Why is a selfie uglier than others? That's because you haven't GET to these points

By Philip Perez,2017-12-25 20:01:00
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Why is a selfie uglier than others? That's because you haven't GET to these points

Open the circle of friends, one by one across the past, everyone's self-filming is the little fairy can not hold their own mood, ready to surprise everyone, the results open the front camera... I wipe!! Who is this person? I do not recognize her

In fact, selfie is not simple to turn on the front camera, click once even completed she needs a lot of conditions: light, background, angle, posture and so on the following small series to take everyone from all aspects of the analysis, how to take a good look at the selfie

It's from the selfie of Ni Ni, a filmmaker.

Tip 1: The importance of skin

Striking the iron also requires its own hardness.

Skin white on the selfie is really too important, skin white girls, simply bring their own aura ah, the feeling of collagen on the face, where you go will cause everyone's attention. So, we must do a good job of basic skin care, the first step to take a selfie, first to buy a mask to say it.

But if the skin is not white enough, we can choose a suitable filter or light can also have a great effect.

Natural light can also be used to decorate photographs.

Otherwise we can also use a variety of foundation, air cushion or something to repair.

Tip 2: Makeup may not be drawn, but lipstick must be

After choosing the fairer filter, people will become particularly pale, as if suffering from disease, so we need the color of lipstick to brighten up, blush can also add a bit, it seems that people look good, shoot out the effect is also good-looking

Tip 3: The expression must be natural

We all hope to take out the photo, the face is whiter, the eye is bigger, the chin is sharper, the result looks out to become Liu Zichen.

You said you were afraid.

In fact, you can choose some very daily movements, just like the snapshot, both natural, comfortable and good-looking.

Or, the expression or movement that oneself feel more lovable, such as pass mouth, close an eye, can achieve very good frontal effect.

Tip 4: Make sure the background is clean

One of the great taboos of selfie is that the background is messy, and if you look back at other people's selfie you will find that your selfie Beijing is either a terse backwall or a background that has been whitewashed.

Tip 5: Quadrangle

Four compartments is also a good way to enhance the richness of a selfie, you can take a lot of pictures at a time, and then choose the four favorite pieces for the puzzle, although the expression is different, but the overall unity

In short, when you take a selfie, we must be clear about their strengths and weaknesses, learn to avoid weaknesses, coupled with the adjustment of light, angle, plus filters and makeup, take out the photo does not look good, count me lose.

Think of their circle of friends immediately become the envy of other people's mouth, the heart felt refreshing, so everyone, quickly take out the phone, to a stunning selfie.