Emergency Procedures - Nutrition

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Emergency Procedures - Nutrition

From the Johnson County Area Agency on Aging (Olathe, KS)

    Emergency Procedures - Nutrition



Category: Nutrition Program Policy No.: NP-16

    Subject: Closure of Central Kitchen and/or Nutrition Centers Due to Weather or

    Other Emergency Situations

    Effective Date: 12/01/97


    Policy: The Central Kitchen and/or any or all the Nutrition Centers will close due to weather or other emergency situations if it is determined that the health or safety of the employees, volunteers, and/or participants are at risk.


    1. The decision to close the Central Kitchen and/or the Nutrition Centers will be

    made by the Nutrition Program Manager and the Kitchen Supervisor.

    2. Closings due to inclement weather will be determined by road and predicted

    weather conditions. It will not be determined by area school closings only,

    although this information will be considered.

    3. Notification of employees, volunteers, HS/A Director, AAA Director and other

    relevant county departments will be made by 7:00 AM on the day to be closed.

    Selected radio and TV stations will be notified.

    4. A listing of employees, volunteers, HS/A Director, AAA Director and other

    relevant county departments to notify in the event of a closing will be updated

    monthly or as necessary.

    5. All Olathe office/kitchen staff are expected to report to work unless notified


    6. At least one emergency shelf stable meal will be delivered to each home-

    delivered participant by November 1 of each year. In the event of a kitchen

    closure an additional shelf stable meal will be distributed to each home-delivered

    meal participant as soon as feasible.


    In the event of a weather or other emergency to provide maximum nutrition service possible with primary consideration given for the safety and health of clients, volunteers, and staff.

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From the Johnson County Area Agency on Aging (Olathe, KS)

    Single Point of Communication:

    The Nutrition Program Manager will be the single point of communication. In the event the Nutrition Program Manager is not available the Nutrition Center Coordinator will be the single point of communication. All pagers will be on and will be the method of communication if not available by phone or cell phone.

Notification of Staff:

    The following will notify staff of any emergency situation.

Staff Who will be notified

    Nutrition Program Manager Kitchen Supervisor, Home-delivered Meal

    Coordinators, Volunteer Coordinators,

    Center Coordinator, Accounting Assistant,

    Dietetic Interns (if on staff)

    Kitchen Supervisor Senior Cook, Cooks (2), Kitchen Service

    Worker, Van Drivers

    Senior Cook Kitchen Mangers (9) Kitchen Assistants

    Center Coordinator Center Managers

    Home-Delivered Meal Coordinator Part Time HD Coordinator,

    Volunteer Coordinators Volunteers scheduled for duty or as


Priority for Service Delivery:

    Individuals identified at High Risk and who have no resources for meals will be given priority for service delivery. The individuals will be contacted by telephone to determine if there are any concerns regarding food supply until regular meal service delivery can be re-established.

Central Kitchen Operation:

    Central Kitchen staff will be expected to report to duty unless directed by the Nutrition Program Manager or designated person in charge. The central kitchen will be available for food preparation as directed.

Decision to close due to weather:

    The decision to close the central kitchen and/or any or all the nutrition sites due to weather will be made by 6:00 a.m. Road and predicted weather conditions will determine closings. It will not be determined by the area school closings alone. Information regarding weather related closing will be made available on TV Stations 41, 4, and 9 and radio KCMO AM-710, KCMO-FM 94.9, KMBZ-AM 980, OR KY-FM 99.7.

    The Nutrition Program Manager and the Kitchen Supervisor will be in contact before 6:00 a.m. on any day that meal service and delivery is questionable due to weather conditions. The options for service delivery will be discussed prior to 6:00 a.m. If the decision is to close all scheduled personnel will be contacted using the established telephone tree as soon as possible.

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From the Johnson County Area Agency on Aging (Olathe, KS)

Combining Satellite Centers:

    Key satellite centers will be Overland Park, Roeland Park and Shawnee/Merriam in the event that service delivery service would have to be consolidated.

In the Event of a Shortage of Volunteers:

    In the event there would be a shortage of volunteers available, more than 12 routes to cover, Emergency Services would be contacted. Public Works and Wastewater employees would be contacted to deliver meals.

Emergency Preparation

Home-Delivered Meal Clients:

    By December 1 annually 2 shelf stable meals (Blizzard Bags) will be sent to each home-delivered meal client. New home-delivered meal clients as they enter the program will be given 2 meals.

High Risk Individuals:

    High-risk individuals are those who do not have resources for meals and no informal support system for meals in the event of cancellation of meal service. The Home-delivered meal coordinator will print out a listing of high-risk clients weekly as indicated by the AAA database. Nutrition Center Coordinator with the assistance of Center Managers will identify congregate individuals at high risk. This information will be updated on a monthly basis.

    At the beginning of winter high risk home-delivered meal clients will be provided 4 meals, which may include 2-shelf stable, and 2 frozen meals. During the summer months high risk clients will maintain at least 1 emergency meal either shelf stable or frozen.

Establishment of a Care Caller Network:

    During an emergency closure of home-delivered meal program, volunteers or designated staff will call each high-risk client to check on status. Any problems or concerns will be directed to the Home-delivered Meal Coordinator.


    The central kitchen will keep on hand food transport equipment for 7 routes. This will include hot and cold food carriers, hot blocks, and blue ice.

Emergency Food Supplies:

    The central kitchen will plan a one day’s menu that utilizes foods that do not require

    heating in the event of an electrical outage in the central kitchen. Enough shelf stable foods will be kept on hand for the one day’s menu.

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