Wonderful Incredible 10 Events

By Philip Perez,2018-03-10 17:06:00
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Wonderful Incredible 10 Events

1. The toad in coal

According to credible official sources, encapsulated living amphibians have been found in numerous carbon-block openings and stone cavities. These unexplained instances have been documented in more than 90 cases. More than 40 of them are frogs or toads. One of the most striking is recorded in Reader's Digest, "Mysterious Unsolved Mysteries." A common feature of these findings is that, in most cases, frogs hide in slimy cavities, pale throughout. They wake up after a few minutes of exposure to the air. They are usually quite active for a short time before becoming grey and having difficulty breathing. In most cases, these animals die within 24 to 72 hours. But there is also evidence that the poor creatures survive indefinitely in freshwater ponds.

In theory, these examples of mothballed amphibians seem out of the question. This is not particularly hard to imagine, given that some frogs do go into a state of suspended animation. Moreover, most credible examples suggest that these "stones" may have formed over the past millennia rather than millions of years. Finally, frogs and toads do dig holes in some soft mud, which can quickly fossilize. Under the right conditions, these fossils can turn to stone, especially when exposed to high concentrations of mineralized water, such as the fossil well in Nalsboro, England.

2. Ghost Twinkle

This phenomenon was first described by a 16th-century chemist: you see a blurry figure in the corner of your eye. In general, it flashes in and out of your field of vision, like a deft black figure. The truth is that almost everyone has at one time or another seen a rapidly moving shadow on the edge of the field of vision, turning around and looking closely and seeing nothing. These experiences are often accompanied by shivering, chills, and the feeling that something strange has happened. Scientists are quick to tell that this is only an eye illusion, but they cannot explain the cause and mechanism.

It is possible that these unexplained ghosts are merely delusions created by the brain trying to decode the edges of visual perception, but it is believed that this may be the brain and eye at a certain margin that allows them to perceive other supernatural dimensions. These flickering ghosts are often described as wearing a cloak, but those who have been specially trained to observe the phenomenon simply describe a blurry silhouette that can easily be misinterpreted as black clothing. In the superstitious culture of the late 16th century, these ghosts were commonly associated with death, which may have led to the popular personified image of death as a ruthless reaper with a sickle in his hand, with a hooded figure flashing in his vision before his death. One school of metaphysics today considers these ghosts to be guides to guide souls into the afterlife. The truth is, no one really knows why people keep seeing these things, but there is no doubt that countless people do. Too many people actually see them, so much so that they just think of them as fleeting, commonplace things.

3. Impossible footprints

Is it possible to find fossil footprints of dinosaurs and humans on the same stone? Some believe they have found such incredible evidence. Paleontologists, archaeologists and other amateurs have been searching for dinosaur footprints on various sedimentary rocks. When organisms leave marks on soft materials such as mud and

The process is not surprising. However, there have been several reports of human footprints found next to dinosaur footprints, or on stones millions of years old. This was well before the commonly believed timeline of human evolution. Naturally, this has caused considerable controversy among scientists, creationists and other interest groups. The most famous such fossils were unearthed at Paluy near Deros Canyon, Texas.Of course, some insist that some of the tracks have been artificially altered by locals to resemble human footprints for potential sightseeing value. Other ancient footprint fossil sites include Burdick near Ross Canyon, Meister, Utah, Nevada footprints, and Coffee, Texas. Most prominent paleontologists dismiss this as a prank or misrepresentation. Of course, some insist that some of the tracks have been artificially altered by locals to resemble human footprints for potential sightseeing value. Other ancient fossil footprint sites include Burdick near Ross Canyon, Meister, Utah, Nevada footprints and Coffee, Texas. Most leading paleontologists dismiss this as a prank or misrepresentation.

