The Originality and Discovery in Life That You Want But Can’t Imagine

By Philip Perez,2013-05-03 16:10
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The Originality and Discovery in Life That You Want But Can’t Imagine

Lift wireless charger: can use like a watch, charging, and lighting suspended.

The Lift comes with a four square charging base and charging sleeve. The battery is equipped with a magnetic field sensor and magnet. It can be suspended in the air by mutual repulsion with the base. When it is used, the smart watch can be wirelessly charged as long as the smart watch is sheathed on the charging sleeve. In the charging process, the watch can float and rotate, quite cool. Of course, it can't be suspended when it is wirelessly charged for mobile phones. Lift is also a mobile power, built in lithium batteries, can charge two times for watches, for Apple, Watch and Pebble smart watches.

Lift is also a practical luminaire. Put the matching Orb smart lamp on the charging seat and press the top switch, and the Orb is left vacant immediately. It's nice to have a bedroom decoration.

A new type of concrete with flexibility

Concrete used in construction is very hard, but its drawback is that there is no toughness and will break under a certain weight. Recently, researchers at the NANYANG Technology University in Singapore developed a new type of concrete material with a combination of stiffness and flexibility. Its hardness is two times of ordinary concrete, but also has a certain degree of flexibility.

In the experiment, we can see that under the weight of the new concrete will bend down, rather than ordinary concrete as the direct rupture. This innovative concrete material will be a revolutionary breakthrough if it can be widely used in the future

Elegant circular outdoor lamp

Autumn is coming, in an invigorating autumn climate season, the best activities than the weekend called on friends and family, have a pleasant BBQ in the backyard. In this circular arc outdoor lamp, dining is not a change of mood, the shape is simple, elegant and practical, all-round lighting effect, let you see the face of every loved one sincere smile.

Pig manure can be used to pave the road

A new type of asphalt has been developed by the North Carolina State University of agriculture, which reduces the cost of paving to freezing point, without worrying that it would cost hundreds of billions to build a road!

Traditional asphalts require petroleum materials to support adhesives, but the team found that pig manure is almost the same as petroleum binders, and the cost is super low and super green! When the new asphalt is synthesized, they’readjust the molecular structure of pig manure to increase its viscosity, and the only problem that needs to be solved now is the smell!

At present, there are 2 million 300 thousand miles of asphalt roads in the United States, and road construction is a global demand. Now the traditional asphalt paved roads one kilometer to the cost of $800 thousand, North Carolina State University agricultural experts said, the world's annual output of pig manure is approximately 43 billion gallons of mostly used to use as fertilizer. We hope to solve the problem of smell as soon as possible and popularize this technology.