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By Jack Crawford,2014-05-31 06:06
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Transfer Tuition Application - Alexandria Community SchoolTransf

    Alexandria Community Schools New Applicants Only

     Transfer Tuition Application 2013-2014

     Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you for your interest in Alexandria Community School Corporation providing educational

    services for you student(s). We will examine each student application upon receipt of all application materials. As the parent, it is your responsibility to have records from the student’s

    previous school sent to the principal of the school you are applying to. Building addresses are located below. The following information regarding the student is to be forwarded from the student’s current school corporation:

    ; Attendance Records

    ; Current Course Schedule

    ; Health Records

    ; Student’s Birth Certificate

    ; Disciplinary Records

    ; Permanent File

    ; Student’s complete Special Education file including most recent Individual Education

    Plan (if applicable).

    The following process shall be used for determination and notification:

    ; Application may be picked up at any school building

    ; Application is to be turned in to the appropriate Principal by the parent or guardian

    ; All fields on application must be filled in

    ; Application will be held at the school building until all required information has been

    received from previous school. Parents are responsible for having prior school send the


    ; When all information is received, the application will be considered by a Transfer

    Tuition Committee at the building level

    ; The Principal will make a recommendation to the Superintendent

    ; The Superintendent will act upon the recommendation and notify the principal and


    ; Accepted students will be notified by the building principal (or designee) regarding


    Grades K-2 Grade 3-6 Grade 7-12

    Alexandria-Monroe Elementary Alexandria-Monroe Intermediate Alexandria-Monroe Jr/Sr. High

    Transfer Tuition Committee Transfer Tuition Committee Transfer Tuition Committee

    th800 N. Central 308 West 11 Street 1 Burden Court

    Alexandria, IN 46001 Alexandria, IN 46001 Alexandria, IN 46001



Student Information


    Grade 2013-14 School Year

    Programming Circle

    504 plan? Yes No

    Special Education IEP Yes No

    High School Diploma Target Core 40 w/Academic Honors w/Technical Honors

     Extra-Curricular Interests

    Has this student ever been expelled or suspended from Yes No


    Has this student ever been retainednot promotedto Yes No If yes, what grade____________

    the next grade level

Home School District

    School Last Attended

Family Information

Parent/Guardian(s) Name

Street Address

    City ST ZIP Code


    E-Mail Address

    Name/Grade of any siblings or household members

    applying for Transfer Tuition from this family/household.

    *A separate application must be filed for each student.

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    Please explain reasons for requesting to attend Alexandria Community Schools.

Explanation of the Statute on Transfer Tuition (IC 20-26-11-6)

    If the student is accepted, the parent is required to pay and the transferee school is required to charge

    the amount of tuition that is calculated using the Department of Education’s Form 515, which is based on the required formula in IC 20-26-11-13.

    [Note that this process has not changed even though local property taxes are no longer collectible for the school general funds. The amount calculated by the formula has been significantly reduced, but not eliminated].

Parent/Guardian Agreement Statement

    I/We have read and understand the rules and regulations of the Alexandria Community School Corporation’s Transfer Tuition Policy. I/we agree to the conditions set forth in the policy concerning the payment of transfer tuition and student conduct expectations. I/We also understand that my/our child’s

    transportation to and from school is my/our responsibility.

    I/We agree that any false statement in this application shall be sufficient cause for rejection or student exclusion from school. I/We hereby grant permission for school officials to investigate any of the

    information included in this application.

Parent/Guardian Signature Date

Parent/Guardian Signature Date

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