4. People who disappear out of thin air

Hundreds of thousands of people are missing around the world every day. You only have to search Google Images for "missing persons" to understand the magnitude of the problem. Most of them were eventually found, but a significant number of them disappeared forever. Where they went, what happened became a mystery, but those who disappeared seemed even weirder. They disappeared for no reason, in front of witnesses who couldn't explain what happened. It may be pointless, like so many other unsolved mysteries, some of which turn out to be nothing more than pranks, but in some of the most famous cases, there is generally a lot of consistency worth mentioning.

All of the people involved seemed happy with their lives. When they disappeared, they were engaged in some daily activity, such as running, or walking through a field. Hundreds of well-documented cases showed that the person had disappeared in some mysterious setting, but few could fully witness it. The reason this phenomenon is listed separately is that it is found everywhere in novels, movies, and popular culture. Magicians and X-Files, for example, are involved in this phenomenon.

5. Mysterious Scratch

Have you ever woken up in the morning to find inexplicable scratches or bruises on your body? And still in places you can't reach yourself. Well, even if you don't, millions of people have had this experience. In fact, there are some online forums where people can discuss this phenomenon and find explanations and help (google: strange cuts and scratches). In most cases, the scratches are mild and disappear after a day or two, and they do not appear in medical reports because the person usually thinks they may have done it himself. Others blame it on ant bites, allergic reactions, or things they did not notice.

Usually, people forget about bruises or scratches as soon as they disappear. However, long-term sufferers can't ignore them at all. In some cases, people sleep with gloves on, sterilize their homes, and even run allergic tests to rule out the possibility. In one real case, a woman even had a friend watch her while she slept but woke up with scratches and bruises. According to the friend, nothing strange happened, except that for 15 minutes the woman was suddenly tossing and turning restlessly. Doctors tried to explain rationally, for example, skin diseases such as ringworm, but most of the time these reasons were completely unconvincing to the person in question. The phenomenon is hundreds of years old and has been interpreted in the past as the work of the devil, with some reports of victims claiming other disturbing bruises in addition to scratches and bruises.

6. Nature's infrasound waves

The lowest audible frequency of sound waves in the human ear is 20 hertz, below which sound waves are infrasound. There is no doubt that infrasound waves exist and can be made and detected by audio technology. It can travel great distances and is often associated with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. This may be why animals can often predict volcanic earthquakes earlier than humans. Researchers now use infrasound detection devices as part of civilian early warning systems. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to infrasound can lead to paranormal fear, depression and anxiety, which can lead to panic attacks.

Some researchers claim that the 19-hertz cycle is particularly associated with some supernatural phenomena, and may also be a stimulus to ghostly hallucinations in the human eye. If infrasound sources are powerful enough to create vibrations inside objects to move on their own, or to break glass, infrasound can be used to stimulate crowds at political rallies, as a mental weapon to break up enemy morale, or as a special effect amplifier in movies. The effects of infrasound waves on the human body have been studied. Although the long-term health consequences of infrasound waves on humans are unknown, it is now illegal to expose humans to infrasound waves.

7. Unknown light source over Hesdalen

Unknown light sources in the air are a relatively common phenomenon, usually either man-made or natural, such as the northern lights, or meteors. However, there are times when this phenomenon does persist. Mysterious light sources over Hesdalen in east-central Norway are one example. They are said to have appeared intensively in 1940, in 1981, and were recorded daily. Records show that there were as many as many as many as 20 sightings in a week.

Although the density of the phenomenon has declined in recent years, there are still regular sightings. Many scientific or quasi-scientific research projects also organize to monitor these light sources, which look like a mass of gas but last much longer than burning methane and hydrogen. These light sources move like spherical lightning but at a slower rate than anything else. The Hesdalen automatic measuring station was set up in August 1998 and has been regularly recording unknown light sources from 1983 to the present. Everyone has a theory about this. Some explanations include UFO front stations, spontaneous combustion of natural gas, spherical lightning, the action of Sc elements and local ionization. These unidentified light sources are often used as evidence for all sorts of bizarre events, from gods to alien invasions. The press has claimed on several occasions that Heseldaren's unknown light source has been explained, but usually adds that the results will be announced sometime in the future.

