pr homophonesJB

By Annie Turner,2015-03-27 23:17
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pr homophonesJB

    Name: ___________________________________________


    Homophones are words that sound exactly the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings.


    right He got the answer right.

    write Use a pencil to write your


Use the homophone that you do not use

    in a sentence of your own. This means that there will be 10 sentences altogether.

    1. The brave ___________ saved the princess.

     ( knight / night )

    2. The footballer hurt his _________.

    ( heal / heel )

    3. The winners tried to __________ the trophy

    above their heads.

    ( raise / rays )

    4. The farmer took a _________ home for his tea.

    ( leak / leek )

    5. “_________ are the boys?” asked the teacher.

    (wear / where )

Name: _______________________________________________


    See if you can find all the homophones that have been used incorrectly. Underline the words that you need to change and use a dictionary to help.

    Last knight when I looked up the sky was dark blew. I new I wood sea stars but eye was surprised buy there brightness. Who had maid them seem so beautiful? I was shore they had bean maid millions of years ago. I wanted to stair at them four ever.

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