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GE Consumer & Industrial Technical Description

    Hadasa Brisa Luminaire



General Description

    The Brisa luminaire is a perfect combination between aesthetics and functionality, providing design and style to roadway lighting. Its innovative shapes joined to its robust design, its easy maintenance and the high-efficiency photometric reflector performance (with multiple adjusting positions, all designed for zero-light emission towards the upper hemisphere), make the luminaire ideal for efficient lighting of motorways, ring roads, streets, housing estates and industrial areas.

    Luminaire, ballast and lamp are supplied and checked by GE Consumer and Industrial Hadasa, ensuring a suitable product quality.

    Structure and Material

    - Housing in two pieces (housing and door), both in die-cast aluminium with a polyester

    powder paint finish and oven cured.

    - Support base suitable for horizontal mounting through Ø40-60mm diameter pole. This

    support system shall allow the luminaire tilting 0º, 5º and 10º degrees. - Latch included into the lower housing allowing an easy luminaire opening - Stainless steel screws.

Electronic Gear

    Placed into the lower housing and isolated from the environment with a protection degree IP44, comprising:

    - The ballast tray is manufactured in galvanized sheet and mounted into the lower housing. - Ballast, ignitor and capacitor are mounted on this board, easily removable with electrical

    disconnection from the lamp with a multi-polar switch.

    - E40 ceramic lampholder depending on lamp. Multi-position support allowing lamp adjusting

    in longitudinal and vertical directions for optimal light distribution. - Allowing tubular lamp mountings for HPS and MH up to 600W and MV up to 250W.


    Optical assembly hermetically sealed providing IP66, comprising:

    - Flat tempered glass sealed to the door through silicone. The lens is mechanical and

    thermal shock resistant (IK9), with a special shape design for perfect fitting to the reflector

    and lower housing.

    - Faceted aluminium reflector in one-piece, finish achieved through anodising process. - Plastic reflector neck, high-temperature resistant. The lamp holder is mounted into the

    reflector neck through a spongy silicone gasket for ensuring its hermeticity. Its assembly

    shall be safe and free from detachments during relamping and maintenance operations. Maintenance

    - Tool-less access to the ballast by opening the latch placed into the lower housing. - Lamp relamping access by removing the lamp holder manually, releasing the two latches

    that support the lamp holder to the neck reflector.


    - Device for mounting to column of Ø60mm in galvanized steel, protected with epoxy priming

    and with a powder paint finish and oven cured.

    - Optional Class II electronic gear.

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GE Consumer & Industrial Technical Description

    Hadasa Brisa Luminaire

Main characterisctics

    Dimensions 929x391x304mm (length x width x height) Weight 15-20 Kg (ballast included) 2Side surface 0.13m

    Pole mounting For poles Ø 40-60mm (*)

    Ballast HPS up to 600W MH up to 400W, MV up to 250W Reflector Asymmetric

    Protection degree Optical assembly IP66

    Class I, Class II optional

    Optics IK9

    Upper hemisphere flux <2%

     Brisa luminaire

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    GE Consumer & Industrial Technical Description Hadasa Brisa Luminaire




    GE Lighting


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