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Contacts: Mark Windover, President & CEO ELSAG North America Law Enforcement Systems Email: Phone: 866-967-4900 Fax: 336-379-7164 Luci Sheehan, Vice President, Federal Operations Email: Phone: 203-912-8666 August 21, 2008, Greensboro, North Carolina ELSAG North America Law Enforcement Systems a..


    Mark Windover, President & CEO

    ELSAG North America Law Enforcement Systems


    Phone: 866-967-4900

    Fax: 336-379-7164

Luci Sheehan, Vice President, Federal Operations


    Phone: 203-912-8666

August 21, 2008, Greensboro, North Carolina

    ELSAG North America Law Enforcement Systems announces the Grand Opening of its newly expanded Greensboro, NC Manufacturing and Technical Center. The 12,000 square foot facility will now house manufacturing, and continue to provide engineering, technical and 24/7 customer support personnel for ELSAG’s Mobile Plate Hunter advanced license plate

    recognition technology. ELSAG’s parent company, Finmeccanica, has moved manufacturing

    from Italy to the Greensboro facility. Up to 100 new jobs will be created by ELSAG in the coming year as it expands its presence in North America.

    ELSAG North America President and CEO, Mark Windover welcomed Greensboro Mayor Yvonne Johnson, Greensboro Police Chief Tim Bellamy, North Carolina State Highway Patrol Lieutenant Colonel Jamie Hatcher as well as representatives from the North Carolina law enforcement community, and state and local government agencies to the ceremony. In welcoming remarks, Mayor Yvonne Johnson stated Today is a great day in Greensboro.

    ELSAG’s license plate recognition technology is an important investment in community safety and also helps police officers become more efficient and safer. We are so pleased that ELSAG has chosen Greensboro as its United States manufacturing and technical center.”

    Lieutenant Colonel Jamie Hatcher, representing the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and Secretary Bryan Beatty of the North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety commented that the North Carolina State Highway Patrol “expects to further investigate the use of ELSAG’s Mobile Plate Hunter-900 technology for use on North Carolina highways. We are

    committed to using whatever tools are necessary to apprehend people who do bad things in our state.”

    CEO Mark Windover, commenting on the move of ELSAG’s manufacturing facility from Italy to the United States, said, The Greensboro area offers a base of highly skilled engineering and technical talent. We are pleased that manufacturing and development of our products will now be in the United States as we continue to develop and grow a world class business. Our Mobile Plate Hunter 900 system continues to lead the market in the United States. I am so proud of our talented employees who continue to create and develop new ways our license plate recognition technology can meet a variety of missions from our law enforcement agency partners.

In a letter of welcome to CEO Mark Windover, North Carolina Governor Mike Easley said, “I am

    pleased that ELSAG North America Law Enforcement Systems has chosen to expand its Manufacturing and Technical Center in Greensboro. ELSAG’s license plate recognition

    technology is making a difference in public safety as law enforcement agencies around the world use your systems to catch lawbreakers. I congratulate the company on its success. North Carolina will continue to make smart investments in education and workplace training to make sure our state keeps attracting top-quality companies like ELSAG North America.”

    In addition to the major expansion at its Greensboro facility, 5 field offices and a new world headquarters in Brewster, NY are included in the growth plan. Windover stated ELSAG is

    committed to providing not only state of the art solutions to our law enforcement partners, but also unparalleled customer service and support. Our new North Carolina Manufacturing and Technical Center, along with our field service team, will allow us to continue to provide 24/7 support to the growing needs of our law enforcement agency partners.”

    As the leader in advanced Automatic License Plate Recognition technology to law enforcement, ELSAG North America’s goal is to support law enforcement in their missions of public safety

    and homeland security with ALPR capabilities and other related technologies aimed at advancing and expanding those missions. ELSAG North America’s industry leading brand, the Mobile Plate Hunter-900 (MPH-900), has over 1,000 deployments in 29 states, with nearly 4,500 company deployments worldwide. The ELSAG North America team and the MPH-900 support over 400 law enforcement agencies in North America by providing leading edge technology that improves officer and public safety every day.

About ELSAG North America

    ELSAG North America Law Enforcement Systems is a Finmeccanica company, a global leader in defense and security solutions, and is dedicated to providing proprietary advanced Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and other innovative imaging technology to North American law enforcement. ELSAG North America leads the market with its Mobile Plate Hunter, the MPH-900 ?, the most advanced, most accurate license plate reader technology available. ELSAG North America Law Enforcement Systems is headquartered in Brewster, NY. For more information about the company and its exciting technology portfolio, visit

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