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Greta Degen, R.N., Ph.D. ______________________________________________________________________________ 1200 Grandview Avenue 1542 Thompson Avenue Wellness B228 Des Moines, IA 50316 Grand View University (515) 508-9325 Des Moines, Iowa 50316 (515) 263-6086 ACAD..

    Greta Degen, R.N., Ph.D.

    ______________________________________________________________________________ 1200 Grandview Avenue 1542 Thompson Avenue

    Wellness B228 Des Moines, IA 50316

    Grand View University (515) 508-9325

    Des Moines, Iowa 50316

    (515) 263-6086


    Ph.D. Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, 2004-April 19, 2010

    Dissertation: A phenomenographic study exploring nursing education and practice Emphasis: Higher Education/Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

M.S.N., Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, 2003

    Emphasis: Health Systems Management and Leadership

B.S.N., Grand View University, Des Moines, Iowa 1998

    Nursing major

Translation Degree, St. Gallen School Translation, Switzerland, 1988

    Emphasis: German-English, English-German translation (verbal and written) for law, economics

    German Language Certificate, Das Grosse Goethe Diplom (highest German language degree),Goethe Institut, 1986

Business Associate’s Degree, Buchs Business School, Switzerland, 1984


    Assistant Professor of Nursing, Grand View University, Des Moines, Iowa

     August 2002-present

    Adjunct Instructor in Nursing, Mercy College of Health Sciences, Des Moines, Iowa

     Summer 2008

    Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Polk County, Iowa

     October 2005-2007 (forensic nurse)

    Perinatal Specialist, Drake Early Head Start, Polk County, Iowa

     April 2003-August 2003

    Nurse Manager, Visiting Nurse Services, Des Moines, Iowa

     Jan 2001-August 2002

    Maternal/Child Nurse Case Manager, Visiting Nurse Services, Des Moines, Iowa

     April 2000-January 2001

    Labor and Delivery/Postpartum/Antepartum Staff Nurse, Iowa Methodist Hospital, Des Moines,



    Community Health Nurse, Gentle Birth Midwifery, Des Moines, Iowa

     April 2000-September 2000

    Outreach Sexual Health Education, Iowa Health Systems/Visiting Nurse Services, Des Moines, Iowa


    Childbirth Educator, Iowa Health Systems, Des Moines, Iowa


    Certified Breastfeeding Instructor, Iowa Health Systems, Des Moines, Iowa


    German Instructor, Adult Education, Des Moines Public Schools, Des Moines, Iowa

     1996-1997, 2003-2004

    Legal Assistant, Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, Iowa


    Translator for His Royal Highness, Principality of Liechtenstein, Europe

     January 1989-December 1989

    Legal Assistant and Translator, Allgemeines Treuunternehmen and Advocaturbuero Dr. Marxer, Liechtenstein, Europe



    Spring 2010

     Nurs 450 Professionalism II, 17 students

     Ints 470 Senior Capstone Seminar, 21 students

     NSGP 316 Professionalism I for the RN to BSN Program, 25 students COURSES TAUGHT IN THE LAST THREE YEARS

    Fall 2009

     Nurs332 Nursing Families in the Community, Class and 2 Clinicals, 16 students

     Ints 470, Senior Capstone Seminar, 18 students

    Spring 2009

     INTS 121, Logos II Nature and Human Nature Seminar, 13 students

     NSGP 315, Caring for RN to BSN Program, 26 students

     NSGP 316, Professionalism and Leadership for RN to BSN Program, 25 students Fall 2008

    Sabbatical Research, Evaluation of the Total School Membership Program for Graduates

    of Grand View University, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

    Summer 2008

     NSGP 432, Nursing Situations in the Community for RN to BSN Program, 16 students

     INTS 470, Senior Capstone Seminar, 24 students

    Spring 2008

     Nurs 216, Professionalism I, 16 students

     Nurs 315, Caring for RN to BSN Program, 16 students

     Nurs 316, Professionalism and Leadership for RN to BSN Program, 16 students

     Nurs 110, Nurturing Well-Being

    Fall 2007

     Nurs 216, Professionalism I, 2 sections, 32 students

     NSGP 315, Caring for RN to BSN Program, 16 students

     NSGP 316, Professionalism and Leadership for RN to BSN Program, 16 students Spring 2007

