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    Please keep


    The Library has two Conference Rooms located on the second floor of Central Library. The rooms provide a quiet, semi-private, office-like setting for purposeful work, study, and meetings. Both are equipped with a large conference table and chairs.

    The new Paul Gottfried Krikelas Technology Conference Room, also known as Conference Room 2A, holds up to 12 people (10 chairs around table and 2 extra). The standard setup also includes a flip chart (with paper and markers) and a white board (with erasable markers). The following equipment is also available in the Krikelas Room, but must be requested in advance via the application: television, DVD player, VCR, laptop computer, LCD projector. Accessories such as remote controls are also available in the room. There are no printing capabilities in the room; but printing services are available in the second floor Copy Center.

    Conference Room 2B holds up to 16 people (10 chairs at table + 6 additional chairs). There is also a chalk board. No additional equipment is available in Conference Room 2B.


    A. Adult individuals (aged 18 or older) and organizations, via a responsible and authorized adult member, can apply for use of a

    Library Conference Room. Applicants could include businesses, business persons, boards, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and

    investment groups.

    1. Applicants must possess a valid MPL library card (or business card) without fines due in order to use the additional

    equipment in the Krikelas Conference Room. Visitors to the City would have to purchase a MPL library card (a “fee

    card”) in order to use the Krikelas Conference Room.

    B. The Applicant must be present during the use of the room. Applicant is solely and fully responsible for the Room and all its

    contents (including keys issued), and any and all loss/damage to the building, furniture, or equipment.

    C. The Conference Rooms can be used for:

    ; Purposeful research, work, and study

    ; Business meetings including business development meetings, board meetings, etc.

    D. The Room is not available for:

    ; Public programs or events open to the public.

    ; Commercial activities or those held for the primary purpose of making a profit.

    ; Monetary solicitation, except for Library- or City-sponsored fundraising.

    ; Programs involving the sale, advertising, or promotion of products or services or programs, including compilation of

    mailing lists for future solicitation.

    ; Personal, social, or family activities; Entertainment or recreation.

    ; An activity where an admission fee or any fee is charged.


    A. The Rooms are available during Library open hours. A complete listing of hours appears in the library’s Schedule of Hours

    brochure and on the Library’s website ( The rooms are scheduled subject to the availability of staff.

    B. No one can enter the building before the Library opens. Individuals using the Room should arrive no more than 30 minutes

    before the scheduled time. Checkout must be complete at least 30 minutes before closing or before the next reservation.

    C. Conference Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of four (4) hours per use. Applicants may use any MPL Meeting Room

    in the system for a collective maximum of six (6) times per year.

    D. Room Requirements:

    ; Material may NOT be mounted on the walls. No tape may be applied to any surface.

    ; Blinds must be left open at all times. The Room cannot be left unattended or unlocked.

    ; The Room must be clean and restored to its original condition and setup arrangement after each use.

    ; Applicant may serve light refreshments in the Room.

    ; Library telephones are for dialing library extensions only.

    ; The capacity of the room may not be exceeded.

    ; Smoking is not permitted in any part of a Milwaukee Public Library building.

    E. If serving refreshments, applicant is responsible for bringing all serving equipment, supplies, etc. Applicant is further

    responsible for all food setup and cleanup. Catered dinners and alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

    1. Refreshments are available for purchase onsite from Coffee with a Conscience (414-286-2005), which is located just

    inside the Wisconsin Avenue doors to the east of the rotunda.


    A. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations are not considered confirmed until a written

    application has been approved. Phone inquiries do not hold a date.

    B. Applications should be returned by fax, mail, or in person at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date. They will be

    considered on a case-by-case basis if inquiry is made less than two weeks prior to the scheduled date(s). Reservations can be

    made up to one year in advance of the needed day(s).

    C. MPL must be notified (Business Office 414-286-3030) as far in advance as possible of cancellations; and if applicable, the

    rescheduling of the room reservation. Repeated cancellations or failure to keep appointments for meetings can be cause for

    denial of future room use requests.

    No unlawful activity is permitted on library premises. Use of If custodial assistance is required to clean the facility after the the conference room cannot be disruptive of the programs and meeting, the group will be billed a minimum of $50 plus the activities of the Library, nor can it create a public safety actual cost of any damages, and future room use may be hazard. The Library Code of Conduct, posted on the MPL denied.

    Website at, must be

    observed at all times. If Applicant sends written notices, the location should be

     listed with the name of the room, and address as follows: The library may impose reasonable conditions for the use of Milwaukee Public Library, Central Library-Second Floor, its conference room to ensure that public or private property is 814 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53233.

    not damaged through use of its facilities, and to ensure that the

    comfort, convenience, safety or welfare of the public is not All room activities will be publicly noticed throughout the disturbed. MPL system via the Library’s Meeting Room Schedule unless

     the space is reserved less than two weeks prior to the date of Non-compliance with policies will result in loss of room use the event. The contact person’s name and telephone will be

    privileges. Any application may be rejected or approval listed on the schedule, and will be given to anyone who would withdrawn for violation of these rules at the discretion of like more information about the meeting. The contact library administration. Applications that do not clearly fit telephone number cannot be a long-distance number. within the usage policy will be referred to the City Librarian

    or designee. Any departure from the policy may be made only The library makes its best efforts to ensure that all equipment with written authorization of the City Librarian or designee. is in good working condition but is unable to guarantee it.

     Problems with equipment should be reported to the LIC On very rare occasions, MPL may have to cancel a group’s immediately.

    use of the room due to unforeseen circumstances.

     If utilizing the laptop, room users must work within our A representative of MPL may attend any meeting, activity or computer environment. Users agree to comply with the event held in library facilities. library’s Computer Use Policy (

     file/computer_usepolicy.htm ). No changes to existing

    Permission to use a room does not imply library endorsement computer setup or available software will be permitted. The of the views, aims, policies, or activities of any group or library’s laptop will reset when rebooted. Therefore, nothing organization. Permission to use a conference room is can be altered or saved on this computer. Any files or

    revocable and does not constitute a lease. documents saved to the hard drive will be erased when

     computer is rebooted. MPL accepts no responsibility for No advance deliveries can be accepted for meetings. damage to personal computer equipment and software, discs, Materials may not be stored at the Library before or after a or video tapes.

    meeting. MPL can not be responsible for any equipment or

    items left in the conference room. The library collection includes how-to books on various

     software programs. Patrons are encouraged to use those books. All MPL Rooms are also used by library staff. The library does not provide computer instruction or technical

     assistance for equipment.

    Damages to room and equipment will be the sole

    responsibility of the applicant and applicant’s organization and MPL-42E.BUS will be billed at full replacement cost.

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