Regional Retail Sales Manager

By Gail Hart,2014-11-29 14:25
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Retail Sales Manager JOB SUMMARY: Administers, coordinates, and implements all retailing activities within the region; and supervises all new branch installations or existing branch modernizations and/or relocations. JOB TYPE: Position could be appropriate for a part-time role, paid internship or full-time opportunity. POSSIBLE FUNCTIONS: 1. The primary ch..

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    Retail Sales Manager


    Administers, coordinates, and implements all retailing activities within the region; and supervises all new

    branch installations or existing branch modernizations and/or relocations.


    Position could be appropriate for a part-time role, paid internship or full-time opportunity.


    1. The primary challenges of this position are to successfully integrate national retailing programs

    into the region, to promote the sales of company-branded products and sundry items (i.e.,

    paintbrushes, wallpaper, ladders, etc.), to achieve maximum market penetration, and to attain both

    short- and long-range objectives for retail sales growth. The incumbent has a functional

    responsibility to the zone managers in the area of retail sales. Regional retail sales are

    approximately $4,500,000 per year, and are generated through 52 branch locations. 2. The incumbent is responsible for the strategic business planning for the retail segment of the

    region's business. This includes forecasting sales per branch, as well as the profit expected from

    the sales. He or she develops the local advertising budget for the region, in consultation with the

    zone managers and his or her superior.

    3. The incumbent spends approximately 70 percent of his or her time traveling to and working at

    branch locations to provide retailing and merchandising expertise to branch personnel. This

    includes advising them on how to properly merchandise the unit; selling methods and techniques;

    handling promotions; supervising demonstrations and clinics on wood-finishing, wallpapering,

    product parties, etc.

    4. The incumbent spends approximately 15 percent of his or her time planning and implementing

    new branch locations or relocations, in close coordination with the manager of branches

    department. This includes the responsibility for final inspection of a new branch, prior to the

    company accepting it, to ensure that it conforms to company specifications. He or she has the sole

    responsibility for setting up a new branch from its conception through the grand opening,

    including planning the store layout, the product display, etc. within the parameters of the approved

    standard floor plan. After the grand opening, the line responsibility for the store operation

    transfers completely to the store manager, and the incumbent is divested from its operation except

    as an advisor on retailing, etc.

    5. The incumbent is required to periodically develop store layout changes to meet changed business

    plans and/or needs. After a distribution unit manager accepts the incumbent's plans, it is the D/U

    manager's responsibility to obtain cost estimates, completion dates, etc., from an area contractor.

    The incumbent initiates a CER to affect layout changes or improvements only after approval by

    the D/U manager and his or her superiors. He or she then follows the job through to completion to

    ensure that it is completed according to specifications. The incumbent is also responsible for

    ordering all fixtures and materials-handling equipment for both new and renovated distribution


    6. The incumbent keeps the regional manager of branch operations informed of his or her activities

    via a weekly route sheet and trip reports. He or she generally has wide authority in performing

    most aspects of the job, such as scheduling his or her own workload and making day-to-day

    decisions necessary to perform his or her function. The incumbent has no personnel supervisory

    responsibilities, and is not required to recommend or initiate salary adjustments, promotions,

    terminations, or hires. He or she participates in the quarterly retail planning meeting by presenting

    new sales plans and programs.

    1. Sets up all new units within the eastern region to ensure maximum sales and profits. 2. Plans and supervises promotions and demonstrations at various retailing units to maximize sales

    and profits.

    3. Advises the unit and zone managers on store layout changes and/or improvements in line with new

    merchandising techniques.

    4. Trains retailing unit personnel in proper merchandising methods, selling procedures, and the

    running of various types of clinics.

    5. Provides input and recommendations to the national retail sales manager on product requirements

    and needs, merchandising requirements on promotional pricing needs, point of sale, in-store needs

    and advertising needs, store layout changes, etc.

    6. Keeps informed of competitors' activities through review of information from the field or from

    other sources.


    1. Assists the zone managers with retail manpower forecasts and salary budget plans to be included

    in the SBP.

    2. Assists in the development of retail sales at the unit.


    The talents required for this position include an excellent knowledge of retail selling with an extensive knowledge of merchandiser retailing, including advertising and merchandising planning, inventory turnover, return on investment, and sales per square foot, plus the overall ability to use tact and discretion to achieve his or her purposes through others. In addition, he or she must remain knowledgeable about the fast-moving developments in the retailing and merchandising fields.

    In order to fulfill the requirements of this position, it is highly desirable for the incumbent to: have 8-10 years of business experience with at least 5 years' experience in retail sales and marketing and several years' experience in general management concepts such as planning, accounting, administration, and economics, with specialized on-job training in real estate construction, leasing, site selection, etc. The education level required for this position is a bachelor's degree, or equivalent, in marketing, business administration, economics, or finance.

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