Parking Brake Shoes REMOVAL & INSTALLATION NOTE: This ...

By Bernard Stone,2014-11-04 08:20
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Parking Brake Shoes REMOVAL & INSTALLATION NOTE: This ...Park

    Parking Brake Shoes


    NOTE: This procedure applies to disc brakes only.

    1. Jack the car up and remove the wheel and tire.

    2. Remove the brake caliper as previously outlined. Do not disconnect the brake

    line, but remove the line clip from the control arm and hang the caliper above the

    disc with wire.

    3. Drill the disc retaining rivets out and remove the disc from the axle hub. 4. Insert a screwdriver into the adjusting hole and turn the screw several times to

    expand the shoes.

    5. Push the brake shoes forward until the front shoe hold-down spring can be seen

    through the adjusting hole.

    6. Insert a pair of needle-nosed pliers through the hole and grasp the hold-down pin.

    Depress the spring with a screwdriver inserted from the side and turn the pin

    90?to free the spring and retainer. Remove the spring and retainer. 7. Repeat this operation on the rear brake shoe.

    8. Retract the shoes by turning the adjuster screw. Pull the shoes from the adjuster

    and remove the adjuster and spring.

    9. Separate the shoes at the anchor pin and lift the shoes up and out of the housing,

    while allowing the straight part of the return spring to go between the outer tip of

    the anchor pin and the axle flange plate.

    10. Lightly lubricate the backing plate shoe contact surfaces, anchor pin, and

    adjusting screw threads.

    To install:

    11. Install the return spring on the replacement shoes and position the shoes on the

    anchor pin.

    12. Install the adjuster spring and adjuster. Turn the adjuster screw to expand the


    13. Turn the axle shaft flange so that the adjustment hole aligns with the front hold-

    down spring pin.

    14. Push the shoe forward and over the hold-down pin.

    15. Install the spring and retainer over the hold-down pin and using needle-nosed

    pliers again, and a screwdriver as in Step 6, depress the spring and twist the pin


    16. Repeat the above step on the rear shoe. Another pair of needle-nosed pliers will

    have to be utilized to hold the pin in position, as head of this pin is not accessible. 17. Turn the adjuster screw to retract the shoes.

    18. Install the brake disc onto the studs, making sure that the adjustment holes in the

    disc and flange align.

    19. Install the caliper as previously outlined.

    20. Adjust the parking brake as previously described.

    21. Install the tire and wheel and lower the car.

    22. After installation of new parking brake linings, the shoes should be burnished. At

    a speed of 50 mph, apply the parking brakes until a slight drag is felt. Keep the

    brakes on for approximately 5060 seconds.

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