Tattoo Doesn't Hurt at These Locations. Do You Dare to Try?

By Philip Perez,2011-11-24 18:38
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Tattoo Doesn't Hurt at These Locations. Do You Dare to Try?

Many friends want tattoos but they're afraid of pain。

In fact, some parts of the tattoo is not so painful.

Today, I'll introduce you to some places where tattoos don't hurt.


There is enough muscle and fat on the thigh to help cushion the pain of the tattoo.

And the tattoo is on the outside of the thigh, the area is large enough to have more creative space.

But tattooing on the medial side of the thigh is a more sensitive area due to the dense distribution of the nervous system. The thigh is a part of the girl's choice.


If you have a tattoo on your calf, you don't feel pain.

Although the calf belly space is not big, the pattern type that can choose is enough.

If the front leg tattoo will be relative to the calf pain, but this position is suitable for anyone, in the summer, wear shorts, with all kinds of shoes and socks. The tattoo on the lower leg as a unique accessory is just too beautiful, absolutely cool!

upper arms

The pain of tattooing on the upper arm is not very strong, because there is meat! In this position, it's very convenient, if you don't want to expose it, easy to cover.

If the tattoo in the arm,it will hurt a little bit more than the outside, but it can also absorb the pain. The benefit of the inside will keep your tattoos mysterious and not so easy to see.


The forearm is the arm near the hand. This muscle can be a perfect buffer for pain because of the amount of muscle used in the small arms. In particular, the friends who have strong arm do not feel pain at all!

Keep in mind that you need to choose the right size and the right pattern when you get a tattoo on your forearm.


There's enough fat on the hips! Of course it relieves pain.

The creation area is big enough and the privacy is high enough. This position is becoming a new trend for many female tattoos, and if you have peach hips, the index of sexual attraction rises linearly!

Do you want to get a tattoo?