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     INTS 121, Logos II Nature and Human Nature Seminar, 13 students

     Nurs 216, Professionalism I, 16 students

     Nurs 332 (clinical), Nursing Situations in the Community, 16 students Fall 2006

     Nurs 216, 2 sections, Professionalism I, 32 students

     INTS 101, New Student Seminar for Provisional Students, 16 students

     NSGP 315, Caring for RN to BSN Program, 16 students

     NSGP 316, Professionalism and Leadership for RN to BSN Program, 16 students


    ; GV Lobby Day on GV campus: helped plan and implement, also found opportunities to

    connect RN to BSN students to traditional students during this session for mentoring ; CEU Legislative Day at the Capitol to update political savvy for coursework, INA, Feb. 2010 ; Auditing N450 Classes with Dr. Logan, Fall 2009

    ; Participant, GV Summer Institute for Pedagogy (and Learning Community Programs),

    2002-present (did not attend Summer 2008-sabbatical)

    ; Participant, Conversations on Teaching, 2002-present

    ; Participant, Conversations on Advising, 2002-present

    ; Student in Higher Education Classes, Iowa State University, 2004-present ; Participant, Peer Teaching Program, Fall 2009-present

    ; CEU on Engaging Students on the First Day of Classes, June 24, 2009 ; Instructor, Learning Community for Provisional and Nursing Student Communities,



    ; Mini Grant Recipient for Faculty/Student Engagement, Spring 2010

    o New initiative to enhance INTS 470 learning in the community ; Participant and Co-Planner, Lobby Day for GV Students at the Capitol, Feb. 2010 ; Participant, Conversations on the EDGE, 2009-present

    ; RN to BSN Orientation

    o Organizer and initiator: developed new orientation session for RN to BSN

    students, led discussions, connected new students to nursing faculty as well as

    library resources and eportfolio options,

    ; Mini Grant Recipient for Faculty/Student Engagement, Spring 2009

    o Hosted pizza party for nursing faculty and RN to BSN students

    ; Created new mentoring among faculty and RN students

    ; Provided new time/place/resources to do checkoff of skills for

    assessment class, since this was a barrier to student progression ; Coordinator between Nursing Division and Advancement Office to develop new ways to

    interact with nursing alumni and to plan for new homecoming activities (Studenterfest),


    o Included Nursing Alumni welcome in the pinning program and then personally

    followed, planned and presented at pinning with a special gift for graduates

    o Developed and planned meetings and activites between current nursing

    students and nursing alumni for homecoming/studenterfest, i.e. homecoming

    parade, float building, mentoring, 2006-present

    Greta Degen CV Updated 12/10/2011 Page 3

    o Initiated and coordinated projects to stimulate interest in nursing alumni

    ; Nursing students were given project/time/place/direction and called all

    nursing alumni in old alumni database to update contact information and

    stimulate mentoring/precepting between students/alumni, 2006

    ; Created Nursing Alumni Council (NAC) with input from Advancement and

    Nursing, attended and chaired ongoing meetings about homecoming,

    pinning, 2006-present

    ; Hosted luncheons for alumni and nursing students to stimulate

    mentoring potential, 2006-present

    ; Iniatiated facebook page for Nursing Alumni, coordination with

    Advancements Office, ongoing

    ; Developed and maintained webpage and database for Nursing Alumni,




    A Phenomenographic Study Exploring Nursing Education and Practic, 2010

    Evaluation of the Total School Membership Project for Graduates of Grand View

    University, 2009

    Utilizing Student Performance Indicators to Develop a Remediation Plan for

    Baccalaureate Nursing Students at Risk for Not Passing the NCLEX-RN, 2003


    Mini Teaching Grant, Spring 2010 for INTS 470 development of new pedagogies


    ; INA Lobby Day, Enhancing Nursing’s Political Power at the Capitol, Feb. 17, 2010

