Using the computer's most taboo little moves

By Philip Perez,2018-01-30 04:17:00
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Using the computer's most taboo little moves

1. vigorously hit the return key This is probably a common problem among people, because the return key is usually the last one we hit when we finish something, presumably out of a sense of triumph excitement. Everyone always hits the return key so vigorously and cheerfully when they type it.

The solution: There are two solutions. The first is to keep your emotions in check and the second is to get your wallet ready.

2.Snack and drink on the keyboardThis habit is probably very common, to see a lot of people are like this, especially fans are the computer table as a dining table to use. I think if you remove your keyboard once, perhaps the same behavior will be reduced, you can see that your keyboard is like water accumulation rocks, for your usual habits, retained a lot of "fossils", rice grains, biscuit slag, hair and so everywhere, no wonder people say: the public computer room keyboard is dirty than the public toilet. At the same time, such a fragment may enter your keyboard, blocking the circuit on your keyboard, resulting in input difficulties. Drinks are even more dangerous, enough to destroy your keyboard once. Even if your keyboard luckily is not destroyed, I am afraid to type, it is sticky and very difficult.Solution: Avoid eating on the keyboard, or buy a waterproof keyboard and clean it every once in a while. If you have more money in your pocket, consider changing your keyboard every six months. It should be better. And remember to buy a dining table for your room.

3.The CD is always in the CD drive (and when watching the CD, play or eat out after pausing)Many people always like to put the CD in the optical drive, especially the CD, in fact, this habit is very bad. CD in the optical drive, the optical drive will every time after a period of time, will be tested, especially the recorder, is always testing the optical drive, and high speed optical drive at work, the motor and control components will generate high heat, so optical drive manufacturers have been trying to solve.Although there are several ways to keep the temperature of the optical drive within a reasonable range, even advanced technology cannot effectively control the generation of high temperatures if the optical drive is in operation for long periods of time. Heat not only affects the stability of the components, but also accelerates the wear of the mechanical parts and the aging of the laser heads. It is unwise to keep the optical drive working for long periods unless you want to boil your optical discs and discs.Solution: Try to transfer the contents of the CD to the hard disk to use, such as the CD into MP3, if you are a perfectionist, then use the form of virtual disk drives to manage your common CD bar; the game as far as possible using the hard disk version of the game; most CD-ROM version of the game, can be found in the online version of the CD version into the hard disk version of the software; otherwise the same use of the form of virtual disk. There are a lot of virtual optical drives can be downloaded online, if you are afraid of trouble, you can use the domestic "Oriental optical drive magician 3" or "VirtualDrive 7.0", the interface is very simple, and no E text problems, very handy.

 4. shut down and restart immediatelyOften when someone shuts down they remember that the disc has not been taken out, or that something has not been completed, and so on, it can be said that there are many people with the same problem. Many people react quickly, in the shutdown of the power just completed can think of, and then reach out to turn on; more DIY good hand, always responsive, shutdown, ten seconds to deal with the fault, restart the computer; so I do not know how much harm.First, a short period of frequent pulsed voltage shocks can damage an integrated circuit on a computer. Second, the hardest-hit hard disks are now high-speed hard disks, which take a long time to go from cutting power to stopping the disk completely. If the disk does not stop, rebooting the hard disk in a decelerated state is equivalent to reaccelerating it.Solution: If you forget to do something after shutting down, put it down; be sure to wait more than a minute before rebooting, or press the hot-start button on the chassis when the computer is not disconnected. If you can't do any of the above, for the health of your computer, it is recommended that you tie a rope around your computer desk for more than a minute to tie your hands.

 5. Open chassis cover to runOpen the chassis cover to run a look that DIY people often do. Indeed, open the chassis cover, is able to make the CPU cooler, but at the expense of other accessories to achieve this. Because opened the chassis cover, the chassis will lose before and after the convection, air flow will no longer pass through memory and other accessories, the most suffering is the chassis in front of the optical drive and hard drives, the loss of convection, will make them located in the lower part of the circuit board generated heat into upward, not only scattered, but also used to heat themselves, especially the recorder, the temperature will be much higher than usual.Do not believe you compare the temperature of the optical drive can not open the chassis cover. Open the chassis cover will also bring electromagnetic radiation, noise and other hazards, but will make the chassis accessories more easily dirty, bring the harm of static electricity, and hinder the fan rotation. At the same time, let other hidden dangers, such as you drink tea in front of the computer to watch a film, a burst of the camera so that you will be open the mouth..................Solution: Very simple, lock the lock for your chassis cover, then send me the key. If you are afraid of overclocking instability, do not overclocking, now the CPU is fast enough, the mainstream CPU in the market is enough. If you use the old and worn CPU, I suggest you still change a good, for one is also a few hundred yuan of electromagnetic noise or so why not to pay.

