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Table S1: Screening Measurement Methods: Examples of Commercially Available Test Kits* Analyte(s) Estimated Price Range as of 2007 Example of Brands General Description Indoor Air Mold and Bacteria Formaldehyde, Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide $ 69.95 for one; $109.95 for two EnviroCheck Spot tests are performed fo..

Table S1: Screening Measurement Methods: Examples of Commercially Available

    Test Kits*

    Estimated Analyte(s) Example of General Description

    Price Range Brands

    as of 2007

    Indoor Air

    Mold and Bacteria $ 69.95 for one; EnviroCheck Spot tests are performed for rooms and forced hot Formaldehyde, $109.95 for two air heating and air conditioning systems for mold, Nitrogen Dioxide, yeast and fungus. There is an incubation period Carbon Monoxide and the user needs to count colonies formed. and Carbon Dioxide Dosimeter tube tests for other gases. ?Ozone $14.95 Eco Badge Each Ozone Test Kit includes: Four One-Hour Ozone Detector Ozone Test Cards in 2 pouches. A new ozone test Kit card is white. If ozone is present, the card will change color. The color is compared to the color on the chart representing different levels of ozone.

    Toxic black mold, $19.95 Enviro-Tester Hold the test up to an air vent for 60 seconds and bacteria, and yeast read the results in 24 to 72 hours by comparing

    growth to the provided mold density chart.

    Mold Spores $13.95 per set Comtech Air sampling done on a pretreated Petri dish with Bacteria Fungus Research added gel. Any spores floating in the air will stick

    to the moist medium surface and cover with the

    Petri dish top after 1 ~ 2 hours. After 36-40

    hours, the user visually counts the number of

    mold colonies (noting if they are all the same or if

    there are different types).


    Phosphate 50 tests, $71.90 LaMotte Swirl or dip strips according to instruction. Read color Chlorine 50 tests, $ 61.20 change and compare with color chart.

    Ammonia Nitrogen 50 tests, $48.50

    Chloride 50 for $39.50

    Bacteria $ 33. to 35.95 PurTest Home Vial and test strips included. Water to be tested Atrazine & Water Analysis for bacteria is collected in a vial with bacterial Simazine Test Kit growth powder and after 48 hours a positive or Nitrate & Nitrite negative response is obtained depending on the color Iron, Chlorine observed. Lead and pesticides positive/negative Copper ,Lead presence is tested with a strip that provides a

    visual line that allows user to determine the

    presence or absence of analyte. Nitrate, nitrite,

    iron are tested with strips that undergo a color

    change that compared with color chart.

    Bacteria $24.45 ITS Complete Bacteria yes/no confirmatory analysis. Test strips Free Chlorine Water Analysis results are compared against the color charts Nitrate, Nitrite Test Kit provided. Total Chlorine


    Copper Sulfate


    Hydrogen Sulfide

    Bacteria $19.95 Watersafe All-Vial and test strips included. Water to be tested Lead In-One Water for bacteria is collected in a vial with bacterial Atrazine & Analysis Test growth powder and results are obtained after 48 Simazine Kit hrs. Bacteria results are negative if a purple color Nitrate Nitrite Silver Lake is observed, yellow if positive result. Lead and Chlorine Research pesticides are tested using a strip that comes in Corporation contact with the water and produces a line which (SLRC)

    can be interpreted as a positive or negative

    response according to instructions. Nitrate, nitrite,

    chlorine are tested using a strip and comparing

    the color change with a chart.

    Mold $ 8.99-$10.99 PROLab test For mold test, the water sample place on Petri kits Pesticides dish. Number of colonies (dots) counted after 48 Chlorine hours, rechecked after 72 hors.

    Copper Other analytes-sample place on test strip and nitrate/(nitrite) results are a color change that is compared with a


    Lead $9.95 Watersafe Lead Test strip placed in vial containing water sample. Water Analysis In 10 minutes a visual positive/negative response Test Kit/ is obtained by comparing lines in the stip. Detects Silver Lake Lead down to, or below, EPA action level of 15 Research parts per billion (ppb). Corporation


    Bacteria $9.45 ITS Water Tests are based on a colorimetric change. For bacteria Ammonia Analysis Test the color change provides a yes/no response in a vial. Nitrate/Nitrite Kit For other analytes: a test strip provides a visual change

    that is compared with a color chart

    Arsenic $25.95 for 2 ITS Arsenic Requires addition of three reagents. Final result is read

    arsenic tests Water Analysis from a color changing strip and compared to a chart.

    Test Kit Requires timing each step.

    Ammonia Options ranging LaMotte Individual test kits with colorimetric detection in Nitrogen, Calcium, from $164.35-a carrying case. Each kit contains multiple tests Magnesium, Free $516 depending (40-50), report forms, and handbooks. CarbonDioxide, on the number

    Chloride,ChlorineCsamples and hromium(Chromate)analytes to be

    , Copper, Cyanide, detected.

    Iron, Nitrate,

    Phosphorus (Phosphate), Sulfide

    Drinking/Tap Water

    bacteria, nitrites, and $14.95-$19.95 PurTest Water to be tested for bacteria is collected in a nitrates Drinking Water vial with bacterial growth powder and after 48 Test Kit hours a positive or negative response is indicated by a

    color change.

    Trihalomethanes $ 449 for 100 Hach Includes 3 reagent solutions and a reagent powder. The

    tests analytes react are equimolar with reagents giving a

    visual change.

    Bacteria, atrazine & $29.95*- $59.95 PurTest Bacteria tested on vial with growth powder and after 48 simazine; nitrate, Complete Water hours a positive or negative response is obtained nitrite , iron, Test Kit depending on the color observed. Lead and pesticides chlorine, copper , positive/negative presence compared with line on lead strip. Nitrate, nitrite, iron- color change observed

    on the specific strip is compared with color chart.


    Mold 5 tests : $34.95 MoldCheck? A wipe sample of the suspected mold is wiped on a

    10 tests: $44.95 Mold Test Kits swab. The swab wipes a film to which an activating

    15 tests: $54.95 agent is added. The film is stored. After 3-7 days look

    for dozen-hundreds of dot colonies and check reference

    material for interpretation of results.

    Lead 8 tests:$18.45 Lead Check Measures leachable lead by turning pink or red on 16 tests:$34.95 Swab Tests contact with the surface.

    Lead $27.95- 29.95, Lead Detective A solution is mixed and place in an applicator add $4.50 for Test bottle. After placing drops onto a paint sample a shipping. color change may be observed. It the sample turns

    black, there is lead present in quantities greater

    than 1 percent.

     * Mention of trade names or commercial products does not constitute endorsement or recommendation for use.

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