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exp 1

1.0 Introduction

     A cyclone separator imparts a rotary motion to the gases and thereby enhances the settling rate to many time that induced by gravity alone. A cyclone separator is essentially a gravitational separator that has been enhanced by a centrifugal force component. The cyclone separator grade efficiency curve applies to all cyclone separators, as well as to inertial and gravitational collectors.

     Cyclone system is used to separate particles such as dust from the gas stream. Cyclone has a vertical cylinder with a conical bottom part. Gas stream containing the particles will enter the cyclone at the top of the cylinder at tangent angle. Upon entering the cyclone cylinder, the gas flow is forced in a spiral and towards the bottom. The motion continues spiraling downward to the base of the unit. The dust then falls out and the air reverses up through the inner tube and out the top.

     Cyclonic separation efficiency is determined by the cyclone geometrical parameter, the density of the solids, and the rotational velocity of the air stream. It is essential that the geometry of each internal component be designed to promote a smooth transition in maintaining laminar flow characteristics.

1.1 objective

     To investigate the effect of entry velocity towards the collection efficiency and the pressure drop of

    single cyclone.

1.2 scope

    By using the cyclone separator, the air will use as source to clean the particle and efficiency of

    performance will obtain.

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