DLAR Animal Transfer Form

By Scott Reyes,2014-03-02 04:46
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DLAR Animal Transfer FormForm,form

    DLAR Animal Transfer Form

    Please print out, complete, and return to DLAR main office

Animal Transfer Procedures:

    1) Investigator who is transferring the animals can print out this form or pick it up in the main DLAR office. 2) Complete the form and return it to the DLAR main office. 3) The form will be sent to a DLAR veterinarian for review of animal use and approval. 4) Once approved, the husbandry staff will be notified and will contact the investigator to arrange for movement of the animals. DLAR staff will re-locate all animals so that they are housed properly and all census sheets are revised. 5) The investigator is responsible for completing new cage cards for the animals to assure that all information needed is transferred. 6) Until the animals are physically moved to the new housing location by the husbandry staff, the per diems will be charged to the original investigator. 7) The number of animals transferred will be subtracted from the total number of animals that have been approved.

    Current Investigator Information: Transfer Investigator Information:

    Name of PI: Name of PI:

    Lab Phone #: Lab Phone #:

    IACUC Protocol #: IACUC Protocol #:

    Purchase__________Bred___________ Purchase_____________Bred___________

    Date of requested transfer:____________

    (please allow up to 48 hours)

Circle Pain Category: A B C Circle Pain Category: A B C

     Note: All animals transferred to you will

    be subtracted from your IACUC


Animals were previously housed as/in: Animals will be used as/in:

    __breeders only __breeders

    __non-surgical studies __acute studies (tissue collection only)

    __surgical studies __ non-surgical studies

    __infectious/biohazard studies __non-survival surgical studies

    __not used __survival surgical studies


Building and Room number: FROM____________________

    Building and Room number: TO___________________


    Number of Cages:________

    Number of Animals_______

    Please anticipate a 48 hour turn-around time for animal transfer approval and movement,

    during normal working hours.


    Current Investigator:________________________ Date:_____________ Receiving Investigator:________________________Date:_____________ History/Protocol OK’d by:_______________________Date:_____________

    Transfer entered into LAMBS by:____________________Date:_______________ Animals moved by:__________________________ Date:_____________ Cage cards/Census sheets updated by:________________ Date:_____________

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