The place I would like to visit is Europe

By Kyle Ellis,2014-12-26 08:15
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The place I would like to visit is Europe

    The place I would like to visit is Europe .

    Why ? First , I have been to abroad , but I did not go to Europe . I think it is interesting when my surroundings are differently ethnic group . And only I have black hair and black eyes in the crowd . I must be catch the eyes . I like this strange feeling .

    Second , Europe has a lot of famous history buildings , like Basilica di San pietro in Vacticano and Venice water city in Italy , Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum in French , Alps in Holland and many others .These sightspots have been looked in textbook and TV . But I think it must be bright if I go sightseeing these sightspots with my eyes . It can enrich my knowledge and spiritual requirement .

    Third , I hear that the Europe is very beautiful and clean , and the Europe people are very warmly and civilized . My families tell me if I go to Europe I can go sightseeing many countries and district. It is very bright and material benefit .(;;班王天昊)

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