This Court Has no Dignity at all. It's Just a Botanical Garden!

By Philip Perez,2014-11-02 20:43
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This Court Has no Dignity at all. It's Just a Botanical Garden!

In impression, the court seems to be like this!

That's it

Gray hue & Central axis & so many high steps

There is no room for any reverie

Full of dignity only

Recently, the conceptual design of the Philippines Supreme Court freshly baked

Absolutely you can’t possibly imagine

The court consists of six different areas

Thus created six clusters

Representing six different institutions

And arrange them over the vertical botanical garden

Reduced the footprint of the building

And created more green space

Therefore,to improve environmental quality

Really curious

How could there be the courage to design such a court?

Do the Philippine people are not law-abiding or law-abiding this is

The design team comes from CAZA, a building firm in Brooklyn, New York,

This firm is based on the exploration of Philippines's architecture

They believe that building make infinite possibilities

Now, the hundred wall church is a good example for this.

The church is located in the center of a beautiful quiet Philippines island

The Pure white church and the surrounding scenery complementing each other

The church has many entrances

Showing Countless roads to reach the God

One hundred stone walls scattered

There is a mystery to induce people to explore

There is an opposition that shows the collision of light and darkness

CAZA did not design a church in accordance with conventional typology

They create a better experience for people

And unfamiliar with the novel to produce more expectations as a starting point

Both the exploration of the sanctuary of the church

Or the exploration of the justice of the court

This does not seem surprising

Approved should be sooner or later

Moreover, the architect also incorporated the local spirit of the Philippines into the design

Fully respect for one`s country

This local spirit comes from the mutual cooperation between different races

Although The Philippines is not big

But it is a islands that contains 50 kinds of dialects and 30 ethnic

It is multi-ethnic and rich in regional history

The Supreme Court serves as a righteous place full of free speech

This respecting is even more important

Collaboration between buildings must be through functional ties

Although the court is made up of many different body blocks

But its integrated, seamless space tries to help individuals gather here with the help of a building. It also allows staff to perform their legal duties well, provide judicial services and improve work efficiency

▼ six different sets of functional clusters into the building

This Supreme Court is also the most advanced green agency complex in the Philippines

Designers from the perspective of sustainable development for the building designed to reduce the heat load and Recycling rainwater, increasing the way natural cooling works

Like the hundreds of walled church

The design will strengthens the integration of architecture with the local environment

It can be seen that the court seems to have been built in a botanical garden

And the surrounding landscape from the ground to the roof combines the tropical landscape characteristics of different areas

Such as Cordillera Mountains, tropical jungle, palm beach...

It seems can be described as the culmination of the natural landscape of the Philippines

▼ The botanical garden below the building

In addition, its interior design is also full of infinite imagination

▼ entrance hall



▼Trial court

▼The office of the judge




It seems that it has not little bit of relationship

On the contrary, seems to have some family warmth

The Philippines is actively engaged in national construction

In the rapid development of the process,they created a lot of brilliant achievements

But the traditional tribal approach is emphasized in this design

And combine them and modern new technology together

While protecting the natural environment here

Both meet the daily requirements of the court

But also show the Philippine self-examination and future ambitions

▼ bottom plane

▼The first-level plane

▼The second-level plane


Suddenly want to go to this country to see the building

Even the court can be building like this

Other buildings must be more Aspect ~