This Should Be the Best VR Body Dress Ever Made

By Philip Perez,2012-04-11 11:31
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This Should Be the Best VR Body Dress Ever Made

The popularity of VR brings us more immersive experience, of course, only relying on the handle can’t meet your needs, and the demand for more and better operating equipment is growing. The latest VR somatosensory clothing showing on this year's Taipei international computer show let us see the progress of VR peripherals!

In the past, the VR somatosensory garment we imagined might be like this...

Gundam shape quite similar to it, but this does not accord with the basic design of the female aesthetic. However, Machina's latest VR body feels like two of the clothes we wear, but the upper body feels real shock!

This piece of clothing is equipped with a VR somatosensory dynamic and general Oculus controller with tactile sensing device, vibration function, and at this stage in his hands and back are loaded, can directly to the external sensor / controller removed from the base (much like Matrix). Currently, Machina is only adapted to Gear VR, and the follow-up should be better if you can connect with PC VR.

Although this is already the product of two years of development, but founder Antonio Perdigon himself also said, in fact, there are still many products need to be strengthened. After the release of the concept, the team actually originally expected to be launched in the fall of 16 years, but during production but because the key parts are too expensive and almost dystocia, the subsequent addition of parts becomes cheaper, but also find suitable garment manufacturers in Taiwan. Now it is finally possible to fully prepare for the Beta version by the end of the year.

Reporters in the Gear VR shooting balloon game experience Machina prototype products, in matching and actual play process, there are still some small situations encountered. But eventually succeeded in the virtual world to find their own hands, and handsome (press the button to shoot the balloon when the button will shake hands and action) by bending to replenish ammunition, experience or a good drop.

Machina's OBE (Out, of, Body, Experience) design has several advantages, including comfortable and good-looking material, for clothing Lane also considered, and provides a number of ventilation design.

Towering part of the stage on the vision, is probably on the interface (although some science fiction fans should feel so handsome, and is pretty much "mech suit"). For these sensor applications Machina also said the available space, including as a fitness use or do notice for the mobile phone (for example, others like the point of your chest will shake, shake your family call back) and so on, can let developers free creation, these can be achieved by providing follow-up SDK.

Many manufacturers have tried to combine fashion with technology. In this exhibit, we see that Machina does have this potential. But it does have a product optimization space, but we are really looking forward to seeing what they can achieve their goals, so that consumers can have the opportunity to have so many functions of the IOT clothing, let VR more and more convenient, more and more fun!