 6. Touch the screen with your handIn fact, neither CRT nor LCD can be touched by hand. Computers can accumulate a large amount of electrostatic charge on the surface of components during use. Most typically, when a display is touched by hand after use, a violent electrostatic discharge will occur. Electrostatic discharge may damage the display, especially the fragile LCD.In addition, the surface of the CRT has anti-glare, anti-static AGAS (Anti-Glare Anti-Static) coating, anti-reflection, anti-static ARAS (Anti-ReflectionAnti-Static) coating, hand touch, will also leave a fingerprint on the top, do not believe you look at the monitor from the side, you can see a fingerprint on the screen printed on the screen, do you want to help the police to damage the display?LCD display is much more fragile than CRT display, hand pointing at the LCD display or hard to stamp the screen is not advisable, although for CRT display this is not a big problem, but LCD display is different, which may cause scratches on the protective layer, damage the liquid crystal molecules of the display, so the bad habit must be corrected, after all, your LCD is not touch screen display.Solution: Stick a sign on your monitor that forbids hand molding, not to mention fingernails, and buy a laser pointer for your screen. Strong shock and vibration should be avoided. Screens and sensitive electrical components in LCD monitors can be damaged if they are subjected to a strong shock; the monitor should be cleaned in a special shop with soft cloth, such as glasses, and then buy a soft cloth for cleaning.

 7.Always use the same wallpaper or screen saver with still pictureWhether it's a CRT or an LCD monitor, showing the same picture for a long time will speed up the aging of the corresponding area. In the long run, there will certainly be a distortion of the display. If you have a chance to look at the computer in the computer room, you will find that many of the above have a clear picture outline. What's more, life is colorful, why always use the same face?Solution: Change a theme every once in a while, preferably no more than half a year. Turn off the monitor when you're not using it for a long time. If you're not in the habit of doing so, set a suitable time at the screen saver for the display properties and let WINDOWS do it for you.

 8.put the disc or other things on the monitor.The monitor will get hot during normal operation. To prevent overheating, the monitor will inhale cold air through the internal circuitry and then drain it from the top. Do you now feel the disc you put on it as hot as a pancake? If you always keep the disc or paper on top of the monitor; what's more, let the cat curl up on the top of the monitor in the winter, and the image will accumulate a hotbed of the monitor.Solution: If you want the monitor to have the best picture quality and extend its lifespan, wake up your cat and let it sleep somewhere else.

 9.take the computer host to pad feetIf you want to kill your desktop computer, it's faster to take it for a cross-country drive, or to go hiking and bungee jumping with it on your back; your method vibrates too little and takes too long to get anywhere. If you're willing to stick with it, the first thing you'll get is a hard drive. The cause of death is a hard drive.Solution: Make a picture of your computer scaffolding your desktop so you can see how ugly that pose is, so you don't stick your feet up to the mainframe again; or else stick your computer invoice on the monitor and look at the amount on the invoice, and you won't be indifferent. If none of the above methods can stop your behavior, I think you should and air conditioning, television and other household appliances use the same power outletThis is because electrical appliances with motors run into common power pollution phenomena such as spikes and surges that can damage your computer's electrical system, making it inoperable or even damaged. At the same time, they compete with your computer for power when they start up. The result of a small reduction in power is that your system may be suddenly restarted or shut down.Solution: For your computer not to starve or eat "food (electricity)" is not clean, first of all should use good quality computer switching power supply. Second, for some power environment is very unstable users, it is recommended to buy UPS or power supply and other equipment to ensure that the computer provides a clean power supply. Also is to optimize the wiring to minimize the impact between various electrical appliances.

 11.Smoke secondhand smoke for your computerJust as cigarettes, cigars, or tiny particles of smoke can harm your lungs, cigarettes can also run into the reading heads of your CD-ROM or DVD drives, causing reading errors. Cigarette ash is more likely to degrade the quality of your printers and scanners.Solution: The best way to protect your system and yourself is not to smoke. If you just can't kick the habit of smoking, smoke outside or turn on the air freshener around your computer! And of course don't use your keyboard as an ashtray.

 12.Constantly changing driversMany DIYs love to keep updating drivers, and while updating drivers may improve performance and compatibility, inappropriate new versions can cause hardware outages and are not recommended to upgrade drivers when older versions are working properly.It is good for you to read the driver's README file carefully first. It is better not to always catch up with the latest driver, not to use the latest version of the driver, should use the driver for their own hardware situation, because each generation of drivers are designed for the most popular graphics chip on the market at that time, the old chip is not free to use the new driver, not to use the test version of the driver left to test their Web site.Solution: to the professional website to see the introduction of new drivers, I think the safest way is: graphics cards up to six months after the introduction of the chip driver; motherboards up to the chipset to launch 6-9 months of the driver; sound cards, etc., up to one year after the launch of the driver; then the next drive will not be used (unless you try the front of the driver all have problems).

