Good morning

By Louis Murray,2014-08-09 21:29
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Good morning

    Good morning ,Ladies and gentlemen.! Thank you for your coming .I am honored to stand here to introduce you to our company. With China's comprehensive strength increases, the improvement of people's life, wedding as an emerging industry, in the whole nation has reached the degree of hot. Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, our company have mushroomed. The wedding industry is gradually grow into a new sunrise industry, wedding

    consumption market of wedding dresses, wedding photography, wedding services industry matures, and with new consumption of other industries such as household appliances, interior decoration, real estate, and other related industries, and gradually form remarkable wedding industry chain, filled with great potential business opportunities. In the face of such a big market, as this time investors, we should how to choice and how to in this huge industry make a profit, below our group will bring you wedding project policy - Onlyou wedding company. Our company was founded in 2008, the registered capital is 3 million, with its headquarters in wuhan, at present in guangzhou, shenzhen, and other cities has many branches, is a professional wedding planning company. The main business wedding planning, propose planning, day activities planning, etc. The company planning team members is young and has the active thinking. The idea of the company is sincerely for our guests to provide warm and romantic surprise unlimited service.Want to let your said she

    would like to? Want to give them more surprise? Come on Onlyou magic house now, we will let you desire fulfilled, we will be with you together witness that a wonderful moment. The company's department structure as general manager, financial, research and development, marketing, advertising planning several departments. I am the company's CEO, Which mainly be responsible for making enterprise strategy and goal and establish the enterprise culture, team construction, allocation of funds and overall operation. ZhangBiao responsible for finance, HuangZhuang responsible for product design and development, CaoLanTeng responsible for marketing, ZhangBo hui responsible for advertising planning. Welcome to the company under the each department manager to introduce their specific circumstances.


    When watching our company, have you move? Acting on your dream , the

    future of the company need your support, welcome you to join us, we will continuously bring a surprise to you!

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