Speech by Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at the Opening Reception of Beijing Culture Week

By Kristen Snyder,2014-03-08 08:41
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Speech by Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at the Opening Reception of Beijing Culture Week

    Speech by Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at the Opening Reception of Beijing Culture Week

    Garden Room, Barbican Centre, London, 26 July 2012

    Mr. Liu Qi, Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

    Vice Mayor of Beijing Mr. Liu Jingmin,

    Vice Chairman of BODA Mr. Jiang Xiaoyu,

    Deputy Mayor Munira Mirza,

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Dear Friends,

    On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in the UK, I warmly congratulate the opening in London of the Beijing Culture Week 2012.

    I am also delighted to welcome all of you to this event!

    Beijing Culture Week is of special significance for several reasons.

    First, it embodies Beijing’s very best wishes to London. In 24 hours, the much anticipated Games of the (thirtieth) XXX Olympiad will be staged in London.

    We all have strong memories of the last summer Olympic in Beijing. Handing the Olympic ‘torch’ from Beijing to London has greatly deepened the links between these two leading world cities.

    So, a Beijing Culture Week at this time, and in London, is most fitting. It is a symbol of how Beijing wishes the London Olympic Games a stunning success. It will also add to the cultural celebration.

    Second, Beijing Culture Week is another key event in China-UK cultural exchanges. This year has already seen many highlights in our cultural links. These include:

    ? The China Market Focus at the London Book Fair

    ? The East Meets West concert starring Ms Song Zuying, Mr. Lang Lang and Mr. Bocelli.

    ? And in Beijing, and across China, the UK Now cultural project is also delivering many exciting events.

    This shows that our cultural agenda has tremendous thrust. The Beijing Culture Week will undoubtedly give our exchanges even more momentum.

    Third, Beijing Culture Week will be a major milestone in the friendly relations between

    Beijing and London. It will bring here more than 500 artists, actors and actresses and business leaders from China. This strong cultural team is about the size of the Chinese Olympic delegation.

    Such a strong cultural team from Beijing is going to deliver a kaleidoscope of activities. The very substantial programme will showcase an exciting, colorful and creative Beijing. I am convinced Beijing Culture Week will boost understanding, cooperation and friendship between Beijing and London.

    In conclusion, I wish Beijing Culture Week a great success!

    I wish London Olympic Games the very best of Luck!

    Thank you!

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