Tifton Welcome Station Meeting Room Contract

By Bobby Fisher,2014-08-13 12:27
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Tifton Welcome Station Meeting Room Contract

    Tifton Welcome Station

    Business Development Meeting Room Contract

    Economic Development Director: Lequrica Gaskins


    502 Main Street, Tifton GA 31794

     Phone #: 229-391-3977 Fax: 229-386-2923

    No Alcohol Allowed

    Contract Date______________________ Event Date_____________________

    Name ______________________________ Organization___________________

    Address_______________ City_______________ State___________ Zip__________

    Work Phone____________ Home Phone ________________Fax ________________

     E- Mail_______________________ Type of Event/Purpose _____________

    Beginning Time ________ Ending Time __________ Expected Attendance ______


    (A) During Business Hours During Business Hours

    $20.00 per hour $30.00 per hour

    (B) After Business Hours After Business Hours

     $20.00 + 10.00/hr. Building $30.00 per hour + $10/hr. Building

     Supervisor Supervisor

    (C) Kitchen usage is an additional $50.00

    (D) $50.00 deposit (Please note that deposit is $100.00 if kitchen is used. Deposit is

    returnable if building is cleaned.)


    Rental Fee: ___________ Supervisor Fee: _____________ Other Fee: _____________

    Kitchen Fee: _____________Total Fees:_______________ Deposit: ________________

    Receipt #: ___________________ Comments: ___________________________________



    Applicant Signature: ____________________________Date: ________________


    Approved by: _________________________________ Date: ________________

    Tifton Welcome Station

    Business Development Meeting Room

    Rules &Regulations

    1. The activity during the lease period stated on the contract must be a legal,

    wholesome event. The City Of Tifton reserves the right to deny leases that will go

    against normal business practices.

    2. The City Of Tifton agrees to furnish general lighting from the permanent fixtures,

    outlets and equipment in the building, heat or air condition, water of normal usage

    as now installed in the building. Circumstances beyond the control of the City Of

    Tifton shall not be considered a breach of agreement and the applicant shall have

    the responsibility for furnishing any additional equipment and removal of the same

    at the termination leasing date.

    3. The City Of Tifton or Tifton Welcome Station will not be liable for the

    cancellation of any event due to acts of God, riots, strikes, labor difficulties or

    other acts or occurrences including damage sustained from previous event which

    is beyond the reasonable control of The City of Tifton and Welcome Station. 4. Applicant agrees to hold The City of Tifton and Tifton Welcome Station harmless

    and not liable for any personal injuries or property damages resulting from the

    conduct of any person(s) on the meeting room property while the facility is leased

    in the applicant’s name. Furthermore, the applicant does agree to accept full

    responsibility of any damages that occur during the time the facility is contracted

    or leased.

    5. Applicant agrees to pay The City of Tifton for all repairs resulting from damages

    while the facility is rented in applicant’s name.

    6. Applicant agrees to pay for the use of the meeting rooms, no later than 1 month

    prior to the event. (See application for fee scale). If this rule is violated, event can

    be canceled. If the booking date and event are within a 1 week period, payment is

    due in cash on the date the facility is reserved.

    7. In the event that a booking is canceled, it must be canceled 30 days prior to the

    rental date to receive a refund. A refund will not be received if the event is not

    canceled within a 30 day period prior to the rental date.

    8. Rental applicant(s) is/are responsible for making arrangements per each rental

    package for set up and clean up. Deposits are ONLY returned if building is


    9. Applicant must pay a building supervisor $10.00 for any after hour events.

    10. Rental fee will increase by $5.00 per hour when renting the building more then 5


    11. In the event that the applicant’s function should last longer than the approved

    rental hours noted on the application, the applicant will be required to pay for

    additional facility rental hours and additional payment to the building supervisor

    will be required by the applicant.


Basic Rental Package

    ; Conference Facilitation

    ; Signage

    ; Free Parking

    ; Rental Fee

    ; Free telephone access for local calls ; After business hours, please include $10.00/ hr. for building


    ; Free assistance with hotel accommodation

Catering Event Planning & Management Package

    ; Conference Facilitation

    ; Catering management and coordination of meals ; Event Management

    ; Signage

    ; Free Parking

    ; Free AV Equipment

    ; Free telephone usage for local calls ; After business hours, please include $10/hr. for building supervisor

    ; $8.00 per person

Additional Event Planning & Management at Additional Cost

    ; Advertising Options & Marketing Assistance

    ; Copies ($.030) per copied page

    ; Access to fax machine ($0.30) per page

    ; Internet Usage $30.00

    ; Coffee: $20.00 per coffee pot (this includes cream, sugar, stirrers and


    ; Kitchen usage ($50.00)

    ; Additional charges will occur for supplies ; Rental fee increase by $5.00/hr. when renting more then 5 hours


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