Cucumbers Have Such a Function That We Should Eat a Cucumber Every Day

By Philip Perez,2013-08-14 21:47
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Cucumbers Have Such a Function That We Should Eat a Cucumber Every Day

Cucumbers are both delicious and disease-resistant vegetables.

Summer is the season to eat cucumber, almost all the benefits of inherited watermelon water content for all kinds of vegetables have the most, in addition to heat, diuresis, detoxification is more suitable for patients with obesity and liver disease (especially in patients with liver disease who drink alcohol), high uric acid group, want to detoxifies the crowd, is one of the preferred food for diabetes patients.


The cucurbitacinC in cucumber has the effect of improving the immune function of the human body, to achieve the aim of anti-tumor. In addition, the substance can also treat chronic hepatitis and the migration of hepatitis, and the effect of prolonging life for patients with primary hepatic cancer.

promote movement of the mind, soothe the nerves to brain.

Cucumber contains vitamin B1, which is beneficial to the brain and nervous system. it can "soothe the nerves" and treatment of insomnia.

reduce the blood sugar.

Glucose and fructose of the cucumber are not involved in metabolism. So diabetic patients with cucumber instead of starchy food, blood sugar will not increase, may be reduced.

Prevent alcoholism

There is a certain therapeutic effect of the Alanine Ala, Arginine and Glutamine in the cucumber, which can prevent alcohol poisoning.

5. Lose weight &keep fit

Fresh cucumber, alcohol acidcontains a substance, this substance can inhibit the body carbohydrate into fat.. In addition, the cellulose in cucumber can promote the human body to eliminate the corruption in the bowel and reduce the cholesterol, can strengthen the body.


Cucumbers contain vitamin E, which can help fight aging. Cucumber enzymes, which have a strong biological activity, can effectively promote the metabolism of the body. Cucumber has moisturizing the skin and stretch wrinkles.

Cucumber vine can be used to soak the water, is conducive to lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

Cucumber juice can regulate blood pressure, prevent excessive myocardium tension, a cup of cucumber juice every day can make the nervous system calm and strong, enhance memory.

Drink cucumber skin boiled water, can prevent cheilitis, angular cheilitis, still can prevent hair fall and nail fracture.

Tips: stomach ache, cough, spleen and stomach weak, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, stomach disease patient careful food.