Spreads to open to see this world

By Debbie Smith,2014-09-03 20:46
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Spreads to open to see this world

    In every travel China Times, I stand to aloft see a beautiful scenery, I feel that the station aloft just can accept the whole slice of scenery to the utmost eye bottom, highlight of, conceal of all can exert to accept eye bottom.If see sea, then ascend the burnt rock sees, the visual field will throw more far, then can realize to be suffused with Bo with abstruse, can as well feel directed at face to seem to ambush some bruises, experience more get close to essence the United States again realize a property beautiful empress the Qiang concealed harm, will much a heart palpitates, unimpeded the realization then will be deeply some.If see mountain, my love along is even to slowly and upwards walk, I hope to wish to ascend peak to see a beautiful scenery, while seeming to be on the more even slow road to climb to come up will more, while attaining a highest point to see landscape, right against the face being an of that deeply long breath has effect of natural and unrestrained with from such as.That a moment seems to be really to have the felling to sit to hug the whole green mountain, on looking at the scene outside the scenery that the mountain mountain connects with each other, the Yang sees the lovely view that the blue sky is spacious to have no territory, look down foot exert in the eye bottom, feeling to seem the handsome Yi is cautious outside. This realize like with and life of process original, the life is originally like a have no a border border of sightseeing, canning not predict the center that step arrives after all will take place and become angry what, not intentional direction then first, frightenning into inaction the step is shoulded go toward where go, not intentional then the origins put blame on and subsist and blame and scold life, all disappointed spread all over at of on the travel, before forgetting the target ground of the row, road loosed to record arrival, , concealed have no, put blame on, the first step is in the life journey the wrinkly plait is like a virus same, slowly must encroach upon that also once healthy of, ultimate end will let all of my facial appearance not, abnormal state of Be had to life in.

    I think that the shape of this kind of life completely can need not a creation, is needed life this only an on the travel station aloft sees sights, the whole vogues all the Yi reappears, like willing accumulate Dian in the deep place of good medicine, always curing will can't take a wrong step, either of life;Being like the creed of life is same, often speed up not to raise and

    can't step back of I.When the life falls into a low valley, can cry, after letting wipe stem, again hang the head down and see a ground, all together then will like, as if blue sky not intentional occasionally also float dark cloud can Yin Yu, but the jade round, the sun and stars is still concealed in the back, didn't permanently disappear because of the emergence of cloud, only is endurablely hide block they, see be missing brightness just, not just an a clear sky, they still gleam in the deep blue ground, the life will also have so cloudy time, but needing to be believed deeply will have blue sky and present, the stars still keep putting out clearly, the sun follows as usual meeting, all together and all no longer bite a file with, of rainbow is in the day that has hasty storm rain every time.

    This so big world breaks an agreement the business of how many subjective meaning every day, whole each time say of, deal with contact of, mostly half nothing but after meal's talking property.Connect down a lot of time, the meeting of a lot of person because a few breezes of the others talk breeze language then in disorder intelligence, deliberate once in a very long while, wallow in the turbulence of Hun Dun inside, the advisability sees at a glance;Meeting because of outsider because of strength but conjecture of but disorderly feet, practical greatly can need not to have regard for those so-called you are in the outsider eyes of very not quite right, station aloft see the scene that I can appreciate good.

    Spreads to open to see this world, at first would create big smoke of Mo Gu is how of Gao Da Dun, rush of course of river is if allow heroically.When is each to develop an eye, open a window, one meter sunlight shines on into cabin and stretches a lazy waist, is again what my goodness!When the back dark falls and see that very red twilight hang beyond the horizon, this is artificial to use how of the Xian hand knit the vogue painting of book.Beat happy Zhi, let the sunlight spread heart window, the sweet is natural to flow to drip in the heart, develops a double to see to see national, always has the eyelid that the charming beautiful scenery draws in you, raises head, spacious and open-minded and clear total at step arrive of advance guard. Transformation in the world of Fen turmoil Rao every day wears much more several strange special strange matters, we can not understand so many, rise rise and fall the road of the life of Fu will run into and allow much aer

    lot of of the hole Wei Yi Ke, our Xi can not smile so many, each in the crowd of many callers each time engrave occurrence and become angry how many gain and loss, we can not dispute that the end is many, station aloft see landscape, those Es are narrow-minded and then can not and cannot compare with and go before binding of step, natural and unrestrained and desolate is like one meter sunlight of heart bottom, always concomitant is the day of the as usual a clear sky haze no matter in.

    This is limited but have no the road of the travel of partition in the life up, can stop and can also walk, is can not to cannot compare with to withdraw, can with Diao my, can, equaling can not make mistake, can cry, can smile, is can not to cannot compare with cowardice.No matter incumbency what farm land, all want to stand to aloft see scene, only stand aloft the material stem master "will be to traverse an end, a look at many mountains small" of that kind of embrace, life of contain an idea would extend farer. The station aloft sees sights, experience distance, more the limitless territory of distance, the wonderful view of the miracle of life, life usually conceives to take place at never someone once set foot in more distance.

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