Executive Board Meeting Minutes

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Executive Board Meeting MinutesExec

SLA/FAN Division: Executive Board Meeting Minutes

    Wednesday June 11, 2003

    New York, New York


    Pat Allen, Chair

    Anne Hurst, Chair Elect and Vendor Relations Committee

    Lutishoor Salisbury (Luti), Past Chair

    Mary Louise Pusch, Treasurer

    Kevin Adams, Secretary, International Relations Chair Web Page Committee

    Sharon Schwerzel, Director

    Jennifer R Cessna, Director

    Joe Zumalt, Membership Committee

    Catherine Jeanjean, Vendor Relations

    Valerie Perry, PR committee

    Heather Moberly, Bulletin Editor

1. Introductions - Introductions were made of members at the meeting

    2. Continuation of business from the June 8, 2003 Board Meeting

    a) Investment Policy - We do not have one. There was a discussion on the money we have to

    invest. What restrictions do SLA have on investments. It was decided Mary Louse will contact

    SLA for guidelines. How do we compare with other divisions?

    Projected expenditure for the year was discussed. Also the appointment of an auditor to review

    the books. Should we have one? The Chair will appoint one in consultation with the Treaurer.

    b) FAN Library Directory Update - Discussion surrounded whether we need to send out a print

    directory. What is the directories purpose? Decided that paper is convient.

    c) Web Page - It needs to be updated. The committee (see later in the minutes for members)

    will look at this this year. Specific issues were the need to see that the pages are up to date

    and also to ask what we want on the pages for our members. Pat Allen appointed a

    committee for the webpage.

    d) Terms of Office - Valerie Perry asked if we needed a list of assignments for the chair and for

    organising events etc at the conference. Also asked about extending the term of the secretary

    and the directors to two years. This would ensure continuity and mean that if there were

    staggered terms for the directors there would be a learning year. It would also be easier for

    the nominating committee if the term of service were for two years. There would also be a

    herding list. Also there could be tasks assigned to a person. This then holds people to a list of

    and could be sent out to people every two months. This is because there is no defined role for

    the directors. Pat will meet with the directors to talk about their roles.

    Questions to be asked are which officers terms do we extend and do we stagger them. The

    new governing rules will be checked to see if the directors terms is to be two years and also

    the terms of the Secretary and the Treasurer.

    Nominations for the board are to be opened up and the nominations notice to the FAN list two

    or three. Pat Allen will ask the Procedures Committee on how to proceed on the nominations.

    e) Membership Recruitment - We have 247 - 260 members this is down from previous years.

     How are we to attract lapsed members and those who have joined other divisions. Last

    years minutes contained the idea that letters should be sent out to former FAN members.

    However they may not be FAN members. Our FAN list is more accurate than SLA's.

    Suggestions were made that we look at what services do we offer and what we don't but

    could. We may look at re-visting the idea of a promotion.

    3) Sign Forms for Incoming Board Members and Other Leaders who are Present. - These were

    signed by the appropriate members

    4) Committee Assignment

    a) Guidelines and Recommended Practices

    i) Pat Wilson (Chair), Dick Wallace and James B. Tchobanoff

    ii) Its task is to rework our current procedures and bylaws into the new format that is to

    be used by SLA Headquarters and to present a report at the Annual Conference in


    b) Vendor Relations

    i) Anne Hurst, Catherine Jeanjean

    ii) Task is to raise funds from sponsors. Letters to these will be sent out in August and a

    follow up letter will be sent out in October

    c) Strategic Planning

    i) Sue Schulz (Chair), Alice Marksberry (pending), Patricia Krug ii) Task is to review existing plan and to rework it with information from the membership

    survey and other sources if possible.

    d) Awards Committee

    i) Directors, Past Chair, and Anita Ezzo

    ii) Tasks

    1. Decide on award for presentation at 2004 meeting

    2. Award the new professional scholarship

    3. Go through activities necessary to undertake the Twinning Project

    e) Public Relations

    i) Valerie Perry, Bryan Young (pending)

    1) Tasks : membership brochure

    2) Vendor relations brochure

    f) Membership Committee

    i) Joe Zumalt, Chair

    ii) Tasks

    1. Work with membership information from SLA Headquarters

    2. Contact lapsed members

    3. Welcome new members

    4. Investigate electronic dissemination of the membership directory for 2004 iii) Does this committee need more members? It was decided that Anne Hurst will

    mentor Joe.

    g) Nominating Committee

    i) Carolyn Speakman (Chair), Linda Hanrath (pending), Pat Arnold (pending) ii) Tasks

    1. Find potential officers for next Executive Board

    2. Get acceptance and biographers for candidates

    3. Submit slate to Food for Thought (FFT) by deadline

    h) Bulletin

    i) Heather Moberley and Peter Sydney

    ii) Make arrangements for new software. Heather stated that the new versions of PageMaker Pro and Adobe Acrobat were needed. Heather will price and these products, buy them and send the costs to the board to be reimbursed.

    iii) The Chair will make sure that other members are making contributions to FFT with

    advice from the editors.

    iv) If Peter Sydney does not continue as Ad manager then a new person will have to be

    found. A Director will do it in emergency. A decision to be made by the end of July

     i) FAN Web Committee

    i) Kevin Adams (Chair), Susan Hocker, Katie Clarke (pending)

    ii) Tasks

    1. Will look at the website and suggest making changes. Amy Paster(sp) will send

    an electronic list of past chairs.

    2. Also discussed was a HTML version of FFT as this was a suggestion from the

    membership survey. Pat will talk to a systems librarian if this is feasible.

    j) Chair

    i) Make program arrangements for annual meeting 2004

    ii) Attend 2004 winter meeting

    iii) Solicit contributions for FFT

    iv) Submit pieces for FFT

    v) Work closely with Vendor Relations Committee

    vi) Review FAN budgets of past

    vii) Serve as a resource for other committees

    viii) Obtain planning information from SLA Headquarters

    ix) Present financial plan at next annual meeting

    x) Communicate with membership via listserv and FFT

    xi) Delegate more to Directors

    In discussing committee assignments there was also a discussion on the the plaque for the past chair. There is no documentation for how to thank the past chairs. The chair will write a letter to the past chair and we will give a plaque to the past chair. A name was also suggested for the plaque to the past chair, the FAN Chair Award? It was recommended that this award be given to the Awards Committee to decide on the name. Also that all the board members names be attached to the letter. Also (Valerie) stated that the award was being paid out of her own pocket. Should this be so or should it be reimbursed from the Treasury.

    It was also voted that the minutes of Sunday's meeting be approved electronically and be put out for 45 days in which time we should read and response. It was also decided to put this in out new procedures manual.

    Also we were reminded that if anyone had anything from last year to send it to our archivist, Amy Paster(sp)

5) Adjournment - Meeting was adjourned at 8.58am. Moved (Luti Salisbury) and seconded

    (Catherine Jeanjean)

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