    ; Universal Advising Design, Conversations on Teaching, Oct, 6, 2009

    ; Electroni Advisee Registration, Conversations on Advising, Spring 2009

    ; Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Certification, 40 hours didactic training,

    University of Iowa, October 2005, serve on Polk County SART team as nurse

    examiner, 2005-2007

    ; American Red Cross First Responder Training, August 2009, utilized to take

    students to volunteer for community work as Red Cross Volunteers at State Fair,


    ; Updated CPR and Mandatory Child/Adult Abuse Training, 2009

    ; June 24, 2009 Engaging Students on the First Day of Class

    ; Nursing Against the Odds, Grand View, Spring 2005

    ; Learning Communities, Summers 2002-2007

    ; State Convention, Iowa Nurses Association, annual conventions in October, take

    students to this and participate as active member and voter, mentoring

    activities with students during lunch, 1998-present

    ; Voted delegate to Nationals for American Nurses Association, June 27, 2004

    ; Research Evenings, Sigma Theta Tau, attended annually end of March since

    1998 except 2008,2009 (dissertation and sabbatical work)

    Greta Degen CV Updated 12/10/2011 Page 4

    rd; Nursing Lobby Days at the Capitol, 3 Thursday of February, annually since

    2003-present, take students and assign learning activities to enhance


    ; Breastfeeding Educator, Iowa Health Systems, 2002

    ; Family Development Specialist, 40 hours training, University of Iowa, 2001

    ; Partners for a Healthy Baby Training, Iowa Dept of Human Services, 2001

    ; Disaster Preparedness Train the Trainer, IA Dept of Human Services, 2001

    ; Nursing Leadership: Advocating for Pain Management, Iowa Nurses Association,


    ; Ergonomics and Nursing Workfoce Initiative, Iowa Nurses Association, 2001

    ; Cultural Diversity Inservice Trainings for GV, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009


    ; Vice President, Iowa Nurses Association,2005-2006, and again Fall 2009-current

    ; Member, Iowa Nurses Association, Professional Nursing Association, 1998-


    ; Public Policy Committee Member, weekly conference calls about nursing

    lobbying efforts in the state of Iowa, 2007-present

    ; Member, Sigma Theta Tau, Nursing Honor Society, 1998-present

    ; Alumni member, Alpha Chi Honor Society, 1998-present

    ; Alumni member, Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society, 1998-present


    Degen, G. & Sheldahl, E. (2007). The many hats of teaching in small colleges: The

    seamless web of student and academic affairs. New Directions for Student

    Services, 117, 47-57.


    Evaluation of the Total School Membership Project at GV

    For GV Nursing Faculty, April 2009

    For Iowa Nurses Association, March 2009

    For Iowa State University, February 2009

    Poster Presentation: The Student Soldier, Qualitative Research Project presented at ISU research days, Spring 2005

    Utilizing Student Performance Indicators to Develop a Remediation Plan for Baccalaureate Nursing Students At Risk for Not Passing the NCLEX-RN,

     For Grand View Nursing Division, March 2004

     For Sigma Theta Tau, Zeta Chi, March 20, 2004 th Guest Speaker, 8 Annual Nurse Educator Conference, University of Indiana, November 5, 2003

    For Drake University, June 2003

    Caring in Nursing

     Guest speaker, Alumni and Faculty Reunion, St. Lukes Hospital, June 23, 2007 Grand View: Faculty Perspective for Prospective Students and Families

     Orientation and Scholarship Days, 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008 German Culture

