December 9, 2011 Dear Families, Our week began with an ...

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December 9, 2011 Dear Families, Our week began with an ...with,our,Dear,With,2011,week

     December 9, 2011

Dear Families,

    Our week began with an interesting exploration of Egyptian culture with Nadia's parents, Hamada and Jean. Jean and Nadia dressed in traditional clothing and Hamada played a drum called a tabla. He then gave each child a chance to play as well. Hamada taught the class a few steps of Egyptian dancing which many were eager to try. We listened to music of that country, saw the written alphabet and numerals, as well as some hieroglyphics. Hamada showed the class models of the three Pyramids and the Sphinx and told them a story about them. We then ate delicious food that Hamada had prepared: falafel, humus, and pita bread. It was a wonderful hands-on experience. Thank you Hamada and Jean.

    The rest of the week was devoted to an introduction to the holidays that the children celebrate in December. We will spend a few days learning about and doing activities related to each one. We began with Hanukah. I showed the class a menorah and how it is lit, read them a story about the holiday, and then did an art project involving menorahs. Next week, we will continue with Hanukah and then learn about Kwanza and Christmas.

Our big book this week was, A House is a House for Me, a creative book

    about different types of houses. Some of it is multicultural and some is just thought provoking. For example, a carton is a house for crackers or a glove is a house for a hand. I asked the children to come up with their own ideas and they were delightful such as “a cake is a house for a flavor” or "a head is a

    house for a brain." These drawings and ideas by our class will be hanging up in the writing corner in the front lobby of our school.

    Next week, we will be learning the sound of the letter R. Please have your child bring in an item that begins with R on Tuesday.

    As the weather gets colder, please be sure to dress your child appropriately with a warm jacket, mittens or gloves, and a hat. If it snows, please add boots and snowpants. We go outdoors every day unless it is below 20 degrees or raining. If there is snow on the ground, your child will have to play on the blacktop if he or she does not have boots and snowpants.

    Today we went to an assembly about teeth as it is Dental Health Week. You may want to take advantage of this experience when your child is brushing his/her teeth at home.


Marcy Zweig

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