Project Launch Re-launch Report

By Sean Davis,2014-02-07 03:12
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Project Launch Re-launch Report

    Launch Report - Cycle <n>


    <Your Product Name>

    Submitted by

    <Your Team Name>


     Team Members


     Date Submitted

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    Grading Rubric - Launch Report - Cycle <N>

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    Achievement Minimal Limited Satisfactory Exemplary Score

     Section(s) missing, not Serious omissions or Some problems with Provides all relevant Content

    useful, inconsistent, or problems with content. completeness or details information correctly and

    wrong. of content with appropriate detail Post Mortem 40 Plan 30

    10 Many serious mistakes Several large issues or Some small grammar or Grammar, punctuation, Grammar and

    in grammar or spelling many smaller ones spelling issues and spelling all correct Spelling

    10 Very difficult to Hard to follow or poor Mostly easy to read and Clear and concise. A Expression

    understand word choices understand pleasure to read

     Tone not appropriate for Tone somewhat Mostly professional tone Tone is consistently Tone

    technical writing unprofessional professional

    10 Very hard to find Information difficult to Can find information All information is easy to Organization

    information locate with slight effort find and important points

    stand out

     Layout makes it harder Layout is inconsistent or Layout is reasonable, Layout is attractive, Layout

    to understand and use not visually appealing or consistent and generally consistent, and helps

    the document supportive helpful guide the reader



    100 Total


    Launch Report - Cycle <n> This report documents the launch of a new project cycle. It includes a post mortem of the

    cycle just completed, and basic elements of a plan for the cycle being launched.

    Post Mortem - Cycle <n>







    The Plan Cycle <n>



    The project schedule is shown on the pages that follow.


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