Personal Statement

By Beatrice Wright,2014-03-25 14:39
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    Personal Statement

     In connection with my application for acceptance into the graduate school of your university, I am enclosing the following statement

     and concerning my life, education, professional activitiestentative future


     I was born in a small village in the north of China in June, 1973 as the fourth child in the family. My father worked as a primary school teacher for forty years before he retired in 1990. My brother and second elder sister choose teaching as their career, too. Therefore, due to family influence, I was determined to be a teacher since I was still young and later it did turn into reality.

     In 1991, I graduated from local high school and successfully passed National College Entrance Examination. It was my first success for I was

    No. 2 among all the 200 high school graduates and I was among the only

     In September, 1991, I was enrolled in three who entered the university.

    Hebei Teachers’ University, with English as my major. During my university years, I won scholarships to the university for several times because of

    my excellent work and performance in both academic studies and social activities. Gradually, I took great interest in English literature and linguistics and that was why I decided to further my education after I got bachelor’s degree.

     In 1995, I had the second success in my life by passing National Examination for M.A/M.S Candidates and getting the highest mark

     I among all the candidates who applied for the same university as me.went to Tianjin Normal University to pursue master’s degree. The

    three-year study has been fruitful. I took a number of courses such as modern English literature, American literature, writing, linguistics, phonetics, phonology and so on. I worked hard on all of the subjects and benefited a lot. Meanwhile, I frequented the department library and read widely. For the last year, under the supervision of Professor Wang Jialing, a famous linguist in China, I chose phonology as my research direction and finished the thesis “Underspecification, Feature Geometry and Segmental

    Features of Vowels in Mandarin Chinese”. Besides all those academic

    achievements, I also learned how to make a life by taking a part-time job and thus being totally economically independent. In June, 1998, I

    obtained master’s degree in the speciality of English linguistics and


     In July 1998, I made my career choice. I was accepted by Central

    University of Finance and Economics in Beijing and became a university

    Till now, I have English teacher, hence realizing my long-pursuing dream. been working for nearly six years and accumulated rich experiences in teaching. For the first four years, I have taught non-English major students all kinds of subjects such as extensive reading, intensive reading,

    listening, speaking and writing. During the past two years, I have been teaching English-major students writing course. In class, I try all means to arouse the students’ interest in English and make my classes as lively as possible. Outside class, I spend hours in preparing for the class, checking the students’ writing assignments and surfing on the net to find new

    reading materials, providing the students as much help as possible. Moreover, whenever time is available, I am engaged in doing research in teaching methodology and language acquisition. With much effort, I have successfully compiled several English reference books. Till now, teaching

    to me has been a painstaking yet rewarding experience.

     My interest in linguistics and teaching are initially based on my desire to better comprehend the English language and in the process help Chinese students acquire English as a second /foreign language. I have made up my mind to devote my life to language teaching. However, after years’ of

    persistent work, I find I am still lack of knowledge and effective methodology in education and I need to learn more urgently.

     I hear that your department has a high reputation for education. I hope my application could be accepted and I guarantee that I will do my best to become a qualified and excellent educator.

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