 13.install a lot of beta or shareware version of the softwareAs with drivers, updates have the potential to improve performance, functionality, and compatibility, but inappropriate new versions can cause system anomalies. In particular, beta versions are even more harmful. Since there are no official versions, there are still many uncertain BUG bugs in the software that can explode like a bug in your system at any time.Share version of the software has some time (or the number of times) will be invalid, if your system through the share version of the software to change some aspect of the function, and the share version of the software because of failure to run, then your system can not return to the state you want; or use the share version of the software to establish the information or documents, because the share version of the software failure to open or restore the number of time should be unable to use.Solution: If you don't have to use the new version to solve the problem, try to use the latest official version of the software, and leave the testing to the experts. Register your shareware as much as possible, or pay attention to the limitations of shareware so that you don't lose important files or damage the system.

 14.Abnormal restart during system operationWhen the system is running, an abnormal restart (including pressing the restart key on the chassis, the power key, and Ctrl Alt Del) can cause the system to lose system files, memory errors, and missing setups. Originally Windows provided a disk scanning tool to correct some of the faulty files, but because scanning takes a long time, many people interrupt his work, and the chances of data crashing on the system are greatly increased.Solution: Try to use a more stable system, it is best to convert the hard disk to NTFS format, it is more secure than FAT32 format, not easy to error.Also FAT32 and FAT16 users, it is best to let the disk scanning tool to complete its work. Of course, the best way is to find out the cause of the crash, to prevent such a phenomenon.

 15. do not scan and organize the hard diskOften see a lot of people's hard drive is full of errors and fragments, always feel very uncomfortable, in fact, those things will not only make your system more likely to go wrong, but also may make your system become very slow, or even unable to run. In fact, it is good to understand such a bad thing, like your room things are thrown around, there are entangled, even damaged, of course, find things to be very inefficient, and even bad, because they are not used ;Solution: Remember to clean your hard disk every once in a while, and clean it up. If you are adding more users to delete operations, it should be done once a month, the average user can organize it once every three months. WINDOWS comes with a very inefficient disk cleaning tool, you can use VoptXP, Norton and other tools to improve speed.

 16. virtual memory does not specify the rangeVirtual memory, as the name implies, simulates memory on the hard disk with the space of the hard disk in order to guarantee memory requests that are larger than the system memory and to guarantee the running of the program. Generally, WINDOWS by default manages the size of the virtual memory by itself, which has two disadvantages: first, the value of each request is not consistent, so the system will arbitrarily draw a place on the hard disk partition to store temporary files, thereby increasing the efficiency of the system. Second, the general WINDOWS are designated their own hard disk as the storage of virtual memory default disk, but because many users always installed programs under the same partition, making the partition space smaller and smaller, that is, virtual memory can use less space, less than a certain degree, will not be able to execute large software, or even access to the system.Solution: You should manually specify the location and size of virtual memory, in principle, specify the size of the system virtual memory for more than 512M is good (minimum and maximum space is the same, to ensure that WINDOWS will not change the location), location to see that the partition has extra space on the list.

 17. do not uninstall, but directly delete the folderMany software installations add registration information and files under the registry and SYSTEM folders. If they are not uninstalled by the software's own uninstaller, the information and files in the registry and SYSTEM folders will remain in them forever. Their presence will make your system large and inefficient beyond your tolerance limit, and you will have to reinstall your system.Workaround: When you remove a program, you should go to the removal add-in in Control Panel (you can make a shortcut on the desktop to make it easier), or find the removal shortcut in the program's directory in the Start menu bar, and use it to remove the program.

 18.Load or install too many software with the same functionSpecial anti-virus software should choose one, rather than loading many at the same time in the system background, loading too much will result in the consumption of too many system resources, software conflicts of the malpractice, in the discovery of viruses, there may be because of "kill" virus caused by the trouble of the system crash; just a number of pop-up windows, separately processing, is also a trouble. Special anti-virus software should choose one, rather than loading many at the same time in the system background, loading too much will result in the consumption of too many system resources, software conflicts of the malpractice, in the discovery of viruses, there may be because of "kill" virus caused by the trouble of the system crash; just a number of pop-up windows, separately processing, is also a trouble.Solution: As far as possible, "from the end", do not take too much care to choose a suitable for their habits of software, the other can be unloaded; the correct approach to antivirus software, should choose a virus database update fast antivirus software, and timely update their own virus database to the latest virus database, rather than installing multiple antivirus software.