    Greta Degen CV Updated 12/10/2011 Page 5

     For GV Choir, Spring 2005

    100 Anniversary Celebration of the Iowa Nurses Association

     Presenter for Iowa Nurses Association, October 2004

    On Leadership

     Guest speaker, Iowa Nurses Association, Retreat, June 2004

    Pinning for Nursing Students At GV

     Key note speaker for pinning ceremony, May 2004

    Our Body as God’s Temple

     Chapel guest speaker, March 9, 2004

    Leadership in Nursing

     Key Note Speaker, Sigma Theta Tau, Induction Ceremony, November 16, 2003

    Diversity in Nursing

     Speaker, Iowa Nurses Association, October 2003

    Diversity at Grand View College

     Guest Speaker, Iowa Department of Public Health

    Caring Curriculum: Into a Wider World of Nursing Practice

     Panel Speaker, Grand View College, November 1, 2003

    The Learning Community

     Presenter, Grand View College, 2002

    Nurses partnering To improve the Image

     Presenter, Grand View Nursing Faculty, 2002

    Nursing In Iowa

     Presenter and featured speaker, Live press conference held at Grand View, October


    The Caring Curriculum and Total School Membership

     Featured speaker, National Student Nurses Association, Dallas, Texas, April 1998


    ; Faculty Welfare Committee, 2010-present

    ; Advisor, Nursing Student Association, 2007-present

    ; Student Academic Life GV Committee, 2003-2005 (Chair in 2004)

    ; Admissions, Progressions, Graduation and Scholarship Nursing Committee, 2002-2005

    o Led scholarship and award initiatives

    ; Advising

    o currently all transfer upper level students/beginning nursing, due to switches

    during sabbatical leave, 13 new advisees received Spring 2009,

    o Until 2008, advising included provisional students from all divisions, 5 semesters

    of freshmen advising and experience with traditional/transfer students, with

    several semesters of more than 30 advisees, advised each semester since 2002)


    ; Pinning Committee, served as faculty volunteer for organization, planning and during

    ceremony Fall 2009, Spring 2010

    ; Course coordinator, Nurs 216 (2006-2007), Nurs 110 (2004-2005), NSGP 315,316 (2004-

    current), includes weekly meetings with all faculty teaching same course, coordination of

    efforts and new initiatives, insights and input into student learning outcomes/assessments

    Greta Degen CV Updated 12/10/2011 Page 6

; Co-chair, Nursing Alumni Council, 2005-present

    o Database updating

    o Mentoring/coordinating communciations between alumni and nursing students

    and nursing division

    o Homecoming coordination and planning of activities

    o Coordinator for developing Nursing Alumni council

    o Monthly meetings on presence at pinning and homecoming activities

    o Semester Meetings with Advancement about activies and database

    o Coordination with Bookstore and Advancement to develop new nursing alumni

    items for sale at pinning/graduation and bookstore

    ; RN to BSN Program, Teaching and Participating in Active Redesign/Updating of RN TO BSN

    Program, 2007-present

    o Developed and implemented RN to traditional students mentoring opportunities

    o Developed, planned and presented first (ever!) Nursing Orientation Dec. 15,


    o Developed new pilot proposal for curriculum changes, 2009

    o Monthly meetings with Karen Anderson to discuss new ways of thinking in

    relation to CIPAHL students and their needs/adult learning, 2008-present

    o Meet monthly to discuss advancement and progression of RN students with

    nursing faculty and dept chair, 2008-present

    o Initiated new coordination of activities between instructors of RN students,



    ; Member, Board of Education, Living Faith Lutheran Church, 2006-2009 ; Volunteer, American Red Cross, various activities, including state fair with students ; Volunteer, German Language Instructor, Phillips Elementary School, 2007-current ; Featured article, Des Moines Business Record, September 2009

    ; Featured interview, Channel 5 News on Nursing Faculty in Iowa, September, 2009 ; Volunteer state advisor, Iowa Nursing Student Association, 2006-2007 ; Volunteer state convention legislative counsel, Iowa Student Nursing Association, 2005 ; Member, Board of Education, Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, 2005-2006


    ; Iowa Nurse of the Year, 2004

    ; Iowa Nursing Student of the Year, 1998

    ; Who’s Who in American Women in Leadership, 2007-2009

    ; Who’s Who in Global Leadership, 2010

    Greta Degen CV Updated 12/10/2011 Page 7

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