that was introduced last time, because there is a centralized network related to the general configuration can not find clues

Try clicking on the "Change Adapter Settings" task at the top left. Look, the "Network Connections" window was hidden here, so we can check the settings and status of the network adapter in the computer as we did in XP:

But some students may find that one of these network cards called the "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" thing, by name seems to be Microsoft's virtual Wi-Fi network card. How can there be such a thing in the computer for no reason? Is it another hidden function of Windows 7 was discovered?

Yes, this is indeed the Win7 hidden in the new features-"virtual Wifi", sorry to sell you in front of a big shutdown. Simply put, Win7 can be in the existing wireless card based on anothervirtualout of a wireless network card, support network sharing, let our computer into a wireless router Oh! It seems that nowadays "virtual" everywhere ah.

Some students may know that before this, in fact, can also set up a temporary network to other Wifi devices to share the Internet ah, virtual Wifi network card what new advantages?

The traditional ad hoc wireless network (or Ad Hoc mode) is a point-to-point network, similar to the "dual-machine interconnection" in wireline networks. Although Internet sharing can also be achieved, it is mainly used for the temporary interconnection of two devices, and some devices (such as those with an Android system) do not support connecting to the ad hoc wireless network.There is also a serious problem, because a wireless network card can only connect to a wireless network, so if you connect to the Internet through a wireless network card, you can no longer use this wireless network card to establish a temporary network to share the Internet.

And the virtual Wifi function in Win7 can virtual out a network card on the basis of a real wireless network card to realize the AP function of the wireless router and solve all the problems of the temporary network.

So seductive function, now hasten to teach you:

1.Run the command prompt as an administrator

Because the following steps must be run with administrator privileges, we find Command Prompt from the Start menu, or simply type cmd for a quick search, right-click it, select Run as administrator, and click Yes in the pop-up user control window.Another way is to hold down Ctrl and Shift to click the shortcut directly, which is easier.

Enable and set "Virtual Wifi" mode

Run the following command to enable the virtual wireless card (equivalent to turning on the router):

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=”Win7 AP WOW!” key=wifimima

There are three parameters in this command:

Mode: Whether to enable the virtual Wifi network card, to disallow is disabled, the virtual network card will disappear.

Ssid: Specify the name of the wireless network, preferably in English.

Key: Specifies the password for the wireless network. This password is used to secure the wireless network with WPA2 encryption, which is a good way to prevent the network from being dashed.

The above three parameters can be used separately, for example, only use mode = display can directly disable the virtual Wifi network card.

3. Enable Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

To share a connected Internet with other computers or devices, we need to enable Internet Connection Sharing. Open the Network Connections window, right-click the network connection that is connected to the Internet, select Properties, switch to the Sharing tab, select the check box, and select the network connection that allows them to share the Internet Here is our virtual Wifi card:

Once determined, a "Shared" flag appears next to the icon for the network card that provides the share, indicating that Internet Connection Sharing is enabled for the virtual wireless card:

4.Turn on Wi-Fi

Continue to run the following command at the command prompt:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

to turn on the wireless network we previously set up (the equivalent of turning on the router's wireless function. Similarly, change start to stop to turn off the wireless network).

As you can see, the virtual wireless card has turned on the wireless network we specified, and its properties, such as IP address, are assigned by the Internet Connection Sharing service, so it is special:

At the end of the day, just connect to the wireless network on the computer or phone you want to connect to, and you'll be able to swim directly to the Internet: