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By Ida Peters,2015-02-18 07:43
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    Team Maxim Patent Search

    A search of the patents relevant to the Maxim Boat Anchors design endeavors yielded the following results.

    The patented designs of releasable boat anchors center around the release of the anchoring mechanism under set forces. These anchors and mechanisms are intended to aid in the release of an improperly positioned or stuck anchor. The designs center around the use of the boat's power or the forces of the water against the boat (i.e. high seas safety release). Below are some of the patented designs fitting this description.

Releasable Boat Anchor

    Patent Number: US03747553


    The present invention relates a releasable boat anchor. The releasable boat anchor has an adjustable spring stopper to allow for selection of the release force needed to operate its unlock mechanism. The releasable boat anchor has notched flukes rotatably attached to an outer cylinder. The edge of an inner cylinder engages the notched flukes prior to release. The notched flukes will rotate when the inner cylinder is pulled out of its notches once the release force needed to pull on its inner cylinder is reached.

Recoverable Boat Anchor

    Patent Number: US03625175


    A tubular boat anchor with inner and outer shank portions, one of which portions has multiple flukes thereon. The anchor portions may be rotated relative to each other so as to normally free the boat anchor, one shank portion of which has a slot formed therein, which slot may be inclined or spiral with an interengaging pin passing through the slot and being secured to the other of the shank portions. Provision is made for the interengaging pin to be a shear pin, which is circumferentially scored at the point of shear, to pass through the slot, which pin will shear upon predetermined impact, to enable recovery of the anchor line and one of the shank portions of the anchor.

V-Shaped Retrievable Boat Anchor

    Patent Number: US05784981


    A boat anchor assembly which allows the boat anchor to be retrieved easily, even when fouled in rocks or debris on a lake bottom, for example. The anchor includes a V-shaped anchor, structure for attaching an anchor line to the end of the anchor shank, an anchoring line, and a breakable tie. The end of the anchor line is attached to the anchor crown and removably attached by a tie to the structure for attaching an anchor line to the end of the anchor's shank. The tie will break when sufficient force is applied to the anchor line, thus to transfer the pulling force exerted by the anchor line from the end of the shank to the crown so that the anchor may be easily pulled from any entanglements. The entire V-shaped anchor is coated in a plastic or other suitable material to prevent rust, and the arm and shank of the V-shaped anchor are tapered towards their ends so as easily to penetrate a brush pile or rock bed.

Releasable Boat Anchor

    Patent Number: US04230062


    An improved releasable boat anchor of the double-acting type for anchoring a boat and for releasing itself from an underwater obstruction in which the anchor may be captured, the anchor comprising a fluke body and a shank, the shank comprising an intermediate portion pivotally connected to the fluke body and an outer portion pivotally connected to the intermediate portion, the outer shank portion having an aperture for attaching an anchor line to the anchor, the anchor having two alternate anchor drag positions, an intermediate release position and a full release position, said anchor including an arrangement such that in the full release position the pull on the fluke body is substantially from the rear thereof.

    These designs, it is noted, are not intended to aid in the ease of man-powered retrieval of an anchor properly positioned on the ocean floor, as is the design aim of Maxim Boat Anchors.

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