8. Time travel

According to Einstein and other scientists, time is not as stable as we think. The human sensory mind has evolved to be well adapted to time, but in fact time is a smooth concept. When the present time intersects with the previous time, time passes through. Even now, we can experience this phenomenon. So, is there any evidence? Well, as long as you know where to look, the evidence is plentiful. In fact, this phenomenon is so common that we all mention it in English usage. We will explain that people in two spatiotemporal realities can experience another spatiotemporal reality when light traversing occurs.

But, according to many accounts, traverses generally last only a few seconds, and people's brains try to rule out these abnormalities. This leads to expressions such as "I swear I just saw it", or "My eyes must be juggling", or "You're not going to believe what I just saw". For years, people said they had seen old planes parked in fields that used to be airports, or Roman soldiers marching on the road. In most cases, people just saw a moment's crossing and were quickly surprised to see that what they saw was gone. However, since the invention of the camera, photography has captured this anomaly. In fact, the long exposure of early cameras made it easier to take pictures of the crossing than modern cameras. But there are still extraordinary snapshots, such as Google Earth satellite images of a World War II bomber flying over Britain. Is this time travel, or is it just a prank by Google employees? Is this a nostalgic air show? Not all crossings are fleeting. There are times when you enter a room and are surprised to find yourself in a completely different era. In one case, in 1953, racer Archie was driving from Birmingham to London when he stopped at Cotswold Village to get something to drink. When he walked into a local pub, he was stunned and the people seemed to have come from a century ago.

9. Stone Tank Plain

The Xieng Khouang area is located in the center of a famous archaeological site called the Stone Cylinder Plain on the Laos plateau. Thousands of stone cylinders scattered across the area, scientists estimate it to be at least 2,000 years old. Size, size, minuscule, size and weight of 14 tons. Little is known about the makers. Scientific excavations are affected by the numerous unexploded bombs scattered in the area.

More than 10,000 unexploded devices are estimated to be scattered throughout the current area, making it the world's most dangerous archaeological site. The 1969 bombing mission effectively leveled the area and dispersed the indigenous population, complicating efforts to unravel the stone cylinder puzzle. There are several theories as to why it was made. Some believe they were ashes used for funerals, while others believe they were used to collect rainwater during the rainy season. There is some truth to this, because they were indeed located on an ancient commercial road from the north Indies. At one time, they did have religious significance. Limited excavations revealed that some stone vats contained Buddha statues and other offerings such as beads and bronze tools. It is often overlooked, however, that these vats require a great deal of human effort to build, perhaps on a scale no different than that of Stonehenge in England, and for some very significant reason. Now, their existence is just another ancient secret that challenges current human knowledge.

10. Detached Perception

Most people experience transcendence at least once or twice in their lives. This phenomenon refers to a strong sense of familiarity when a person comes to a place that he or she has never been before. It is different from a sense of dj vu, which refers to a fleeting feeling that he or she seems to have seen or done something before. Unlike time travel and dj vu, the longer people stay, the stronger the transcendence will be. In some cases, people will suddenly realize the clear memory of a place decades, or even centuries, ago.

Tour guides who work in stately palaces or historic sites often come across visitors who suddenly say, "Isn't there a statue next to that tree?" or "This floor used to be made of wood?" Many times the guide will admit that it did so many years ago, but it has been renovated or removed. A famous case of Warwick Castle in England happened some years ago when a tourist came here for a photo shoot and he suddenly had a strong feeling that he had lived here. After that, he spent several months studying the history of the castle and his family tree, trying to find out if there was any connection between the two. To test this feeling, he visited the castle again years later and sensed the same experience that he had never felt anywhere else. Curiously, the phenomenon is rarely recorded, as it is often mistakenly associated with perspective, supersensitivity and prophecy.